September 29

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TODAY IS…………………

  • “International Coffee Day”, celebrating one of the world’s favorite beverages


  • “Michaelmas”, the feast day of St Michael the Archangel. It’s also known as “Goose Day” in some places, thanks to the old English proverb which says, “If you eat goose on Michaelmas Day, you will never want money all the year round.”



99 years ago . . . In 1916, JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER’S wealth made him the first American BILLIONAIRE . . . in 1916 dollars!


65 years ago . . . In 1950, the TELEPHONE ANSWERING MACHINE was created by Bell Laboratories!


33 years ago. . . In 1982, the TYLENOL POISONER claimed his first victims.  There were a total of seven deaths in the Chicago area over a two-day period before authorities determined that Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules had been LACED WITH CYANIDE.

A suspect for the murders was never found, but the tragedy led to the introduction of SAFETY SEALS on most consumer products.


2013 [02] The highly-anticipated series finalé of “Breaking Bad” airs on AMC, drawing a record 10.3 million viewers


NBA  player Kevin Durant (27)


Detroit Lions star WR Calvin Johnson (30)




★ Popular 1980s TV show “The A-Team” is heading back to the small-screen. 20th Century Fox Television is planning to revamp the series which featured George Peppard and Mr T as leaders of a team of mercenaries. “Fast & Furious” writer/producer Chris Morgan has been tasked with giving the show a contemporary feel. Inside sources claim the new team will feature at least one female. The original series aired 1983-87; a 2010 movie adaptation starred Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. –
– A new survey by Bloomberg reveals that 41% of Americans favor a wall along the Canadian-American border
– Screen Rant claims Sigourney Weaver is going to make a cameo in the Ghostbusters reboot


  • World of Bluegrass (Raleigh NC) – The International Bluegrass Music Association’s annual event runs through Saturday with the 2015 IBMA Awards a part of the agenda. Actor/musician Steve Martin is among this year’s recipients, garnering a ‘Distinguished Achievement Award’.

    • Blake Shelton – He’s set to release the compilation album “Reloaded: 20 #1 Hits” on October 23rd.

•”Entourage” ( R-Rated Comedy ): Movie star ‘Vincent Chase’, together with his posse, is back in biz with super agent-turned-studio head ‘Ari Gold’ on a risky project that will serve as his directorial debut. Based on the 2004-11 TV series. Stars Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven.

  • “Spy” ( R-Rated Action Comedy ): Melissa McCarthy is back on the bigscreen, this time playing a desk-bound CIA analyst. When her partner (Jude Law) goes missing, she volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer and thereby prevent a global disaster. Co-stars Rose Byrne, Jason Statham.
  • “Poltergeist” ( PG-13 Horror Thriller ): Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi and director Gil Kenan reimagine and contemporize the 1982 thriller about a family whose suburban home is haunted by evil forces. They must come together to rescue their youngest daughter after the apparitions take her captive. Stars Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Kennedi Clements, Saxon Sharbino.



11-Year-Old Delivered His Baby Brother

A woman named Kenyarda Dukes went into labor at her home in Marietta, Georgia last Tuesday, just outside Atlanta.


It’s not clear if her boyfriend was at work or what, but he’d told their 11-year-old son James that HE was the man of the house while he was gone.  And James stepped up BIG TIME.


First he called 911, and his mom says he was calm the whole time.  Then he followed the directions they gave him . . . and HE delivered his baby brother.  He also wrapped him up in a towel to keep him warm.


Paramedics got them to a hospital, and Kenyarda and the baby are both doing great.  And apparently she’s expecting him to grow up to be a king or something, because his full name is Royal Dukes.


Meanwhile, James says he wants to be a doctor when he grows up now.  And the doctor who was SUPPOSED to deliver the baby says he’s going to mentor him to help make it happen.  (WSBTV / ABC News)


Guy at a Gas Station Tried to Kill a Spider With His Lighter . . . and Set the Place on Fire

A guy was filling up his car at a gas station in Center Line, Michigan last week, when he saw a SPIDER.  And he decided to try to kill it by . . . using his LIGHTER.


He tried to set the spider on FIRE, but he accidentally set the PUMP on fire instead, and it went up in flames.


He grabbed a fire extinguisher, and managed to put the fire out before it spread.  But the pump was totally destroyed.  Other than that, there wasn’t any real damage and there were no injuries.


The guy was embarrassed and apologized, and the station isn’t pressing charges.  They say their insurance is going to cover the damage.


It’s not clear if the spider survived.  (FOX 2 – Detroit



A new service in Tokyo, Japan offers a handsome guy to wipe away your tears.


It’s part of Hiroki Terai’s rui-katsu (‘tear-seeking’) enterprise. Terai began public crying events in 2013, inviting people to view sad movie clips and then cry together. He’s also published a book with photos of male models crying.


His latest venture, Ikemeso Danshi, allows you to click through an online catalogue of gorgeous gents before choosing one to pay you an office visit.


There, he’ll wipe away your tears or – if you need some help opening the floodgates – shows you some waterworks-inducing videos. The cost of this soggy catharsis – 7,900 yen, roughly $65.–




  1. During World War Two, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles both had so many players go off to war, they merged for the 1943 season as the Steagles.  They won five games and didn’t make the playoffs.


  1. Barry Manilowdidn’t write his song “I Write the Songs”.  It was written by Bruce Johnston from the Beach Boys.


  1. Ben and Jerry originally wanted to get into the bagel business, but picked ice cream because it was cheaper.


  1. Judge Judy was a real judge in New York criminal and family court from 1982 to 1996 . . . and she had the same personality and style she does on TV.  She got her show after “60 Minutes” did a feature on her in 1993.



44% of People Can’t Even Have a Conversation in the Morning Without Drinking Coffee

If you drink coffee in the morning because you can’t even imagine trying to focus on what your coworkers are saying without it . . . don’t worry.  They all feel the same way about you.


A new survey found 44% of people can’t have a conversation in the morning until they’ve had their coffee.  They also can’t make their commute without it.


40% say they can’t focus on emails until they have coffee . . . and 38% can’t even have breakfast without it.


The survey also found that 57% of us need at least two cups of coffee through the day to be productive and alert at work. (Business Wire)


A Guy Ripped Up a Road to Save a Dog That Accidentally Got Buried by Construction Workers

Construction workers in Russia patched up a sinkhole in a brick road earlier this month, and somehow didn’t notice a stray dog had climbed down INTO it.


They filled the hole and put new bricks in without realizing it was there, so it was trapped underground.  Luckily, it was still alive two days later when a guy named Vadim Rustam heard it barking.


His apartment is right next to where the sinkhole was, and he tried to get the workers to come back out and save the dog, but they REFUSED to.  Apparently they were fine with just letting it die there.


Luckily Vadim WASN’T okay with that.  And it looks like the new road they built wasn’t too sturdy, because he was able to pull a few of the bricks out himself.  Then he dug down through the dirt . . . saw the dog’s head . . . kept digging, and SAVED it.


There’s a video of the rescue, and the dog starts running around wagging its tail.  So apparently it wasn’t hurt.


And it turns out he actually saved more than one dog.  After he got her to a shelter, they realized she was PREGNANT.  And now that the story’s going viral, she and her puppies probably won’t have to wait long to be adopted.


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