September 21

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TODAY IS…………………

World’s Alzheimer’s Day

National Pecan Cookie Day



1937, The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien, was first published


45 years ago. . . In 1970, “Monday Night Football” debuted on ABC.  The Browns beat the visiting Jets 31-21, and the announcing team was Howard Cosell“Dandy” Don Meredith and Keith Jackson.  Frank Gifford replaced Keith Jackson the next season.


22 years ago. . . In 1993, “N.Y.P.D. Blue” debuted on ABC.


1998, Will & Grace premiered on NBC




Actor – Luke Wilson (44)


Country Star – Faith Hill (48)


Actor – Bill Murray (65)


Scary Author – Stephen King (68)



Fifth Grader Pulled Three Kindergarteners from a Bus Crash

A school bus carrying 27 elementary students crashed in Tampa, Florida on Thursday after the brakes went out.


It hit a signpost, clipped a tree, flipped on its SIDE, and ended up half-submerged in a POND.  But luckily, 10-year-old Nicholas Sierra was one of the kids on board.


After the bus hit the water, Nicholas went into hero mode.  First he saw a kindergartner who was underwater . . . grabbed her by the arm . . . and carried her out of the bus.


Then once she was safe, he went back IN, and saved two MORE kindergarteners who were trapped inside.


Police say the bus driver also made sure all the kids were safe before he left the bus.  And in the end, no one was seriously hurt.


Guy Climbed Onto a Ledge to Hide From a Woman’s Husband

A woman in southeast China was hooking up with her side-piece recently, when her HUSBAND came home early from a business trip.  And there was nowhere to hide, so the guy climbed out her bedroom window.


Which would have been an okay idea, except her apartment was on the seventh floor, and there was no way to get down.


We don’t know how old he is, but we’re guessing he’s in his 20’s based on photos of him on the ledge . . . and the level of fitness required to NOT DIE.  The window didn’t actually have a ledge under it, he had to Spider-Man his way over to one.


Then he sat down between two air conditioners, and waited for the husband to leave . . . but that didn’t happen until the next MORNING.


When the husband went to work, he tried to climb back in.  But he’d been drinking the night before, and realized it was way too dangerous when he tried to do it sober.  So firefighters had to tie a rope to him and pull him back in.


When they asked how he got out there, he claimed he didn’t remember, but eventually admitted what happened.  And obviously if WE’RE hearing about it, the husband probably has too by now.



– A Beverly Hills estate is selling for $135 million. It has “360-degree views of Los Angeles, eight bedrooms, $2.5 million of Baccarat chandeliers, hand-woven carpets, a pool, gold-leaf ceilings and a ballroom
– Brobible claims someone has purchased LeBron James’ Miami home for $13.4 million. It has six bedrooms, a game room, a theater, a wine cellar, an infinity pool and a dock


  • Garth Brooks – A plan to record a 25th anniversary version of his breakthrough hit “Friends in Low Places” has run into a legal roadblock due to problems with royalty payments. The new rendition was to include Florida Georgia Line, George Strait, Jason Aldean, and Keith Urban but it seems the idea is now dead in the water.
  • Thomas Rhett – He’s playing AT&T Stadium in Arlington TX, home of the Dallas Cowboys, on September 23rd in an event dubbed “Tangled Up in Texas”. It heralds the release of his new album “Tangled Up” (September 25th) and features an attempt at a world record for the largest game of Twister.

– IGN claims Channing Tatum is going to star in a new movie about daredevil Evel Knievel
– The Verge claims Sharp is selling a $133,000 TV. The 8K, 85-inch monitor has a resolution of 7680 x 4320


– NBC is turning Liam Neeson’s movie “Taken” into a TV series. The show will follow the younger days of Bryan Mills



Here are this past weekend’s box office results.

  1. “The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials,” $30.3 million ($43.3 million international).


  1. “Black Mass,” $23.4 million ($675,000 international).


  1. “The Visit,” $11.3 million


  1. “The Perfect Guy,” $9.7 million.


  1. “Everest,” $7.6 million



  1. WhenJohn Quincy Adams was president in the 1820s, he would swim naked in the Potomac River at 5:00 A.M.


  1. Pilates was started in an internment camp.  A German athlete named Joseph Pilates was locked up by the British, and came up with a way for his fellow German inmates to exercise when they were sick and stuck in bed.


  1. The movie“Babe” used 48 different pigs to play Babe . . . and one animatronic one.


  1. In Delaware, a marriage can be annulled if one or both people did it as part of a game of truth or dare.  But in their legal code it’s referred to as, quote, “jest or dare.”


  1. The most used seven-letter English word is “between” . . . the most used eight-letter word is “children” . . . the most used nine-letter word is “different” . . . and the most used 10-letter word is “government.”






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