July 9

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TODAY IS……………….

  • “Sugar Cookie Day”, honoring the cookie that is so delicious, yet so simple. All you need is sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, and baking powder.



1981, Donkey Kong was released


1982, Diet Coke debuted


1997, Mike Tyson was banned from boxing and fined $3 million for biting Evander Holyfield’s ear during a match


2002, The baseball All-Star game in Milwaukee ended in a 7-7 tie after 11 innings when both teams ran out of pitchers


2004 [11] The movie “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” opens in theaters




Actor – Fred Savage –  (39)


Actor – Tom Hanks –  (59)




Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 to a Young Fan Battling Cancer

Warning — you may need a box of tissues for this one!


Taylor Swift has donated a whopping $50,000 to help pay for a young fan’s medical expenses as she battles leukemia.


But not only is the money important, as it helps pay for a vital 6 to 9 month in-patient hospital stay for the 11-year-old just diagnosed with cancer, her kind donation and sweet personal message also made the little girl’s face light up with a beaming smile.


Little Naomi Oakes, a dedicated Swiftie, was only recently diagnosed, and was devastated when she realized her long hospital stay would mean she had to miss Swift’s concert in Phoenix, Arizona.


To try and cheer her up, her dad made a video which he posted on YouTube, showing his  daughter singing Swift’s song “Bad Blood” (Naomi’s new anthem), and asking fellow Swifties to help bring the message to their idol in the hope she might share a #TeamNaomi photo via Instagram.


Of course Swift went way further than that. She put her hand in her pocket and made a huge donation, instantly smashing the family’s GoFundMe target and also making brave little Naomi’s day!



– MasterCard is testing a new smartphone app that allows people to pay for online purchases with a Selfie or their fingerprints. Users who choose facial recognition will have to stare at their phone and blink once while taking a Selfie. MasterCard is also experimenting with voice recognition
– Contact Music claims 96% of the audience members, who saw ”Magic Mike XXL” last weekend were female

  • Comic-Con International (San Diego CA) – The much-imitated annual festival of fandom through Sunday features never-before-seen film trailers, first-look footage, A-list talent, and the usual array of fan-made superhero costumes. Tonight Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter appears in a panel discussion about his new zombie Western movie, “Dead West”.
  • Québec Summer Festival (Québec City QC) – The massive 11-day festival incorporates 300 shows on 10 stages. This year’s headliners are Foo Fighters and the Rolling Stones. Also on tap: Boston, Deep Purple, Iggy Azalea, Interpol, Keith Urban, Nickelback, Royal Blood.
  • Luke Bryan – His 5th studio album, “Kill the Lights”, is out August 7th. It’s the follow-up to his most successful project to date, “Crash My Party”. Bryan himself is a co-writer on 6 of the new album’s 13 tracks, one of which is a duet with Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild.


Guy Is Busted For Growing Marijuana When Lightning Strikes His House

There was a huge storm in Cape Coral, Florida on Saturday night, and a lightning bolt hit a house owned by 65-year-old Jaroslav Kratky . . . and set it on FIRE.


But when the fire department got there to put it out, they found Jaroslav was actually running a marijuana grow house, so they called in the police.


The cops found 15 plants in the house, seven plants outside, and a big suitcase stuffed with packages of weed.


So Jaroslav was arrested and charged with production or cultivation of marijuana.


But he says he wasn’t running a grow house, he’s just a HOARDER.  Quote, “I’m a packrat, you know, I got things.  I’m a junk man.  I take all kinds of stuff.”


Kids Would Rather Eat Bugs Than Vegetables

A new survey found 71% of kids under 10 say they HATE eating vegetables.


But 18% say they’d like to try eating WORMS . . . 12% would try a caterpillar . . . and 12% would try snails.


The survey didn’t give a breakdown of boys versus girls, but I think we can all assume which gender is more likely to eat bugs . . . unless something has REALLY changed since we were kids.


Yesterday was • “Eat a Vegetable You’ve Never Tried Before Day”.


Remnant of Boston’s Brutal Winter Threatens to Outlast Summer

Now that it is July, it is easy to think of Boston’s record snowfall last winter as a bad dream.

These days, you can walk outside without dressing in multiple layers. But if you want a reality check, come to the Seaport district, where you will find an astonishing residual artifact from the glory days of February: a 12-foot-high frozen mound, a remnant of the record 110 inches of snow that accumulated in Boston over the winter.


This otherwise empty lot on Tide Street is the last of 11 “snow farms” that Boston created and this particular mound, once a stunning 75 feet high and blanketing four acres, lingers because it was by far the biggest.

Also, the snow was tightly compacted with debris that the plows unavoidably picked up while clearing the roads over and over again and that collection of trash helped insulate the dense, thick pile from the sun’s rays. And there has been little rain, which could have accelerated the melting.


On June 25, with no end in sight, Mayor Martin J. Walsh asked people to use the hashtag  #BOSMeltNow and tweet their best guess of “the day we have all been waiting for”. The well-insulated mound is actually quite chilly. Standing next to it is like standing next to a freezer with the door open.


Employees at a water treatment company, jotted their guesses on a window in their seventh-floor perch overlooking the snow farm. Then they crossed out each date as the mound continued to foil them.

One person suggested it would all melt by Aug. 7, then dared add what few have expressed out loud: “Or maybe won’t melt before next snow comes”


Pirates help grounds crew spread uncooperative tarp at PNC Park

On a miserable Tuesday evening at the Pittsburgh Pirates Park several players – including Andrew McCutchen and Sean Rodriguez – dropped their gloves to lend a hand after watching the grounds crew struggle to cover the field with a rain tarp when play was halted in the third inning.


Though players seldom assist with the more onerous grounds-keeping tasks, McCutchen and his teammates were compelled to help out after watching the tarp, possessed by a whirling wind, temporarily swallow one member of the field crew.




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