September 25

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TODAY IS……………..

National One-Hit Wonder Day, Hug A Vegetarian Day and National Lobster Day



1867, Harvard University was founded

1926, Henry Ford announced the five-day, eight-hour a day work week

1981, Sandra Day O’Connor was sworn in as the first female and the 102nd justice on the U.S. Supreme Court

1997, ER was telecast live using four cameras


Actress – Catherine Zeta-Jones (46)

Actor – Will Smith (47)

Actor – Mark Hamill (64) – (Luke Skywalker)

Barbara Walters (86)







– A Beverly Hills estate is selling for $135 million. It has “360-degree views of Los Angeles, eight bedrooms, $2.5 million of Baccarat chandeliers, hand-woven carpets, a pool, gold-leaf ceilings and a ballroom
– Brobible claims someone has purchased LeBron James’ Miami home for $13.4 million. It has six bedrooms, a game room, a theater, a wine cellar, an infinity pool and a dock


– The Verge claims Sharp is selling a $133,000 TV. The 8K, 85-inch monitor has a resolution of 7680 x 4320


– RADAR Online claims the Emmy gift bags that stars received contained Bose headphones, gourmet cookies and cakes, Chap Stick, skin care products, a lint roller, mouthwash and video games, among other things
– 4.6 million viewers watched Donald Trump on Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ on Tuesday

– Donald Trump Tweet of the Day: ”@FoxNews has been treating me very unfairly & I have therefore decided that I won’t be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future”
– TMZ claims Caitlyn Jenner will likely not be prosecuted for vehicular manslaughter. The LA County District Attorney says her actions were negligent but not criminal. The crash killed a woman in February
– CNBC claims Instagram now has more active users than Twitter (400 million vs 316 million)

– Starbucks
 is introducing a new drink called Toasted Graham Latte
– 9 million viewers watched the premiere of the new Muppets series on Tuesday while 4 million watched ”Scream Queens”


New Movies Opening Today

The Intern (Rated PG-13) … STARRING: Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Rene Russo …. a 70-year-old widower ends his retirement to become a senior intern at an online fashion site run by Jules Ostin (Hathaway)


The Green Inferno (Rated R) … a group of student activists travel from New York to the Amazon where they are attacked


Hotel Transylvania 2 (Rated PG) … STARRING: Mel Brooks, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Steve Buscemi, Kevin James, Molly Shannon, Jon Lovitz, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Fran Drescher, Cee-Lo Green … The “Hotel Transylvania” opens to human guests



Rare super moon eclipse

On Sunday night and early Monday morning, much of the Earth will witness a glorious heavenly event.


The night of September 27-28 will showcase a lunar eclipse coupled with a “supermoon”: a full moon that appears larger because it’s at perigee, the closest point of its orbit with Earth.

It’s pretty rare and hasn’t happened since 1982..


Though some observers are viewing the date with fear– calling the eclipse a “blood moon” — for astronomers and stargazers, the event is to be welcomed with celebration.

The entire eclipse, from first shadow to last, will be visible from most of the Americas — including the eastern half of the United States — Greenland, Western Europe, western Africa north of the equator and parts of Antarctica.


Can’t make it to a planetarium? NASA TV will have live eclipse coverage that you can watch in the comfort of your own home.


Or you can walk outside you don’t need to be anywhere special just go out and look up at the moon. The Earth’s shadow will start making its way across the moon at 8:11 p.m. ET. The total eclipse begins at 10:11 p.m. ET and will peak at 10:47 p.m. ET. The total eclipse will last about 72 minutes.


The eclipse is said to be the last of a “tetrad,” four consecutive total lunar eclipses, each separated by six lunar months, that took place on Jewish holidays. (The first three in the current series took place April 15, 2014; October 8, 2014; and April 4, 2015.) Some have theorized that the sequence has earth-shaking significance, noting that other tetrads took place in key years in history, including 1492 (Jewish expulsion from Spain) and 1948 (a Mideast war).


But don’t miss your chance at Sunday’s supermoon eclipse. The next one isn’t due until 2033.



80-Year-Old Rescues Dogs, and Drives Them Around Town in a Tiny Train

An 80-year-old guy named Eugene Bostick has a farm on a dead-end street in in Fort Worth, Texas.  And several years ago, he noticed people were abandoning their dogs there.


So he and his brother started taking them in, and had them spayed and neutered if they weren’t already.  He’s got about eight now.  Then he decided to have some fun with it.


A while back, Eugene saw a guy moving rocks by cutting big plastic barrels in half . . . putting wheels on the bottom of each barrel . . . and hooking them up to a tractor, so it was like a little train with rocks in each car.


And he thought it would be a great way to get the DOGS around town too.  Apparently he’s a bit of an eccentric.


He put wheels on the bottom of eight barrels, and cut holes in the tops so the dogs could sit in them.  Then he hooked them all up to his riding mower, and drove them around town . . . each dog in his own little compartment.


He says they LOVE it, and whenever they hear him hooking the barrels up to his mower, they run over and jump in.  Not surprisingly, the photos people have taken are going viral.


Bank Robber Told a Teller to Just Deposit the Cash Into His Account

A 61-year-old guy in England named Paul Neaverson tried to rob a bank with a KNIFE, and demanded $800 in cash.


The teller said she didn’t have that much in her drawer.  Which wouldn’t stop MOST bank robbers, but Paul said okay, and just left.


At that point he probably should have figured the cops were looking for him, and try to get as far away as possible.  But instead, he walked around the corner . . . and tried to rob ANOTHER bank.


And this time he was prepared in case they didn’t have enough money, because he told the teller he’d either take cash . . . or they could just transfer the 800 bucks into his BANK ACCOUNT.


It’s not clear if he had time to give them his account number or not, because a customer grabbed the knife from him, and he ran out empty handed again.


Police eventually arrested him nearby.  It all went down in March, but a judge just sentenced him to two years in prison for it.



Women Are More Likely to Get Sick If All of Their Co-Workers Are Men

Being the token woman at a company that mostly employs guys can be tough.  And according to a new study by the University of Indiana, it can actually affect your HEALTH.


Researchers examined 440 women who worked at companies where more than 85% of the employees were men.


And it turned out they had much higher levels of cortisol than women who worked at companies with an equal number of male and female employees.


Cortisol is a hormone your body produces that helps you deal with stress, and having too much of it has been shown to affect your immune system.


In other words, women who mostly work with men have to deal with things like sexual harassment and discrimination more often.  Plus, they don’t have other women around to offer support.


And all that added stress makes them more likely to get sick, and have long-term health issues.


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