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TODAY IS…………………

  • “Filet Mignon Day” (French for ‘cute fillet’ or ‘dainty fillet’), celebrating the beef steak cut from the tenderloin. The fillet is considered to be the tenderest cut … and the most expensive.


  • “International Lefthanders Day”, first celebrated in 1976 to salute that forgotten visible minority … lefties. Only about 10% of us are left-handed. If you’re one of them, shake off the oppression and stand up for your lefts!




1889, the first coin operated telephone was patented


1935, The first roller derby match was held in Chicago


2008 [07] At the London Olympics, USA swimmer Michael Phelps becomes the most decorated Olympian of all-time, with a total of 22 medals
2011, The main stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair during a hurricane-force wind gust. Seven people were killed and 45 were injured before Sugarland’s concert.



Retired Cuban Dictator – Fidel Castro (89)


[53] John Slattery, Boston MA, TV actor (‘Roger Sterling’ on “Mad Men” 2007-15)/movie actor (“Ted 2″, “Iron Man 2″)


Actor – Danny Bonaduce  – (56) – Danny on the Partridge Family





– The Hollywood Reporter claims Fox could lose $60 million because “Fantastic Four” flopped. It cost $120 million to make and only earned $26 million last weekend

– 2.73 million viewers watched Sunday’s season finale of True Detective.
 That’s down 22% from last year


  • “The Seventies” (CNN) – Tonight’s episode examines how American music re-invented itself and developed new formats (disco, punk, etc), and focuses on Billy Joel, Blondie, and KISS.


Watch Luke Bryan Do Karaoke With Jason Derulo . . . Sort of

Ever heard of a karaoke app called ‘Sing’?  Actually it’s ‘Sing!’ with an exclamation point after it.  It’s been around for a while.  Basically you team up with someone to cover a song.  You don’t have to be in the same room or anything . . . the app hooks you up.


So LUKE BRYAN got with JASON DERULO to do Jason’s“Want to Want Me”.  And the results are pretty awesome.  Luke has a MEAN falsetto.


They also teamed up last year at the CMT Awards, when they mashed-up “Talk Dirty” and “This Is How We Roll” with Florida Georgia Line.




Girl Released Balloons at Her Dad’s Grave, and They Landed In Her Backyard 25 Miles Away

A 13-year-old named Saige Seibold lives in Cement, Oklahoma, and lost her dad Johnny to pancreatic cancer back in May.


About a month later, she and her mom went to visit his grave on Father’s Day, and released some balloons with a note, asking whoever found them to get in touch.


Which didn’t go well at first, because they got tangled in some power lines.  But a gust of wind eventually blew them away, and Saige watched them drift off into the sky.


After that, she and her mom ran errands for a few hours, and drove home.  And that’s when Saige noticed something in a field a few hundred feet from their house.


It turned out the balloons had drifted 25 miles . . . and landed in their backyard.


Saige and her mom say it can’t just be a coincidence, and think it’s her dad’s way of letting them know he’s okay.  And even though they miss him, they know he’s not really gone.



20-Year-Old Set His Ferrari on Fire Because He Wanted His Dad to Buy Him a Newer One

There’s a 20-year-old kid from a rich family in Zurich, Switzerland, and he had a terrible problem in March last year.  He had a $245,000 Ferrari 458 Italia, but it wasn’t suiting his needs anymore . . . he wanted a newer, more expensive Ferrari.


Tragically, his dad wouldn’t buy him one.  I mean, his dad gave him a $10,000 allowance every month, $30 million worth of property, and 14 OTHER fancy cars including a Lamborghini.  But a new Ferrari was just too much.


So the kid came up with a plan.  He paid three friends around $15,000 to drive his car into Germany and set it on FIRE, so he could collect the insurance money.  Then he went to a massage parlor while they burned it, so he’d have an alibi.


But his friends were caught on security cameras, and eventually the cops figured out what happened.


They were all in court last week, and the rich kid learned his lesson.  Just kidding.  His three friends all got 14 to 16 months in prison for insurance fraud, and HE just got probation and a $33,000 fine.


Two Daughters Inherit $20 Million, Must Follow Some Bizarre Rules 

“Want my money while you’re still young? Then you have to play by my rules.” That’s pretty much what deceased Manhattan real estate landlord Maurice Laboz has posthumously told his two daughters

According to his will, 17-year-old Victoria and 21-year-old Marlena will get $10 million a piece at age 35 but can only touch the dough earlier if they provide trustees with evidence of a rather traditional lifestyle. To wit:


  • Marlena gets $500,000 for getting married, as long as the groom signs an agreement saying he won’t touch the cash.
    •    She gets $750,000 more for graduating from an “accredited university” and writing up to 100 words on what she’ll do with the money.
    •    In five years, Marlena and Victoria each receive a yearly check for 300% of their annual income. Uncle Sam will love the date when they get it: April 15.
    •    If either becomes a stay-at-home mom with kids, she gets 3% of the trust’s value each year, providing the children are “born in wedlock.”
    •    Their mother, 58-year-old Ewa Laboz, isn’t so lucky: Maurice offered her nil, citing a prenuptial agreement. He was divorcing her when he died at age 77 earlier this year.

How did Luboz get so loaded? Well, it’s New York real estate: Just four years ago, his Regal Real Estate sold nearly $40 million in properties “scattered across Manhattan,”.


• “Collateral Beauty” – Will Smith is in talks to take over Hugh Jackman’s lead role in this drama about a NYC adman whose colleagues devise an unconventional plan to break him out of severe depression after a deep personal tragedy. Rooney Mara has the female lead. Principal photography is set to start in the Fall.

  • “The Devil In the White City” – Erik Larson’s 2003 bestseller is headed to the bigscreen, with Martin Scorsese directing and Leonardo DiCaprio starring. Larson’s nonfiction book is about a serial killer who used the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair as a setting for his murders. The film marks the 6th collaboration for Scorsese and DiCaprio, following “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

• Scientists say … when men interact with attractive women, they may become ‘cognitively impaired’.


  • Scientists say … babies as young as 8-months-old can suffer from depression. (Other babies are more optimistic and see the diaper as half FULL.)
  • Scientists say … dog owners are more assertive than others. German sociologists have found that people who are ‘domineering’ are more likely to own dogs.


  • Scientists say … female runners who have sex before sprinting tend to run faster. On the other hand, “Fit For Fun” magazine reports that men who have sex before running tend to run slower. (Because they’ll have just woken up from a nap.)




  1. Nike was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports . . . and they didn’t make shoes, they just were a distributor for Asics.


  1. The most expensive restaurant in the world is called Sublimotion, and it’s in the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, Spain.  The average price is around $2,000 per person.


  1. Jim Carrey got paid 140 times more than Jeff Daniels for “Dumb and Dumber” . . . Carrey got $7 million, Daniels got $50,000.


  1. Only two silent films have won Best Picture: “Wings” at the first Oscars in 1929 . . . and “The Artist”, 83 years later in 2011.



Lefty Disadvantages
– Things Lefties Are maybe Not So Good At!

There are some things that we find more difficult because of our
brain wiring and others that are more practical issues.

Things left-handers find difficult


Telephone boxes – receiver and coin slot on right TV & Hi Fi controls
Record Player Arms Writing
Scissors Trousers with one back pocket
Trouser Zips Polo (left-handed players not allowed!)
Hockey (left hand players not allowed in Field Hockey
– Ice hockey is OK and there have been some very
successful left-handed Ice Hockey players)
Tying shoe laces/ties
Writing in binders/files Cheque book stubs
Pens on chains in Banks Cash dispensing machines
Ticker barriers on underground
(ticket has to be put in with right hand)
Computer number. keypads (on right) Dining in restaurants (bump elbows with R/H diners)


Medical equipment

Club member Michael is a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician and tells us he has problems with right-handed equipment…


It is traditional and socially acceptable in most countries for a handshake to be made with the right hand. If a lefty tries to use the more natural left hand this causes confusion and makes people uncomfortable

We understand that a left-handed handshake is used as a recognition device by some secret societies and has “sinister” connotations


Billy Currington Can’t Keep Up with Tim McGraw’s “Amazing” Workouts

TIM MCGRAW’s legendary workout routines are reaching mythical status.  Super fit BILLY CURRINGTON is touring with him this summer and even he can’t keep up with the guy.


He says, quote, “For us, you know, we pick about three or four hours of the day, not 10 [hours like Tim].  He works out all day, and it’s pretty amazing to watch.”  (He’s obviously exaggerating about the 10 hours.  And yet, point taken.)


Even Tim’s high-protein Paleo diet is more than Billy can handle.  He adds, quote, “Like, where does he get the energy from?  ‘Cause the foods that I hear he eats, it’s like, ‘Really?  That fuels you to go every day like that?’  It amazes me.  So inspiring.”


Billy’s not going to slouch away in defeat, though.  He’s hoping to get somewhat close to Tim’s level by the time they wrap up the Shotgun Rider tour next month.  He says, quote, “I’m getting on it now.  Can’t end the tour and not look close to that.”

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