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TODAY IS………………

  • “Blueberry Popsicle Day”, a celebration of the flavor that leaves your lips and tongue looking like some kind of purple-fleshed alien.


  • “Pierce Your Ears Day”. At what age is it acceptable for a little twerp to have hers (his) done?


1901, Vice President Theodore Roosevelt offered the advice, “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” in a speech at the Minnesota State Fair.


1921, the bowling shirt was invented


1945, Japan ended World War II by formally surrendering aboard the USS Missouri


2003 [12] TV finalé of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar

2013 [02] At age 64, American Diana Nyad completes a record swim from Cuba to Florida, becoming the 1st to finish the 110-mile marathon without use of a shark cage for protection


Actor – Keanu Reeves (51)


Actor – Mark Harmon (64)


NFL Hall of Famer/TV Annalist (Pittsburgh Stealers) Terry Bradshaw (67)







– AMC is planning a web special based on The Walking Dead. The story will revolve around a zombie outbreak on a plane. E! claims one character will survive and join ”Fear The Walking Dead” for season two
– 9.8 million viewers watched the MTV VMA’s on Sunday. That’s down from 10.3 million last year across several networks


★ Thousands of movies are to be removed from Netflix after the streaming service decided not to renew a deal with distributor Epix. Removed titles will include “The Hunger Games” and “Transformers” films. Netflix’s deal with Epix, which is worth a reported $1 billion, runs until the end of September, at which point the films will disappear from the service. Most are widely available on cable and other subscription platforms and Netflix has decided to focus on exclusive content.
★ NBC-TV has pulled the plug on a revival of the sitcom “Coach”. The project was described as a sequel to the original, which ran on ABC-TV 1989-97. It was apparently an idea spun by original star Craig T Nelson. It would have brought him back as his character ‘Hayden Fox’, but this time around as a mentor to a younger coach. NBC-TV ordered up 13 episodes of the planned new comedy back in March, but has apparently done a 180 on that decision. No reason has been given.–

  • “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Chris Young (“I’m Comin’ Over”).
  • “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” (Bravo) – Real estate agents try to deal with clients whose tensions are running high in the Season 8 premiere.

“A Walk In the Woods” ( R-Rated Comedy Adventure ); After spending 2 decades in England, an American author returns to the US where he decides the best way to connect with his homeland is to hike the Appalachian Trail with an old friend.


Stars Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, Emma Thompson, Mary Steenburgen. Based on the best-selling book by Bill Bryson.

Sinkhole in China Swallows 5 People

A sinkhole in a northeastern Chinese city swallowed five people in a dramatic scene that was captured on security video and shared widely on Chinese social media.


A provincial broadcaster said four people were injured in the Saturday incident in the provincial capital of Harbin.


The surveillance camera video shows pedestrians walking or standing on the sidewalk when it suddenly gave in.


Three people fell straight into the hole, while a woman clung to pipes just underneath the sidewalk. Another person standing on the edge fell sideways into the hole.


Heilongjiang Network Broadcasting Television said the people were probably waiting for a bus because it occurred at a bus stop. The bus sign also was swallowed by the sinkhole, the broadcaster said.


Passers-by pulled the victims from the hole, which was about 3 meters (10 feet) deep, the broadcaster said.


It said four received minor injuries to their feet, legs, arms and shoulders.


It was not immediately clear what caused the sidewalk to collapse.


Firefighters Saved a Guy Who Had a Heart Attack Mowing His Lawn . . . Then Finished Mowing It for Him

Two weekends ago, a guy named Ralph McCrory had a heart attack while he was mowing his lawn in Spring Hill, Florida, just north of Tampa.


Luckily a group of firefighters got there in time to give him care, and send him to a hospital.


But once he was in the ambulance and on his way, they noticed most of his yard still hadn’t been mowed.  So they decided to finish mowing it FOR him.  They spent about 30 minutes mowing the grass and cleaning up the clippings.


One of Ralph’s neighbors came outside and took photos, and they started going viral after he posted them online.


And apparently the firefighters inspired him.  Because he told them HE’S going to mow Ralph’s yard from now on.


Now Ralph’s in the hospital recovering


Guy Called 911 About a Unicorn With a Knife Chasing a Man in a Graveyard . . . and Wasn’t Lying?

A guy in Victoria, Canada called 911 on Sunday night, and reported a UNICORN . . . with a knife . . . chasing a guy around a cemetery.  Sure.


But even though that SOUNDS like what a crazy person would report, the police went to the cemetery to check it out.


And believe it or not . . . the guy WASN’T lying.


The cops found a guy wearing a unicorn mask with a big hunting knife, chasing another guy around.


It turns out they were just trying to make a funny video.


So they’re not facing any charges.



The Oakland Park, Florida police recently arrested Dennis Norman for stealing Good Humor ice cream from a gas station.


He walked into the station at 4 am and noticed the clerk was sleeping. Norman headed to an ice cream cooler on wheels and wanted a snack. He quietly pulled the cooler past the clerk and out the front door.


Cops caught Norman and charged him with grand theft.



A new study by UC San Francisco and the University of Pittsburgh reveals that insufficient sleep increases the chances of getting sick. Researchers studied the sleep habits of 164 adults over two months and found that people, who slept less than six hours a night were 4.2 times more likely to catch a cold than those, who got more than seven hours of sleep per night.


People, who slept less than five hours per night were 4.5 times more likely to catch a cold.

Professor Aric Prather tells Medical Xpress: “Sleep goes beyond all the other factors that were measured. It didn’t matter how old people were, their stress levels, their race, education or income.


It didn’t matter if they were a smoker. With all those things taken into account, statistically sleep still carried the day and was an overwhelmingly strong predictor for susceptibility to the cold virus.”




  1. There’s only one type of insect on Antarctica.  It’s a tiny fly called Belgica Antarctica that can handle the freezing temperatures.


  1. The guy who created the Incredible Hulk is Jack Kirby, and he got the idea when he saw a woman lift a car off her baby when it was trapped underneath.


  1. The number of people having quick weddings in Vegas has dropped by 37% over the past decade . . . from 128,000 in 2004 to 81,000 last year.


  1. Major League Baseball has managed to buy the domain names for all of its teams except three . . . is owned by the New York Giants football team . . . is owned by a restaurant in Seattle . . . and is owned by a set of twins in California who refuse to sell it for any price.


A High School Invited Tom Hanks to Homecoming, and He’s On Board

Here’s a new twist on that fad of asking celebrities to dances and proms.  Kerman High School is in central California, outside Fresno.  And they invited TOM HANKS to show up at their homecoming dance.


Kerman is a small community of about 14,000 people, and apparently homecoming is a HUGE deal for the whole area.  And their theme this year is Tom Hanks movies.


The school’s assistant principal says, quote, “Our pie in the sky dream would be for him to come be our Grand Marshal, but even a personal shout out on social media or a 15-second video would be great.”


So the kids at the school started a social media campaign to get him to come, with the hashtag #TomHanks2KermanHC . . . and it actually got Tom’s attention.  He Tweeted, quote,

“Gear up, Kerman High School for Homecoming!  I’m working on something for the Festivites!  Hanx.”

He misspelled “Hanks” intentionally and “festivities” unintentionally, but he didn’t say what he’s planning.



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