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TODAY IS……………………..

  • “Korean War Veterans Armistice Day”, commemorating the 1953 negotiated cease-fire that ended the war on the Korean peninsula. During the 3 years of fierce struggle, over 600,000 Allied lives were lost.


  • “Take Your Houseplants For a Walk Day”, to help them get to know their real environment.



1921, Insulin was discovered


1984, Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb’s record for most career singles when he slammed his 3,503rd base hit


1996, During the Olympic Games in Atlanta, a bomb exploded in an entertainment park killing two and wounding 110


2012 [03] Opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics at Olympic Stadium in London UK



Golfer –  Jordan Spieth (22)
[31] Taylor Schilling, Boston MA, TV actress (‘Piper Chapman’ on “Orange Is the New Black” since 2013)

NYY Baseball Player – Alex Rodriguez (40)

Comedian – Bill Engvall (58)




Ontario Mom In Emerg With Newborn Son Blown Away By Strangers’ Kindness

Kaylee Goemans still can’t believe what happened when she recently took her newborn son to the emergency room at her local hospital.


The Barrie, Ont. mom brought her son Dominic to hospital July 13 on the advice of her doctor.

She says: “We had thought our son had colic and he had ultrasounds and X-rays done the week before. Then, my doctor called and told me to go to the ER to see the pediatrician as my six week old had a knot in his bowels.”


Goemans parked her car by the hospital around noon and paid for parking. “I didn’t think I would be more than three hours as my doctor said I would be going straight through, no wait.”

But things didn’t go as planned. After three hours, she realized she wasn’t leaving the hospital anytime soon and her parking time was quickly running out. So she posted the following question to Facebook group “The new Barrie Moms Buy and Swap”


“I’m at RVH with my newborn and we now need to do more ultrasounds and X-rays. I put all my change in the street metre but it’s going to run out at 3:30. Will I get towed or just a ticket? I can’t leave my newborn to run out, and we didn’t expect to be this long.”


Goemans said she “posted on the moms’ group because there are so many members and there is always someone who knows the answer.” But the group members had another idea. Elisha LeeAnn quickly replied to Goemans’ post: “Just a ticket but what kind of car and colour? I’m not far. I can go put change in it for you in about an hour on my way back home if you are still there.”


She wasn’t alone. One group member after another made their way to the hospital in search of Goemans’ black Honda to extend her parking time.


“I was overwhelmed with joy. Restored a lot of faith in people,” says Goemans. “My mother ended up picking the car up as I was there for over nine hours but it still had five hours in it. People stopped on their way home just to put in any loose change.”


The post quickly got the attention of other members, who were also moved by the acts of kindness. “Wow. This brought tears to my eyes. So amazing all these women trying to help,” wrote April Swain.


As for Dominic, his condition hasn’t changed and he has a procedure scheduled for this week. But his mom will never forget the help she received: “You all made my day a lot less stressful and put a smile on my face. God bless you ALL.”



“Ant-Man” made $24.8 million this weekend, to hold off Adam Sandler’s “Pixels” and retain the top spot at the U.S. box office. “Pixels” only made $24 million, which was a disappointment given its $88 million budget.


This week’s other new releases, “Southpaw” and “Paper Towns”, finished in 5th and 6th place, respectively.


  1. “Ant-Man”, $24.8 million.  Up to $106 million in its 2nd week.
  2. NEW: “Pixels”, $24 million.
  3. “Minions”, $22.1 million.  Up to $262 million in its 3rd week.
  4. “Trainwreck”, $17.3 million.  Up to $61.5 million in its 2nd week.
  5. NEW: “Southpaw”, $16.5 million.


★ Cuban-American actor and former model William Levy is fronting “Cuban Chrome”, a new docu-series about classic cars abandoned in Havana before the 1959 revolution. Many of the vintage autos have been maintained ever since via makeshift repairs using parts from other models. Producers were granted permission to shoot the series as ‘professional research for an educational documentary’ while the US embargo on Cuba was still in place. “Cuban Chrome” is airing Monday nights on Discovery Channel and Discovery en Espanol.– WENN.com
– The Indiana Pacers plan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie “Hoosiers” by wearing jerseys from the film. They will don Hickory High School uniforms during select games. Pacers President Larry Bird says: “‘Hoosiers’ takes us all back to a special place and time.”
– Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is now the 9th wealthiest person in the world with an estimated worth of $42.9 billion. Facebook is the eighth most profitable company in the world with a market value of $274.95 billion

★ A 4th (fourth!?!) “Sharknado” movie is already in the pipeline according to the Syfy network, but there will be a twist to the next one. Just as “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” finished airing this week, the network tweeted that not only would there be another installment to the so-bad-it’s-good schlockfest franchise, but that viewers get to decide if Tara Reid’s character ‘April Wexler’ lives or dies from the large piece of Space Shuttle debris hurtling toward her at the very end of Episode 3. Fans can vote using the hashtags #AprilLives or #AprilDies on Twitter, or at the official “Sharknado” website …
– 2.8 million people watched Sharknado 3 on Wednesday. 3.87 million viewers watched Sharknado 2 last year. Sharknado 3 had over two billion Twitter impressions


Guy Tries to Rob a 7-Eleven With a Finger Gun . . . But Accidentally Takes His Finger Out of His Pocket

60-year-old Donald Chaney of Medford, Oregon went into a 7-Eleven on Sunday night, and tried to rob the place . . . by using his hand to pretend he had a GUN in his pocket.


Then he demanded $50 and some cigarettes.


And maybe the whole finger gun thing would’ve fooled the clerk.  Maybe not.  But it DEFINITELY didn’t fool him once Donald accidentally took his hand OUT of his pocket, and his “gun” magically disappeared.


The clerk refused to give him anything and called the cops, and Donald was arrested for third-degree robbery.


• 70% of the time people can tell if you are faking laughter. Ha.

  • 45% of weddings go over budget.
  • 33% of women say the biggest problem in their lives is … men.
  • 20% of us are thinking about quitting our jobs … at this moment.
  • 16% of us buy something for our pets when we go through a restaurant drive-thru.
  • 12% of surveyed kids under age 10 say they’d like to try eating a caterpillar.



• “The Killer Next Door” – James Franco & Ahna O’Reilly co-star in this murder-mystery based on Brit author Alex Marwood’s 2014 novel. The story centers around a group of neighbors who form an unlikely alliance without realizing one of them is a murderer. Franco & O’Reilly have collaborated on a number of films, including “As I Lay Dying” and “The Sound & The Fury”.

  • “Rambo V: Last Blood” – 69-year-old Sylvester Stallone is set to reprise his role as Vietnam War vet ‘John Rambo’ but he will NOT be fighting ISIS as has been frequently rumored online. Others have suggested the one-man-army will be taking on a Mexican drug cartel. Whatever the storyline, the film is a follow-up to 2008′s “Rambo”. Shooting (literally) begins in December.


Lay’s New Flavors This Year Include Truffle Fries, Reuben, and Biscuits and Gravy

For the past couple years, Lay’s has been holding a contest where people send in weird ideas for potato chip flavors, then they pick a few and actually make them.


They just announced the four flavors they’ll be making this year and this year’s picks are:  Southern Biscuits and Gravy . . . Greektown Gyro . . . New York Reuben . . . and Truffle Fries.


The 2013 picks were Sriracha, Cheesy Garlic Bread, and Chicken and Waffles.  The 2014 picks were Bacon Mac and Cheese, Wasabi Ginger, Mango Salsa, and Cappuccino.


This year’s flavors go on sale today, and they’ll be in stores through October 18th.


You can vote for your favorite, but even if it wins it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll go on sale permanently . . . it just means the person who sent in the idea will win $1 million.




  1. Nine people have gotten LEPROSY in Florida this year.  And the main reason they’re getting it is from contact with armadillos.


  1. Canada has a lower percentage of people who speak fluent English than Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands.


  1. When football first started, there was a 15-yard penalty if a player dropped a pass.  And the other team got the ball if a pass hit the ground without being touched.


  1. About $800 million worth of shopping carts are stolen from stores worldwide every year.




Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Cars After Remote Hacking of Jeep

Chrysler is recalling about 1.4 million cars equipped with certain radios, a move related to a security flaw highlighted by hackers earlier this week, the company said in a press release Friday.


The recall, which includes Dodges, Jeeps, Rams and Chryslers, comes after Wired magazine published an article last week in which two hackers were able to manipulate remotely a Jeep Cherokee’s computer software.


Chrysler is urging customers to contact the company for a software update if their vehicle is part of the recall.


The company said that it is in unaware of any injuries related to what it calls “the software exploitation.” It stressed that no defects had been found, and that the recall was motivated out of “an abundance of caution.”


The vulnerability is in Chrysler’s Uconnect dashboard computers and first demonstrated to WIRED by security researchers Charlie Miller dn Chris Valasek when they wirelessly hacked a Jeep I was driving, taking over dashboard functions, steering, transmission and brakes.


The recall doesn’t actually require Chrysler owners to bring their cars, trucks and SUVs to a dealer. Instead, they’ll be sent a USB drive with a software update they can install through the port on their vehicle’s dashboard.



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