One Amazing Catch And Help For A Working Senior

By: Dave Palmer


Good News

kid fell from the second floor of a building in China last week.  And a random guy out shopping ran in to save the day.  It wasn’t a clean catch, but he broke the kid’s fall, so they weren’t seriously hurt.  The guy did suffer some injuries to his hand, but the kid’s okay.  


Last week, a guy in New Jersey posted a sad videoof a Walmart worker named Nola, who’s well past retirement age but he can’t afford to retire yet.  So he started a GoFundMe page and surprised her after people donated $110,000.

She was surprised and grateful, but said she’d still have to work a little bit longer, because she owes about $170,000 on her house.  But then over the weekend, the GoFundMe passed $180,000.  So it looks like she WILL be able to retire now.


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