October 5

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TODAY IS………………….

  • “World Day of Bullying Prevention” (aka “Blue Shirt Day”), the day when people around-the-world are encouraged to protest bullying and cyber-bullying by wearing a blue shirt.

    • “World Teachers Day”, begun by UNESCO in 1994 as recognition for the vital contribution teachers make to education & development. Over 100 countries now observe the day.


1962, Dr. No, the first movie in the James Bond film series, was released.


1969, Monty Python’s Flying Circus made its debut on BBC Television


2001 [14] Barry Bonds surpasses Mark McGwire’s Major League Baseball single-season home run total with his milestone 71st and 72nd home runs (both players tainted by alleged use of steroids)
2011 [04] Steve Jobs, the visionary co-founder of Apple Inc, which revolutionized the computer, music, and mobile communications, dies at age 56 of complications from pancreatic cancer



Actor – Jesse Eisenberg (32)


Actress – Kate Winslet (40)


Pittsburgh Penguins owner Mario Lemieux (50)


Race car driver – Michael Andretti (53)






★ Popular 1980s TV show “The A-Team” is heading back to the small-screen. 20th Century Fox Television is planning to revamp the series which featured George Peppard and Mr T as leaders of a team of mercenaries. “Fast & Furious” writer/producer Chris Morgan has been tasked with giving the show a contemporary feel. Inside sources claim the new team will feature at least one female. The original series aired 1983-87; a 2010 movie adaptation starred Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. – WENN.com
– A new survey by Bloomberg reveals that 41% of Americans favor a wall along the Canadian-American border
– Screen Rant claims Sigourney Weaver is going to make a cameo in the Ghostbusters reboot


– re/code claims Twitter is working on a new product that will allow people to type more than 140 characters. The new service is being designed to attract new users

– Keurig has launched a new $369 machine called Keurig Kold
. It allows people to make their own single servings of Coke, Sprite and Dr. Pepper.
– A lunch menu from the Titanic was auctioned off yesterday for $88,000. The lunch being served on April 14th 1912 included corned beef, mutton chops, baked potatoes, custard pudding, salmon, roast beef, and cheese among other things

Matt Damon’s “The Martian” Was Huge at the Box Office

MATT DAMON’s “The Martian” opened this weekend with $55 million.  That’s JUST shy of an October record.  Interestingly enough, that record his held by ANOTHER movie about astronauts lost in space.


“Gravity” had a $55.7 million October debut in 2013.  When the final box office numbers are released tomorrow, “The Martian “might actually overtake that.

  1. NEW:  “The Martian”, $55 million.


  1. “Hotel Transylvania 2”, $33 million.  Up to $90.5 million in its 2nd week.


  1. “Sicario”, $12.1 million.  Up to $15.1 million in its 3rd week.


  1. “The Intern”, $11.6 million.  Up to $36.5 million in its 2nd week.


  1. “Maze Runner:  The Scorch Trials”, $7.7 million.  Up to $63.2 million in its 3rd week.



Guy Finds Out His Wife Is Pregnant After 17 Years of Trying

A woman in Virginia named Dana Griffin-Graves recently told her husband she was pregnant.


And a video of his reaction is making the rounds, because she told him by putting some BUNS in their oven, next to a picture of the ultrasound.


Also, they’ve been trying to have a baby for 17 YEARS, and she’s had four miscarriages.  So she waited until she was five months pregnant to tell him this time.


She tells him how far along she is, and that it’s a boy.  So he pulls his shirt up over his HEAD, and starts crying.



Veteran with No Family Passed Away, Hundreds of People Showed Up at His Funeral

A 66-year-old war veteran named Ronnie Toler passed away last month in Dickson, Tennessee near Nashville.  It’s not clear if he was in Vietnam, but he served overseas in the ’70s and received the National Defense Service Medal.


But the rehab center where he died couldn’t find any family members in the area, so a local funeral home made sure he got a proper send-off. The owners of Dickson Funeral Home said THEY’D pay for his funeral.  And even though it would have been cheaper to have him cremated, they wanted him to be buried with full military honors.


One of their employees posted about it on Facebook, and said anyone who wanted to come could show up.  So when his hearse arrived at the cemetery on Monday, HUNDREDS of people had come from all over the state to be there.


A woman named Annette Robeck was there, and told a reporter that Ronnie’s send-off is what EVERY veteran should get.  Quote, “never leave a soldier behind.”


The organizers also found out that Ronnie’s mother lives in a nursing home in California, and couldn’t make it.  So a group called the Patriot Guard Riders are making sure she gets the flag that was folded for him at the service.


Camera Crew Promoting Houston Got Robbed in Front of a “We Love Houston” Sign

The crime rate in Houston, Texas isn’t great.  So they could probably use some good P.R.  But THIS isn’t going to help . . .


A camera crew was set up on the side of a highway in Houston on Wednesday, shooting a promotional video about the city for a local real estate company.


And while they were filming a big art installation that says “We Love Houston” . . . a guy with a gun walked up and ROBBED them.


He stole a bunch of their equipment . . . including two cameras . . . then jumped into a car and took off.


But the camera crew had a GoPro attached to one of the tripods, and it was filming the whole time.  Luckily it fell off while he was trying to get away . . . and got a clear shot of his FACE.


So the police are hoping someone turns him in.



• 62% of us have a favorite coffee mug that we use almost every single day.

  • 60% of us don’t know the license plate number of our own vehicle.
  • 16% of wives have hidden a traffic ticket from their partner.
  • 14% of us have borrowed a bathing suit from a friend.
  • 9% of us have accidentally squirted ourselves in the eye with jalapeño pepper juice.
  • 5% of us admit we use our cellphones while in a movie theater.


Lotto Max $60M jackpot shared by 12 Markham, Ont., co-workers

A group of 12 workers in Markham, Ont. erupted into a profanity-laced frenzy after learning they had won last Friday’s record-high Lotto Max jackpot of $60 million.


The winners are employees of Canadian Black Book, a company that publishes resale information about used cars. They all participated in a group play run by their colleague, Dennis Cartier.


Cartier said he didn’t find out about the big win until he checked the numbers on Saturday afternoon while on his way to pick up lunch. He checked his ticket at a gas station and couldn’t believe his eyes. He then raced home, signed the ticket and put it on the refrigerator. “I wanted to stay calm, eat my burrito and check the numbers again online. Every single number matched up, so I went back to where I bought the ticket and that’s when it all became very real.”


Cartier, who was not supposed to work Monday, arrived at the office in sandals and a T-shirt instead of his usual suit. He called a work meeting and broke the news.

According to an OLG news release, the group then erupted in cheers and laughter. Several started dancing on the board room tables.


The OLG news release says no one in the lucky dozen has plans to quit their day jobs.


An immersive jump-in ball-pit for adults has opened in NYC. Any grown-up who leaps into the giant box called JumpIn! ends up literally swimming in little white plastic balls. The ball-pit is located in the 5th-floor offices of Pearlfisher, a UK-based creative design & ad agency.


The 81,000 balls needed to fill the pit arrived from the company’s London offices last week and the NYC staff has already discovered that playing with balls is a lot more fun than standing around the watercooler, particularly around 3 or 4 pm when they’re most stressed out. Interested non-staffers can sign up for a 30-minute time slot online in return for a $5 charitable donation.– @DailyNews

If you’re looking to blow off some steam you could punch a pillow, or go break some things in Toronto’s “Rage Room.” Technically called Battle Sports’ Rage Room, the special room was built specifically for relieving stress through destruction. Guests age 18 and up can pay $20 for a half hour inside the Rage Room with a baseball bat, five plates and a block of “mysterious” indestructible material.


Angry patrons are protected with a full face-mask, coveralls and gloves. Rage Room co-founder Timothy Cheung says, “You’re told all your life not to break things. The Rage Room goes against it. It can’t help but be cathartic.” (Fox)



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