Kenny Chesney (Photo by Danny Clinch)

Kenny Chesney Kicks Off Tour This Weekend In Tampa

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

This is a big weekend for Kenny Chesney.

He’ll be in Tampa to launch the Sun Goes Down tour on Saturday, April 20th.

From now through to he end of August, Kenny will be in a different city every weekend, including a stop a Ford Field in Detroit on Saturday August 10th.

With the tour, comes his new album, Born, and Kenny is looking forward to playing the new music on stage.

“I’ve been working on the Born record for three years and so a lot of my time off was spent finishing that record and putting it out and in the last couple of months has been spent putting all the pieces together to go back out on the road again. We’re ready to go. I’ve been couped up a little bit, so it’s like a caged animal…we’re ready to get out and see people and ready to get out there and feel the energy. New music does bring new energy and I love that energy. It’s the thing that drives us all so hard to work as hard as we do. Today was one of our last production rehearsals and it hit us all at once, went wow, this is this is getting really real really quickly. It feels great, you know, to have music in your life and to be able to go out there and do this again. And it’s one of the best feelings in the world. To have new music to play and just to change the set around a little bit and…but for the most part looking forward to seeing everybody’s faces, and the effect that this music has on them and in sharing the effect that it has on us. And so it’s here, it’s really here. “

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