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  • “International Biodiesel Day”, observed on the anniversary of the 1893 testing of Rudolf Diesel’s diesel engine prototype, which ran on nothing but peanut oil. The day promotes the idea of using vegetable oil or animal fat-based bio-fuels in order to cut dependency on fossil fuels.


  • “S’Mores Day” celebrating one of our favorite campfire treats, a toasted marshmallow sandwiched between graham crackers with piece of chocolate. The original recipe, published in Scout leader Loretta Scott Crew’s “Tramping & Trailing with the Girl Scouts” (1927), referred to the delicacy as ‘Some Mores’.



1948, Candid Camera premiered


2003 [12] Temperatures in the UK top 100 F (38 C) for the 1st time in recorded history, during a European-wide heat wave
2008, American swimmer Michael Phelps won the first of his record eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics by winning the 400-meter individual medley in 4:03.84. He smashed his own world record.


2014 [01] Rory McIlroy wins his 4th major championship, the PGA, making him 1-of-4 players in golf history to reach that benchmark by age 25



Model – Kylie Jenner (18)


Actor – Justin Theroux (44) – (Just married to Jennifer Aniston)


Actor – Antonio Banderas (55)

Actress – Roseanna Arquette (56)






  • Jake Owen – The country singer has announced that he and his wife Lacey Buchanan are divorcing after being married 3 years. Something in the water lately?
  • Lady Antebellum – Charles Kelly and his wife Cassie have also announced they are no longer going to be a duo. But that’s because they are expecting a child in February.
  • “So You Think You Can Dance” (FOX/CTV) – Dancers from both teams fight to stay in the competition.
  • “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Luke Bryan (“Kill the Lights”).



A Yankees Fan Threw Back a Home Run Ball, and Accidentally Hit One of the Players

A player for the Toronto Blue Jays hit a home run in New York yesterday.  And the Yankee fan who ended up with the ball decided to throw it back onto the field, which you see all the time.


But he accidentally hit one of his own PLAYERS with it.  It looks like the ball nailed Yankees’ left fielder Brett Gardner . . . in the back of the NECK.  Luckily he was okay, and stayed in the game.  If you care, Toronto won the game 2 to 0.


Eight-Year-Old Became the First Child to Get a Double Hand Transplant

An eight-year-old from Baltimore named Zion Harvey developed a bad infection when he was two, and had to have both of his hands AND feet amputated.  But now he’s the first kid in the world to get a double hand TRANSPLANT.


Earlier this month, 30 nurses and TEN surgeons at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia did the surgery.  It took about ten hours, and everything went well . . . Zion showed off his new hands at a press conference on Tuesday.


One of the main reasons it’s never happened before is most parents who lose a child aren’t willing to donate their organs, let alone their hands.


Zion also had a kidney transplant when he was four, so he was a GOOD candidate for the hand transplant . . . he was already on drugs to keep his body from rejecting the kidney, and needed the same drugs for the hand transplant.


Obviously Zion won’t have full use of his hands for a while . . . it could be two years before the nerves regenerate and he has feeling in them.


But he’s really optimistic, and already making plans.  He told reporters on Tuesday that he wants to swing on the monkey bars and maybe learn guitar someday.  He also hopes to be a doctor when he grows up.


Bounty Hunter in Phoenix Accidentally Targeted the Chief of Police

43-year-old Brent Farley is a bounty hunter in Arizona, and not a very good one.  On Tuesday, he got an anonymous tip on Facebook that said a guy wanted on drug charges was staying at a house in Phoenix.


So he and ten members of his team armed with handguns staked it out for a few hours . . . surrounded the place around 10:00 P.M. . . . and started banging on the front door.


The suspect they were looking for was a 6-foot-3 black guy, weighing about 310 pounds.  The guy who answered the door was 5-foot-10, 175 pounds, WHITE, and had no idea what they were talking about.


That’s when pretty much everyone started to realize the tip was bogus . . . except for Brent, who refused to leave and kept ordering the guy to identify himself.  It turned out his name is Joseph Yahner . . . and he’s the CHIEF OF POLICE in Phoenix.


While the raid was happening, Joseph’s girlfriend called 911.  Police ended up arresting Brent for trespassing and disorderly conduct, because he had his gun out while he confronted Joseph, and refused to leave the property.


It’s not clear how much training Brent’s had, if any, because pretty much anyone can be a bounty hunter in Arizona.  He also had a camera crew with him, since EVERY idiot bounty hunter wants their own reality show.  We assume he WON’T be getting one now though.



Guy Stopped a Robbery, Then Finished Proposing to His Girlfriend

Nicholas Anderson of Hickory, North Carolina took his girlfriend to a restaurant on Monday, and planned on PROPOSING to her there.


But just before he could ask her to marry him, a guy busted in to ROB the place.


So Nicholas quickly shifted gears.  He jumped up . . . grabbed the guy . . . put him in a choke hold . . . and knocked him out.


The news didn’t have any information on whether the cops came and arrested the guy, but we’re assuming that’s what happened.


Now that his crime fighting was out of the way, Nicholas was back to marriage proposal mode . . . but the whole robbery thing had kinda ruined the romantic atmosphere in the restaurant.


So they left and went to a park, where he finally proposed . . . and she said yes.


He says, quote, “After all that happened, asking her to marry me wasn’t near as bad.”




The week of August 10th, next week, is the most opportune time to buy flights for the upcoming holiday season, according to global travel search engine Skyscanner.


The flight site claims that booking Christmastime flights (anytime December 20th-28th) 19 weeks out will save you an impressive 19% compared to booking at other times of the year.


Booking New Year’s flights (December 27th-January 4th) next week should shave 14% off your costs.


Skyscanner’s research suggests the weeks of August 31st and September 28th are the next-best bets for booking Christmas and New Year’s travel. Skyscanner advice is based on analysis of 2014 airfare pricing peaks and valleys.–



Jake Owen is Getting Divorced

JAKE OWEN is getting divorced.  Did anyone see that coming?  Kinda.


Jake’s been married to Lacey Buchanan for three and a half years . . . they met when she was in the videos for “Eight Second Ride” and “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”.  He’s 33, she’s 25, and they have a two-and-a-half year old daughter named Pearl.


Here’s the official statement Jake released on Friday.  “I wanted to let my fans know how much I’ve appreciated their support of not only my career, but my family as a whole.


“Sadly, Lacey and I have decided to end our marriage.  We want to focus on our daughter Pearl and make sure that she has a beautiful life with loving parents.  We appreciate you respecting our privacy during this time.”


He also posted on Twitter that same morning.  Quote, “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  We appreciate your support and privacy in this matter.”

If you remember, Jake did an interview with “Country Weekly” last month where he got pretty personal about the problems they were having . . . and it got a little awkward.


He said, quote, “I didn’t think this was anyone’s business other than mine and my wife’s, but for the last few months, we’ve really been having a hard time, struggling with communication and literally talking about divorce.”


Kathie Lee’s Husband Frank Gifford Has Died

Old school New York Giants star FRANK GIFFORD died suddenly of natural causes yesterday at the age of 84.  After his playing career, he co-hosted “Monday Night Football” from 1971 to 1997, and he was married to KATHIE LEE GIFFORD.


Then Kathie Lee Tweeted, quote, “Deeply grateful to all for your outpouring of grace.  We are steadfast in our faith and finding comfort in knowing where Frank is.”


Frank played for the Giants his entire career, from 1952 to 1964.  In 1956 he was named the league MVP, and led the team to a championship . . . although this was before it was called the ‘Super Bowl.’


He played running back, defensive back, wide receiver, and was used on special teams.


He married Kathie Lee in 1986, when he was 56 and she was 33.


The “Fantastic Four” Bombed

The “Fantastic Four” bombed at the box office this weekend, taking in a mere $26.2 million in its opening weekend.  That’s pretty pitiful for a superhero movie these days, and nowhere near the $120 million it cost to make it.


It’s also less than half what its two predecessors made.  The first “Fantastic Four” opened with $56 million in 2005, and“Fantastic Four:  Rise of the Silver Surfer” banked $58 million.


There had been talk of a “Fantastic Four” / “X-Men” crossover, but that seems a lot less likely after this weekend.  The “FF”characters could pop up in an “X-Men” movie, but probably not as major players.


Their loss was Tom Cruise’s gain, because “Mission:  Impossible – Rogue Nation” kept its spot at the top of the heap, with $29.4 million in its second week.


  1. “Mission:  Impossible – Rogue Nation”, $29.4 million.  Up to $109 million in its 2nd week.


  1. NEW:  “Fantastic Four”, $26.2 million.


  1. NEW:  “The Gift”, $12 million.


  1. “Vacation”, $9.1 million.  Up to $37.3 million in its 2nd week.


  1. “Ant-Man”, $7.8 million.  Up to $147 million in its 4th week.


  1. “Minions”, $7.4 million.  Up to $303 million in its 5th week.


  1. NEW:  “Ricki and the Flash”, $7 million.


  1. “Trainwreck”, $6.3 million.  Up to $91.1 million in its 4th week.


  1. “Pixels”, $5.4 million.  Up to $57.6 million in its 3rd week.


  1. “Southpaw”, $4.8 million.  Up to $40.7 million in its 3rd week.



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