Justin Moore Is Intrigued By Politics

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

The events of 2020 might have scared a lot of people away from getting into politics, but not Justin Moore.

“Yeah, I have thought about it. I mean I really have. A) To make a difference if I believed that I actually could make a difference. Politics get a little bit goofy to where I don’t even know if you really can anymore in certain positions. And then B) I’m intrigued by politics. I mean, I enjoy watchin’ the news – and I know a lot of it’s propaganda – but it intrigues me. It piques my interest, and so I’ve thought about it in the past. You know, I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything with it but it’s something that’s popped in my mind and, we’ll see. I mean, if that were to happen it would be a long, long time from now.”

Justin recently celebrated a #1 song with “Why We Drink”.

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