August 28

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TODAY IS…………………..

  • “Bow Tie Day”, saluting the look that involves ‘a ribbon of fabric tied around the collar in a symmetrical manner such that the 2 opposite ends form loops’.
  • “Cherry Turnover Day”, celebrating the yummy treat made with a little puff pastry, some cherries, some butter …. and a little more butter.


• “Burning Man”, a weird annual celebration through September 7th. It started in 1986, when San Francisco artist Larry Harvey built a wooden effigy of the man who stole his girlfriend and burned it. Tens-of-thousands now gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to throw away their clothes or don outlandish costumes and recite poetry, build avant-garde art objects, and dance all night. At the finalé, they burn a 50-ft wooden effigy of a man.

1922, the first radio commercial, a 10-minute real estate ad which cost $100, aired on WEAF/New York ..

1963, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech

1994 [21] 18-year-old Tiger Woods becomes the youngest winner in the history of the US Amateur Golf Championship


2005 [10] Residents in New Orleans are forced to evacuate their homes and seek refuge in the Louisiana Superdome as Hurricane Katrina bears down on the coastline


2011, Hurricane Irene struck the United States east coast and killed 47 people. It caused an estimated $15.6 billion in damage



Honey Boo Boo (10)


LeAnn Rimes (33)


Country star Jake Owen (34)


Actor – Jason Priestley (46)


Actor – Jack Black (46)


Shania Twain (50)





– A Beverly Hills estate is selling for $135 million. It has “360-degree views of Los Angeles, eight bedrooms, $2.5 million of Baccarat chandeliers, hand-woven carpets, a pool, gold-leaf ceilings and a ballroom
★ Actor Kevin Bacon is set to is make his return to Broadway after 13 years, starring in a new stage version of “Rear Window”. The 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie classic has been adapted for the stage by playwright Keith Reddin, with Bacon stepping into the role made famous by Jimmy Stewart, a wheelchair-bound photographer who becomes convinced he’s witnessed a murder. Previews begin October 22nd.–

– Brobible claims someone has purchased LeBron James’ Miami home for $13.4 million.
 It has six bedrooms, a game room, a theater, a wine cellar, an infinity pool and a dock

  • “Narcos” (Netflix) – Debut of a gritty new drama series about the rise of drug cartels in the 1980s, focusing on infamous cocaine king Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura). The entire 10-episode 1st season is released today. Pedro Pascal (“Game of Thrones”) co-stars as Mexican DEA agent ‘Javier Pena’.


  • “The X Factor” (ITV) – The 12th season of Simon Cowell’s Brit talent show debuts Saturday night. Cowell and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (formerly Cole) return to the judging panel, alongside new members Rita Ora and BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw.

    • Maddie & Tae – Today the duo behind “Girl In a Country Song” release their full-length debut, “Start Here”. They’ll support the new album by performing on NBC-TV’s “Today” show next Tuesday morning.


    • “No Escape” ( R-Rated Action Thriller ): In their new overseas home, an American family soon finds itself caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look for a safe escape in an environment where foreigners are being immediately executed. Stars Lake Bell, Pierce Brosnan, Owen Wilson, Thanawut Kasro. Filmed in Thailand.

    • “We Are Your Friends” ( R-Rated Romantic Drama ): The story follows aspiring DJ ‘Cole Carter’ (Zac Efron) and his pals as they try to shape their future with a killer music track. In the process though, things get messy as a love triangle starts to form between him,

his mentor (Wes Bentley), and his mentor’s girlfriend (Emily Ratajkowski).


There’s a pretty funny video making the rounds of a cat getting a bath from its owner. It’s clearly not happy, and several times in the video it actually sounds like the cat’s saying, “No more.”


The owner sounds like it’s prompting the cat to say “no more” . . . but it REALLY sounds like that’s what it’s saying.


Ten-Year-Old Got Bitten by a Shark, Then Went Back to Save Her Six-Year-Old Friend

A ten-year-old girl named Kaley Szarmack was at the beach with her family near Jacksonville, Florida last Wednesday.  And she was standing in about four feet of water when she got attacked by a SHARK.


Luckily it was only about three feet long.  But it still managed to open up a five-inch gash on her leg, so there was a lot of blood . . . pretty terrifying, especially for a ten-year-old.  But check out how she handled it . . .


After she got out of the water, she realized that a six-year-old girl she was playing with was still in danger.  So she went back IN . . . grabbed the little girl . . . and made sure she didn’t get bitten.


It took 90 stitches to close the cut on Kaley’s leg, but her doctors say she should make a full recovery.


Woman Is Suing a Restaurant That’s Famous For the Servers Throwing Dinner Rolls . . . Because She Got Hit in the Eye

There’s a restaurant in Sikeston, Missouri called Lambert’s Cafe that’s famous for being the, quote, “Home of Throwed Rolls.”  Instead of your server giving you a basket of dinner rolls, they throw them to you across the restaurant.


That sounds like a pretty entertaining gimmick . . . but this is modern day America and we’re WAY too litigious to have nice things.


A woman named Troy Tucker was eating at Lambert’s in September of last year and got HIT in the FACE by one of the flying dinner rolls.


She says it lacerated her cornea, which severely damaged her vision . . . AND she wound up with head and neck injuries.  So she just sued for at least $25,000.


Legal precedent isn’t really on her side, though. The Kansas City Royals won a lawsuit a few months ago after someone in the stands was hit by a flying hot dog the mascot threw out . . . the jury ruled that people who go into a baseball stadium know the risks of stuff flying around.


You’d think the same theory would apply to a restaurant that’s famous for flying rolls.


Eter9 social network learns your personality so it can post your points-of-view … after you’re dead.


The new site promises digital immortality using a kind of artificial intelligence to scan your posts. The site also allows you to ‘smile’ at things (similar to ‘likes’) forever.


There is both a main page which works like Facebook’s newsfeed and a ‘cortex’ which resembles your Facebook profile. The technology uses computer bots called ‘Niners’ that can maintain online engagement levels while interacting with no humans at all. You can meet your social media mirror image before you die, even opt to allow it to post when you’re offline.


Set up by Portuguese developer Henrique Jorge, Eter9 is still in beta testing, but already has 5,000 people signed up. If the system proves successful you can still be leaving helpful messages on friends’ pages long after you croak.– Radio1Newsbeat





  1. Google decided to create Google Image Search in 2000 . . . afterJennifer Lopez wore her famous green dress to the Grammys.


There were more searches for pictures of her in the dress than ANYTHING before, and the founders realized there needed to be a way to search for pictures only.


  1. The gopher sound effects in“Caddyshack” are the same as the dolphin sound effects on the TV show “Flipper”.


  1. Disneyland has only closed three times in history:  The national day of mourning forJFK . . . after the earthquake in Northridge, California in 1994 . . . and September 11th.


  1. The first product ever on QVC when it went on the air in 1986 was a shower radio that cost $11.49.  They did $7,400 in sales.



Average Man Spends Eight Minutes Sitting on the Toilet, Plus Four More Stats on Bathroom and Grooming Habits

According to a new survey, the average man spends eight minutes sitting on the toilet.


Assuming you do it once a day, that adds up to around two entire days every year sitting on the toilet.


Here are a few more new stats on men’s bathroom and grooming habits . . .

Guys spend an average of $13.20 on haircuts.


Only 18% of men have looked in a woman’s medicine cabinet on a date.


65% wouldn’t share a toothbrush with their significant other.


And 76% of men believe they’re at least somewhat attractive.



Weekend TV Reminders

  • Friday on Netflix:  The series premiereof“Narcos” . . . about Colombia’s drug cartels.


  • Friday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on CBS: “NFL Preseason Football”. . . the Jacksonville Jaguars host the Detroit Lions.


  • Saturday theSan Diego Chargershost the Seattle Seahawks.


  • Saturday at 9:00 p.m. on NBC:  Theseries finale of“Hannibal”.


  • Sunday theNew Orleans Saintshost the Houston Texans.


  • Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on NBC:  “NFL Preseason Football”. . . theOakland Raiders host the Arizona Cardinals.


  • Sunday at 9:00 p.m.:  “The MTV Video Music Awards”.


  • Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on AMC:  “Fear the Walking Dead”.



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