July 8

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TODAY IS……………..

  • “Eat a Vegetable You’ve Never Tried Before Day”. Bok choy? Rapini? Bamboo? Kudzu?


  • “Ice Cream Sundae Day”, a day to create you own sundae from all your favorite toppings. The 1st sundae was purportedly created on this date in 1881 by Edward Berner in Two Rivers WI.



1932, The low point in the Great Depression came when the Dow Jones Industrial Average bottomed out at 41.22.


1969, The U.S. government issued a patent for the game “Twister.”


1990 [25] 1st TV broadcast to generate 1 billion viewers worldwide (FIFA World Cup, hosted by Italy)

1992, Melrose Place debuted on the Fox Network.


2010, LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami



Toby Keith (54)

Kevin Bacon (57)


The Marshawn Lynch Movie Is So Bad, He’s Not Releasing It

A movie about the life of Seattle Seahawks running back MARSHAWN LYNCH was going to come out later this year.  But it’s so bad, he’s not releasing it AT ALL now.


It was supposed to be called “Family First:  The Marshawn Lynch Story”, and Marshawn played himself even though he can’t act.  A family friend directed it, and posted a terrible trailer back in February without running it by anyone first.


Apparently that didn’t go over well with Marshawn, who’s scrapping the whole thing now, and the two of them aren’t on speaking terms anymore.  His agent says the guy “did a terrible job, and the film will NEVER be released.”


11-Year-Old Girl Complained That There Aren’t Enough Female Superheroes . . .

An 11-year-old girl in Champaign, Illinois named Rowan Hansen sent a letter to the editors of DC Comics last month, asking why there aren’t more female superheroes.


She also wanted to know why the ones they do have always seem to be fighting crime in outfits that are way SKIMPIER than they need to be.


And a few weeks later, they responded on Twitter saying they AGREE, and they’re working on creating more female superheroes that aren’t so one-dimensional.


Then as an added bonus, they sent her a picture last week of HER as a superhero, flying around with a big “R” for Rowan on her chest. Which she says she was super excited to get.  But it doesn’t change anything, and she’s going to keep pressuring them.


By the way, Rowan’s favorite character is Wonder Woman.  And Warner Brothers announced that the Wonder Woman movie they’ve had in the works will finally start shooting this fall.



There was a movie in 2003 called “Danny Deckchair” where a guy ties a bunch of helium balloons to a lawn chair and floats through the sky. And of course that happened to the old man’s house in UP.


26-year-old Daniel Boria of Calgary, Alberta, Canada wanted to get some viral attention for his cleaning company on Sunday, so he decided to risk his life.  He tied 110 helium balloons to a lawn chair and let them take him up into the sky.


He floated through the air . . . he’s not sure exactly how high he got, but it was high enough to get a LOT of attention.  Unfortunately for him, some of that attention came from the cops . . . and they arrested him when he landed.


He was charged with mischief since the chair could’ve hurt someone when it fell . . . and he could be facing more charges for violating Canada’s federal aviation laws.


Daniel says the stunt cost him about $20,000 and he wore a parachute just in case things went wrong.  Quote, “You can spend the same marketing dollars on a billboard, or you can fly . . . seems like more fun, right?”


– Contact Music claims 96% of the audience members, who saw ”Magic Mike XXL” last weekend were female

  • “Amazing Race Canada” (CTV) – In the 3rd season debut, a dozen teams begin their journey in Québec City QC.


Woman Attacks an Ice Cream Store Employee For Not Giving Her Enough Sprinkles

I sympathize with the woman in this story.  Because if I order sprinkles on my ice cream cone, even though I’m a fully grown adult, I really DO want a whole mess of sprinkles on that damn cone.


A woman was at an ice cream shop in Mason County, Michigan last weekend, and ordered sprinkles as her topping.


But when the employee handed her the cone, apparently he hadn’t done a good job coating it with sprinkles.  So she FREAKED OUT and started screaming at him.


A guy who was there with her tried to calm her down, and she tried to HIT him.


The cops got there after they’d left, and the employee DID get her license plate number . . . but ultimately he decided not to press charges.




Woman Got So Frustrated With a Self-Checkout That She Hit the Manager With a VCR

56-year-old Cheryl Elkinton of Madison, Wisconsin was at a grocery store last week and tried to use the self-checkout.  But, as we all know, self-checkouts can be tough.


And Cheryl got so frustrated that she started screaming at some employees who tried to help her.  Then when a manager came over, Cheryl picked up a VCR and smacked him in the FACE with it.


The police tracked her down trying to get away on a bus and arrested her for disorderly conduct. The only mystery left is where the VCR came from . . . the police think she may’ve brought it with her to the store, but no one’s quite sure why you’d need a VCR to go grocery shopping.



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