August 6

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TODAY IS………………..

  • “Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony” (‘Toro Nagashi’) at Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the dropping of the 1st atomic bomb by the US bomber ‘Enola Gay’ in 1945.


  • “Root Beer Float Day”, saluting the yummy taste-treat that involves plopping ice cream into a flagon of root beer. Did you know root beer started out as a health tonic?


  • “Fresh Breath Day”, a gentle reminder to maintain oral hygiene. If you’re average, you have over 10 billion bacteria in your mouth right now. Some of them churn out stinky chemicals such as hydrogen sulphide, the same gas that gives rotten eggs their odor.



1960, Chubby Checker did “The Twist” on American TV for the first time when he appeared on “American Bandstand.”


2000, Rapper Ice-T signed on to play a detective on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


2009, A Kenyan man offered Hillary Clinton 40 goats and 20 cows for Chelsea Clinton’s hand in marriage. Some in the Nairobi, Kenya town hall meeting cheered as the Secretary of State promised to convey the “very kind offer” to her daughter



Writer-director M. Night Shyamalan (45)


Former NBA All Star David Robinson (50)




Bald Guy Wants to Know Why Movie Villains are Always Bald

A YouTuber who goes by the name DarkAntics wants to know why villains always seem to be BALD.  Yes, he’s bald, too.  And he makes a great case.


He tosses out a pretty huge list of classic bald villains, like Lex Luthor from “Superman”, Voldemort from “Harry Potter”, Dr. Evil from “Austin Powers”, Obadiah Stane from “Iron Man”, Darth Maul from “Star Wars:  The Phantom Menace” . . .

Kingpin from “Daredevil”, John Doe from “Seven”, Cypher from “The Matrix”, Vizzini from “The Princess Bride”, and Mola Ram from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” . . . among others.


He also notes that bald villain are often pitted against heroes with FULL MANES OF HAIR.


He also points out instances when an actor or a character has hair when he or she is good, but loses it on the journey to badness.  Like Darth Vader . . . who had a beautiful mane of hair when he was Anakin Skywalker . . . but went BALD when he turned to the dark side.


Also, the Shane character from “The Walking Dead” started out with hair when he was cool.  Then as he started to turn psycho, he SHAVED HIS HEAD.  And he ultimately died a bald zombie.



Seeing Eye Dog Jumped in Front of a Bus to Save His Owner

A 62-year-old woman in Brewster, New York named Audrey Stone was crossing the street with her seeing eye dog, Figo, on Monday morning.


And a school bus driver didn’t see them in the crosswalk.  Luckily, Figo saw the bus coming, and jumped out in front of it to save Audrey’s LIFE. Unfortunately, they both still got hit by the bus.  But it could have been worse.  Audrey is dealing with a fractured right elbow, a fractured ankle, and three broken ribs.  Figo took the brunt of the hit, but only suffered a bad cut on his leg.


Then while paramedics were helping Audrey, he refused to leave her side.  And even though he was hurt, he didn’t whimper or bark.  He just sat there with her.


Apparently he even tried to get in the ambulance, but the paramedics said they weren’t allowed to transport dogs.


So some firefighters took him to a vet, where he had surgery on his leg.  It went well, and the vet says she’ll make sure he’s taken care of until Audrey is out of the hospital.




★ Cuban-American actor and former model William Levy is fronting “Cuban Chrome”, a new docu-series about classic cars abandoned in Havana before the 1959 revolution. Many of the vintage autos have been maintained ever since via makeshift repairs using parts from other models. Producers were granted permission to shoot the series as ‘professional research for an educational documentary’ while the US embargo on Cuba was still in place. “Cuban Chrome” is airing Monday nights on Discovery Channel
★The “Jurassic World” sequel will take the action outside of theme parks. Director Colin Treverrow has announced the release date for the sequel will be June 2018. The movie has become one of Universal’s biggest-grossing of all-time and Treverrow has hinted he wants to explore military possibilities in upcoming sequels, whereby the dinosaurs are weaponized for combat. Chris Pratt is already confirmed to be returning to star in “Jurassic World 2″.–
★ Actor David Faustino is developing a “Married… With Children” spin-off featuring fellow original cast-members Christina Applegate, Ed O’Neill, and Katey Sagal. The 1987-97 FOX-TV sitcom featured O’Neill as the patriarch of a dysfunctional family in a fictional Chicago suburb. Sagal played his wife ‘Peggy’; Applegate and Faustino starred as their kids ‘Kelly’ and ‘Bud’. The revival is a pilot for a spin-off series, with the original cast appearing in some capacity, perhaps only cameos. More details are coming once legal hurdles are cleared.– E! Online
A website published Donald Trump’s personal phone number this week, so he fought back . . . by putting a campaign message on it, and tweeting about it.


★ Robert Downey Jr, for the 3rd year in-a-row, is the world’s highest-paid actor ($80 million), but that’s not the real news in the annual “Forbes” list of leading men. What’s different this year is that for the first time 3 multimillionaire Indian actors are included in an ‘international’ top 10. And Jackie Chan of China ($50 million) is #2. Bollywood superstars Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, and Akshay Kumar are #7 ($33.5 million), #8 ($33.5 million), and # 9 ($32.5 million). They rank ahead of Mark Wahlberg at #10 ($32 million), Dwayne Johnson at #11 ($31.5 million), and Johnny Depp at #12 ($30 million).– @Forbes

  • “Daily Show With Jon Stewart” (Comedy Central) – Tonight’s 50-minute series finalé (with surprise guests) is preceded by an all-day marathon (9:30 am-9 pm) of selected episodes from Stewart’s 16-year late-night run. New host Trevor Noah debuts September 28th.


Model Tries to Smuggle Cocaine Into the U.S. by Flirting With Border Patrol

39-year-old Anett Pikula is the type of “model” who only seems to exist since Instagram was invented.  She’s done a few real modeling shots, but mostly she just posts bikini and travel photos of herself.


And if you’re wondering how she could afford to travel around the world and live the glamorous, exotic lifestyle you NEED to be an Instagram model . . . I think we have the answer.

Anett was busted last week trying to smuggle 13 pounds of cocaine across the border into Lukeville, Arizona.  That’s worth about $134,000.


Apparently, her plan was to use her sexiness and flirt with Border Patrol so they wouldn’t get suspicious.  But it backfired BIG TIME.  They felt like she was, quote, “overly talkative and flirty” and that made them EXTRA suspicious.


They brought in a drug-sniffing dog, and it immediately found the drugs in the front panels of her gold Mercedes.


So she was arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.


LOOKIN’ FOR LOVE – I gave you an accidental back scratch

We were strangers in the 27th row on a flight from Seattle. We didn’t even exchange hellos.
You seemed queasy and kept putting your head on the seat in front of you.


I was not feeling the best and high on cold medication and decided you needed a back scratch.


We both realized what was happening, but it was too late.


I scratched your back in an affectionate manner for at least five seconds, and no more than ten.
I patted your back awkwardly at the conclusion of my back scratch and then pretended to be asleep.


If you’re reading this, I’m sorry but would love to meet up again if you’re interested.




Lizard Man struts his stuff in South Carolina

To be honest, the photo looks a bit like a promo still for a bad B-movie. In the shot, what could be charitably called a lizard man is depicted stalking the wood line Sunday outside a Bishopville, South Carolina, church.


It’s hard not to look at the picture and see Guy In a Lizard Suit Man.


“My hand to God, I am not making this up,” the woman who says she took the photo wrote to local media. She says she took the photo while leaving church.


Lizard Man also seems to appear in a newly released video shot by a hunter back in May who said that the newest sighting helped him  man up. “I saw your lizard man story and it’s given me the courage to send you a video I took in early May,” the man said.


From behind a tree, the man filmed what looks to be Lizard Man, in a swamp. That’s where, they say most of the sightings of Lizard Man have occurred. The first sighting came in 1988, the station says, when a 17-year-old out at 2 a.m. returned home with scratches on the roof the car and a damaged mirror.

He reported that a lizard man charged him as he was changing his tire and then jumped on the car as he tried to drive away.


He resurfaced again in 2008, locals say, tearing up the hood of Bob Rawson’s minivan, according to a CNN report from the time. “You think it’s a joke, but you look at the damage to the vehicle, it’s hard to say,” then-Lee County Sheriff E.J. Melvin said.


If all that doesn’t convince you, there’s this bit of verifying detail: Lizard Man has a Twitter account. Never mind he’s tweeted only eight times, starting Monday. Give him a break; he’s a lizard.


“Born in swamp. Relocated to Bishopville,SC. Shy and misunderstood. Love wrestling, NASCAR, and flies. Currently single, but looking. #lizardman,” he mashed poetically with his webby, beclawed hands.


All he really seems to want is validation. It’s not easy being Lizard Man in a world that doesn’t believe in Lizard Man, he tweeted. “It is hard to prove being the “real” #lizardman,” he writes. “I have no driver’s license. I failed the eye test. Again. #bishopvilledmv.”




  1. The “M” that’s printed on each M&M was originally black.  It was changed to white after four years.


  1. Woodrow Wilson’s wedding was catered by a young chef named Ettore Boiardi . . . who would go on to create the brand Chef Boyardee.


  1. “Family Feud” does all of its surveys by telephone, and asks each person about 30 to 40 questions.


  1. Detroit is the only American city that’s ever had its population hit one million, then drop back down.  It had 1.8 million people in 1950 and now has about 680,000.  Every other city that’s made it to one million has stayed above that threshold for good.



Not everyone’s munching on popcorn and Glosettes while watching movies. Witness …
✓ Dried Sardines – Theater patrons in Japan crunch on small fish, baked in soy sauce & sugar.
✓ Roasted Ants – Eaten like peanuts in Colombia, this snack is considered an aphrodisiac.
✓ Dried Reindeer Meat – A fitting snack at a drive-in theater for snowmobiles in Norway.
✓ Souvlaki – Traditional lamb or beef souvlaki is popular at some of Greece’s outdoor cinemas.
✓ Dried Cuttlefish – This meaty, savory fish stands in for popcorn at Korean concessions.
✓ Salty Licorice – A popular confection at cinemas across The Netherlands.
✓ Dried Salted Plums – In China, these are served dehydrated and heavily pickled.
✓ Bajan Fish Cakes – A common street food in Barbados also found at open-air theaters. – Condensed from “Mental Floss”

• “Rampage” – Hollywood star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is set to reunite with “San Andreas” director Brad Peyton on this new project based on the 1986 videogame “Rampage”. The game allowed 3 players to each control one of 3 monsters who destroyed buildings and generally created havoc. The action film is due to hit screens sometime in 2017.

  • “Trainspotting 2″ – Danny Boyle is returning to direct a follow-up to his classic 1996 movie and 44-year-old actor Ewan McGregor has been signed to reprise his role as heroin addict ‘Renton’. As well as McGregor, original cast members Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee have also been confirmed for the film, which begins shooting in Scotland in January 2016.

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