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81 years ago . . . In 1934, BABE RUTH played his last game with the New York Yankees.  The Boston Red Sox beat them 5-0.


1957, The Brooklyn Dodgers played their last game before moving to Los Angeles for the next season.


1961, Rocky and Bullwinkle premiered
1964, The Munsters premiered
1968, 60 Minutes premiered

1977, The Love Boat premiered


27 years ago . . . In 1988, at the SEOUL OLYMPICS, Canadian BEN JOHNSON won the fastest foot race in history as four men, including CARL LEWIS, finished in less than 10 seconds in the 100 meters.  Ben later lost his world records and his gold medal after testing positive for ‘roids.


10 years ago . . . In 2005, HURRICANE RITA hit the Gulf Coast . . . flooding part of New Orleans for the second time in a month and a half.



My Big Fat Greek Wedding star Nia Vardalos (53)


Former Pittsburgh Steeler “Mean” Joe Greene (69)




The Six Things We Leave Behind in Hotel Rooms

According to a new survey, 54% of us have left something behind in a hotel room.  And 29% of us are more likely to leave something in a hotel room than TAKE something, like those little bottles of shampoo.


Here are the six things you’re most likely to leave behind . . .


  1. An item of clothing.  42% of people who’ve forgotten something at a hotel say they’ve left clothes behind before.
  2. Toiletries, also 42%.
  3. An electronic device or a charger, 40%.
  4. Jewelry, including watches, 15%.
  5. Underwear, 13%.
  6. Hair-styling tools, like a flat iron, 13%.


The survey also found that a third of us have turned around and gone back to a hotel to get something we forgot.  We’d drive up to 110 miles to get our wallet . . . 95 miles to get our phone . . . and 30 miles to get a charger. (PR Newswire)


Kid Who Only Had Junk Mail to Read is Now Donating Books

There was a story back in July about a 12-year-old in Utah who asked his mailman for JUNK mail . . . because he didn’t have any BOOKS to read.


His name is Mathew Flores, and his parents were strapped for cash.  So the mailman posted about it on Facebook, and people from all over the WORLD started sending him books.


Anyway, it turns out so many people decided to help, that now Mathew has too MANY books.  First a few dozen showed up in the mail . . . then it was a few hundred . . . and now he’s gotten THOUSANDS, from as far away as India.


He and his parents live in an apartment on the edge of Salt Lake City, and don’t have anywhere to store them.  So they’ve just been piling them up on their back deck.


Some of them are children’s books he’s too old for, and he’s gotten more than one copy of other books.  So now he’s donating the ones he doesn’t need to different libraries in the area.


One is a library for low-income families that gives out books to kids who can’t afford them.  Another is a library at a nearby juvenile detention center.

It’s not clear how many they’ve gotten specifically.  But so far, Matthew has donated close to FOUR THOUSAND books.



– A Beverly Hills estate is selling for $135 million. It has “360-degree views of Los Angeles, eight bedrooms, $2.5 million of Baccarat chandeliers, hand-woven carpets, a pool, gold-leaf ceilings and a ballroom
– Brobible claims someone has purchased LeBron James’ Miami home for $13.4 million. It has six bedrooms, a game room, a theater, a wine cellar, an infinity pool and a dock


  • Garth Brooks – A plan to record a 25th anniversary version of his breakthrough hit “Friends in Low Places” has run into a legal roadblock due to problems with royalty payments. The new rendition was to include Florida Georgia Line, George Strait, Jason Aldean, and Keith Urban but it seems the idea is now dead in the water.

– The Verge claims Sharp is selling a $133,000 TV. The 8K, 85-inch monitor has a resolution of 7680 x 4320


– RADAR Online claims the Emmy gift bags that stars received contained Bose headphones, gourmet cookies and cakes, Chap Stick, skin care products, a lint roller, mouthwash and video games, among other things

A Plane Landed on a Busy Street, and a Guy’s Dash-Cam Got It on Video

A small plane had to make an emergency landing on a busy street in Irvine, California last week after its engine failed, and now there’s footage of it.


Some guy was sitting at a stoplight when it went by, and his dash-cam got it on video.  Luckily it  didn’t hit any cars, and no one was hurt.



Woman Jumped Out of a Moving Car Because of a Spider, and Left Her Nine-Year-Old Behind

A 35-year-old woman named Angela Kipp was leaving her house last Friday in Syracuse, Indiana.


And while she was backing out of her driveway, she saw a SPIDER on her shoulder . . . FREAKED OUT . . . and jumped OUT of her car.  She didn’t take the time to put it in park . . . and if you’re afraid of spiders, you understand why.


But that was a problem for two reasons.


First, her car kept rolling down the driveway.

Second, her nine-year-old SON was still in the back seat.  I don’t care how afraid of spiders you are, that’s not cool.


It sounds like the kid’s a little better in a crisis situation than his mom is though, because he immediately climbed into the front seat and tried to stop the car.


Unfortunately, he hit the gas instead of the brake . . . the car sped up . . . backed into the road . . . and slammed into a SCHOOL BUS that was driving by.


Luckily he only suffered minor injuries, there weren’t any kids on the bus, and the bus driver was okay.  But there’s a picture of Angela’s car, and it looks like it was totaled.



• 82% of people agree that smartphones can ruin social gatherings.

  • 28% of us have shown up late to work because of a hangover.
  • 27% of diners have sent a dish back in a restaurant because it was cold.
  • 25% of people who have gotten a butterfly tattoo wish they hadn’t.
  • 10% of children experience sleepwalking.
  • 7% of women won’t allow their guy to wear a hoodie.



SALES OF ACTUAL PUMPKINS DOWN, DESPITE THE PUMPKIN-SPICE FLAVOR CRAZE: You’ve heard about all the money Pumpkin Spice Lattes earn for Starbucks, and you’ve seen photos of the Pumpkin Spice Twinkies.


So would you have ever guessed that sales of actual pumpkins are down? A new report from Nielsen incidates that the sales of pumpkins have declined in the years 2011, 2013 and 2014. That means 8.6 million fewer pumpkins are being taken home from the fields to be carved.


That’s even as 37 percent of consumers bought a pumpkin-flavored product in 2014, accounting for $261 million in sales in 2014 alone, a 79 percent increase from 2011.




  1. The song“It’s a Small World” was never copyrighted by Disney, so they don’t get any royalties when it’s used.  UNICEF asked them to keep it free as a gift to children around the world, and they agreed.


It’s the only song Disney ever produced that’s NOT copyrighted.


  1. “National Lampoon’s Vacation” gets credit for killing the station wagon.  After the movie came out, sales plummeted and the minivan almost immediately became the most popular family car.


  1. Baskin-Robbins was almost Robbins-Baskin.  They were brothers-in-law . . . Burton Baskin was married to Irv Robbins’ sister Shirley.  They each had ice cream shops, decided to merge in 1948, and flipped a coin to see whose name would go first.


  1. Tim Burton’s first choice to play Beetlejuice was Sammy Davis Jr., not Michael Keaton.



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