GOOD NEWS: Grandma Reads Bedtime Stories On Facebook

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Good News

One Grandmother from Iowa is reading children’s books on her Facebook page each night to make sure everyone can have a bedtime story.

Grandma Bette goes through her favourite children’s books in her living room with colourful stuffed animals to set the stage.

Her granddaughter films her reading and posts it on Facebook.

So far, Grandma Bette has reached nearly 400 fans of all ages online.

The 83-year-old loves getting into character. She says it’s about more than just reading.

“Some of the people who lost a mom or their grandma would come and give me a hug, and they cried and teared up for them too, and I said well I can help you I’ll be happy to be a Grandma Bette for you.”

You can follow Grandma Bette’s Facebook page.

You can also request a book you would like her to read aloud, and be notified when she begins reading the bedtime story.

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