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TODAY IS……………………

  • “Teddy Bear Day”, honoring the 1st and most popular plush animal toy that was inspired by the helpless cub US president Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot while hunting in 1902. Morris & Rose Mitchom, owners of a Brooklyn NY candy store, took credit for creating the 1st ‘Teddy Bear’, but it may be that renowned German toymaker Steiff was already making bears by then.


1926, RCA created the National Broadcasting Company and launched NBC Radio.


1956, Elvis Presley made his first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”


1961, Pampers went on sale


1999 [16] Nicholas Stephen Wadle is born in Beloit, Wisconsin at 9:09 am on the 9th day of the 9th month of 1999; his weight … 9 lbs, 9 oz


2014 [01] Apple announces the Apple Watch, the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus; all featuring ‘Near Field Communication’ (NFC) to allow instant payments in stores without credit cards


Country star Hunter Hayes (24)


Actress – Michelle Williams (35)


Henry Thomas, aka Elliot from ET, (44)


Actor – Adam Sandler (49)


Tom Wopat from Dukes of Hazzard (64)





– Kellogg’s is celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s record-breaking reign of 63 years and 7 months by creating a special cereal called Queen Flakes. The cereal will only be available in the UK

★ Daytime TV maven Ellen Degeneres is launching her own footwear line. The talk show host is adding to her ED lifestyle collection – which launched in June – with a new collection of casual shoes. The line will feature leather, suede, linen, canvas, and denim footwear. As part of her new deal with the Camuto Group, a capsule collection will launch on September 30th before a full Spring collection is released.

By Buckingham Palace calculations, today Queen Elizabeth II laps Queen Victoria as the longest-reigning British monarch ever. Victoria ruled the United Kingdom from 1837-1901. Her great-great-granddaughter Elizabeth became British monarch in 1952, giving her a total of 63 years and 218 days on the throne as of today.


Both queens grew up in the shadow of a throne they were never intended to occupy, then went on to carve unique and revered places in British history. They both bucked royal tradition by marrying their cousins for love, raised broods of children, and coped with public criticism about their aloofness and emotional reserve.


Woman Found a Note on a Dollar That Said, “It’s Always Been You, Come and Find Me” . . . And Two People Reconnected When It Went Viral

A woman in Ireland named Denise O’Reilly grabbed some money from her purse last month, and one of the bills had a message on it that said, “Christy, it’s always been you.  Come and find me.”  And it was signed by someone named Megan.


So Denise posted a picture of it online, and asked people to share it, so whoever ‘Christy’ was might see it.  And it actually WORKED.  Thousands of people shared it on Facebook, and a guy named Christy Leech came forward the next day.


It turns out he’s a musician, and his ex-girlfriend wrote the note.   He says they broke up a while back, then she came to one of his shows about six months ago, and wrote the note before she used the bill to pay the cover.


Apparently she thought the money would go straight to the band, but Christy didn’t see it, and never knew she was there.  He also says her name isn’t actually Megan.  It’s an inside joke, because he THOUGHT her name was Megan the first time they met.


It’s not clear if they’re dating again, and we still don’t know her real name.  But he confirmed that they ARE back in touch now.


By the way, he also said the line “It’s always been you” that she wrote on the money is the name of a SONG he wrote about her while they were still together.



College Student With a DUI Has Been Driving Her Toy Barbie Jeep to Class

20-year-old Tara Monroe is a junior at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.  She got a DUI in March and her license was suspended.  But she needed a fast way to get around campus, and she says, quote, “riding a bike sucks.”


So . . . she bought a pink Barbie TOY JEEP off Craigslist.  It runs on a 12-volt battery and maxes out at five miles per hour.  It also looks ridiculous when an adult is driving it.


She’s been spotted in it all over the campus . . . which has led to TONS of people posting pictures of her on social media.  She says, quote, “This is the best way I could’ve gotten my 15 minutes of fame.”


Love Hate Relationship

Labor Day Weekend just passed and a new survey by Career builder reveals that 43% of people like their job. Other findings:


– 26% of people love their job


– 7% of people hate their job


– 10% of workers are burned out on their job


Career Change

A Labor Day survey by Parade magazine reveals that 60% of people would change careers if they could. Other findings:


– 50% of people have used office politics to get ahead


– 53% of workers think they would get more work done if they had the ability to work from home occasionally


Workin’ 9 to 5

A survey by Careerbuilder reveals that 39% of Americans have kissed a co-worker while on the clock. Other findings:

– 45% of employees have fallen asleep at work


– 22% of employees have stolen items from the office.


– 22% of employees have spread nasty rumors about a fellow co-worker.


– 21% of employees have drank liquor while on the clock.


– 4% of employees have lied about their academic background in order to get hired.




Did Roger Goodell Help the Patriots Hide How Bad Spygate Really Was?

A new report by ESPN says the New England Patriots’ Spygate scandal was a LOT worse than it was made out to be at the time . . . and the reason we didn’t know it was because allegedly  ROGER GOODELL helped cover it up.


t’s a long, sordid story, but here’s the condensed version . . .


Goodell was pals with Patriots owner ROBERT KRAFT.  He even helped Goodell get his job, and is on the committee that decides Goodell’s salary.


On the first Sunday of the 2007 season, BILL BELICHICK and the Patriots were caught taping signals against the New York Jets.  Goodell acted immediately. Four days after the game, he fined Belichick $500,000, and the Patriots $250,000.  They also lost a first-round draft pick.


Goodell then sent League officials to Gillette Stadium to DESTROY all the evidence of spying by literally STOMPING ON VIDEOTAPES and shredding documents. Goodell later said he did it so the information could never be used again.  But he never tried to actually determine just how much spying the Patriots had done or how much it had helped the team.


In April of 2008, there was a meeting between Goodell and all the owners and head coaches.

At one point, Belichick took the floor and said he had merely MISINTERPRETED A LEAGUE RULE about taping opposing teams.  Nobody really believed him.

They also didn’t believe Goodell’s assertion that the Patriots only taped a “handful” of games in ’06 and ’07, and that no game outcomes were affected by the spying.


According to ESPN, Goodell throwing the book at the Pats over Deflategate was a MAKE-GOOD for what he did during Spygate.


As for what the Patriots actually did during Spygate, the allegations are pretty wild.  They videotaped opposing teams’ signals in at least 40 games between 2000 and 2007.

And they would have the guys doing the taping DISGUISE themselves, so the other team didn’t know they were Patriots employees.  They would do things like cover team logos with tape, or turn their shirts inside out.


They also stole playsheets from other teams’ locker rooms . . . They would scramble the visiting team’s coach-to-quarterback frequency so they couldn’t communicate. ESPN spoke to a lot of people inside the game who think their teams were CHEATED out of wins.  Some even call into question the three Super Bowls the Patriots won during those years.


Whatever the case, the Patriots released a statement yesterday about ESPN’s report.  They didn’t do it.  Obviously.

(One last thing:  Robert Kraft was spotted at a Labor Day party in the Hamptons over the weekend “mingling” ” with the judge who overturned Tom Brady’s Deflategate suspension.  The Patriots say it was a COINCIDENCE they ran into each other.)

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