October 21

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TODAY IS………………

  • “Garbanzo Bean Day”, celebrating the legume also known as the chickpea. They can be eaten cold in salads, cooked in stews, ground into flour, and shaped in balls and fried as falafel. They’re also the basis of the popular dip hummus, which is the Arabic word for chickpeas.


  • “International Day Of the Nacho”, celebrating the popular snack food that originated in Mexico. First created circa 1943 by Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Anaya while working at a restaurant called the Victory Club in Piedras Negras, original nachos consisted of fried tortilla chips covered with melted cheese and jalapeño peppers.



1879, Thomas Edison invented the light


1913, Camel Cigarettes hit store shelves


1985, William “The Refrigerator” Perry, a 325-pound offensive lineman, ran for a touchdown as the Chicago Bears beat Green Bay 23-7 on Monday Night Football. Perry soon became a national folk hero.


1997 [18] Elton John’s tribute to Princess Diana, “Candle In the Wind”, breaks a world record with 318 million copies distributed


1998 [17] NY Yankees set a Major League Baseball record of 125 victories for the regular and post season combined



Kim Kardashian (35)

Actress – Carrie Fisher (59)

Judge Judy (73)





– Deadline.com claims ABC is planning to reboot ”Fantasy Island”
★ Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has acquired the rights to produce a film focusing on Volkswagen’s recent emissions scandal. His Appian Way production company is teaming with Paramount Pictures to bring the fraud controversy to the big screen. Earlier this month author and “New York Times” journalist Jack Ewing inked a deal to delve into the controversy with a forthcoming book, and DiCaprio’s team will develop that story for the bigscreen. No director, writer, or actors for the film have yet been announced.
– WENN.com

– Complex.com claims Die Hard 6 is in development. The film will most likely be a prequel to the other Die Hard movies and will be set in 1979 when Bruce Willis’ John McClane character was just starting out as a New York cop
– Competitive eater Matt Stonie downed 10 pounds of pasta in 8 minutes on Saturday at the World Pasta Eating Championships in Las Vegas.
– Tickets went on sale last night for ”Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Several theatre websites crashed while other sites slowed to a snail’s pace.
– People magazine claims Star Wars fans are upset that Mark Hamill is not featured on the new poster for ” Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
★ A “Gilmore Girls” revival is in the works. Netflix has reportedly struck a deal to bring back the beloved family drama for a limited reunion series. Multiple sources confirm that the streaming service has been in negotiations with series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to reboot the program, with stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel also onboard. Reports suggest the revival might consist of four 90-minute episodes. The show ran 2000-07 on the WB/CW networks. – “Hollywood Reporter”

Marine Who Lost Both Legs in Afghanistan Saved a Baby from a Car Crash

There’s a 26-year-old former Marine from Long Island, New York named Matias Ferreira.  And he lost both of his legs from the knee down after he stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan in 2011.


He has prosthetics now, and gets around pretty well.  Because last Wednesday, he was driving through Queens when he saw a car that had just crashed into a utility pole.


There was smoke coming out, so his training kicked in.  He ran over . . . heard the woman in the driver’s seat yelling about her BABY . . . saw it in the backseat . . . and ripped off a HEADREST to reach in and get her out.


His brother and his girlfriend’s dad were with him too, and they got the mother out.  She and her daughter both went to the hospital, and they’re okay.


Oh . . . and Matias was driving home from the rehearsal dinner for his WEDDING when all this happened.  He and his fiancée got married two days later.


And unless their plans changed, they’re on their honeymoon in Aruba right now.


A Guy Who Broke Out of Jail Was Caught After Posting a Facebook Video

Once again Facebook has proven to be THE best crime fighting tool of the modern era.


A guy named Justin Taulbee from Jackson, Kentucky was supposed to be arraigned earlier this month on robbery, probation violation, and resisting arrest charges.  But as he was being transported to the courthouse from jail, he ESCAPED.


The police were looking for him for three days without any luck, until they got a HUGE assist . . . from Justin himself.


He filmed a video talking about his current legal situation, and had his friend post it on Facebook and TAG him in it. In the video he claims he was released, then kind of rambles.  You can’t tell if he’s impersonating a crazy Southern lawyer, or if he’s just like that.


But the police saw it . . . went to the friend’s house to investigate . . . and found Justin in bed with his girlfriend.


So they arrested him again, and added an escape charge.



Today is “Back To the Future Day”, the date ‘Marty’ and ‘Doc’ stepped into the future in the 2nd film of the sci-fi trilogy that was released in November 1989. Watching it back 26 years later, it’s impressive to note how many tech trends it predicted. Among them …
✓ Listen to the SFX used for cars as they pass, and you hear the near-silent hum that’s become associated with the Toyota Prius.
✓ Paying for a taxi ride with a thumb-print isn’t totally dissimilar to how we now hail cars and cashlessly pay for them using Uber and other pick-up services.
✓ Even the film’s iconic hoverboard chase scene is no longer totally outlandish. Lexus showed off a working hoverboard of its own in August, albeit one that relies on a hidden metal track.
✓ The tech world’s current fascination with wearable tech was foreshadowed by ‘Marty’ and his talking jacket.
✓ Nike has filed a patent for self-lacing shoes similar to those featured in the film.
✓ Another type of robot featured in the film is a mechanical car fuel attendant. The Netherlands has already tested such a device.
✓ A roll-up flatscreen shown in the ‘McFly’ home is reminiscent of the flexible panels LG recently showed off at trade shows.
✓ Voice-controlled televisions are already a reality thanks to smart TVs from Samsung and Sony as well as set-top boxes from Amazon and Apple.
The film’s biggest miss” It’s lack of smartphones. ‘Marty Jr’ is even seen using a payphone at one point.– BBC Technology


The things the movie got right include:  Big screen TVs and video conferencing . . . News drones . . . Hands-free video games . . . and Video glasses.


Things we HAVEN’T seen yet include:  Flying cars . . . Hoverboards . . . “Jaws 19” . . . and Shoes with self-tying laces.  Although, this one MIGHT actually come true today.  Nike kind of teased it yesterday.


As for the Cubs winning the World Series . . . That’s to be determined.  But the fact that they predicted it nearly 30 years ago and it’s a real possibility is a little eerie.  Even if it is a very remote possibility.  As it stands now, the Mets only need one more win to shut the Cubs out of the running.


You can now buy a fully functioning version of the toy car you had as a kid. People like to joke that men’s cars are their ‘toys’, but this is taking it to the next level. Remember how back in the day you ‘drove’ one of those bright yellow-and-red Little Tikes cars everywhere?


You motored around your backyard, powered only by your tiny tootsies and the desire to feel the wind in your hair? Well now you can buy one … made for adults. The Little Tikes ‘Cozy Coupe’ is selling on eBay for a grownup price circa $33,000.

– Cosmopolitan.com

The Dutch team who have grown the world’s first burger in a lab say they hope to have a product on sale within 5 years. The Maastricht University researchers have set up a company to investigate ways to make lab-grown burgers tastier and cheaper.


The prototype from stem-cells that was cooked and eaten in London UK 2 years ago cost over $300,000 to make. It’s expected lab-grown burgers will begin as an exclusive product but will appear on supermarket shelves once demand has been established and the price comes down.


An independent study has found that lab-grown beef uses 45% less energy, produces 96% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and requires 99% less land.– DNAIndia.com


Martina McBride Helped a Four-Year-Old Girl Serenade Her Cancer-Stricken Mom

In case you haven’t seen this:  MARTINA MCBRIDE was on “Ellen” helping a four-year-old girl named McKenna sing to her mom, who has stage four cancer.

They did Martina’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”.


An earlier video of McKenna singing to her mom got over 27 million views on Ellen’s YouTube channel.





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