Four delightful, delicious doughnuts highlight first-ever partnership with Dolly Parton; guests who get “Dolly’d Up” May 18 can celebrate with a FREE Original Glazed® Doughnut (Photo: Business Wire)

Dress Like Dolly, Get A Doughnut

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

Dolly Parton has partnered with Krispy Kreme on some new doughnut innovations.

Krispy Kreme announced four new doughnuts called the Dolly Southern Sweets collection that are available in stores now.

The four new treats are a glazed donut with strawberry icing, topped with a Dolly butterfly, a “Peachy Keen” cobbler doughnut, and then two doughnuts that are pie-centric, one with banana pudding, and another with chocolate pudding.

Also this Saturday, if you sing a Dolly song at a Krispy Kreme store, or get all “Dolly’d up” and look like her, you will be gifted a free doughnut.

Seems like Dolly is taking over the food world.

In January, she expanded her line of boxed cakes and muffins for Duncan Hines, and in September she has a new cookbook coming out with her sister. It’s called “Good Lookin’ Cookin'”.

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