July 23

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TODAY IS…………………

  • “Collingwood Elvis Festival” through Sunday in Collingwood ON, which culminates with one of the largest Elvis tribute artist competitions anywhere.
  • “Great Texas Mosquito Festival” through Saturday in Clute TX, home of the world’s largest mosquito, ‘Willie Man Chew’. Participants put on their bug repellent and celebrate with the ‘Mr & Mrs Mosquito Legs Contest’ and a ‘Mosquito-Calling Contest’.
  • “Lumberjack World Championships” through Saturday in Hayward WI, where lumberjacks and lumberjills from around-the-world, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA, compete in
  • “Vanilla Ice Cream Day”, celebrating the favorite ice cream flavor of the masses … by far
  • ON THIS DATE………..

1904, the ice cream cone was invented


1982, Diet Coke hit the market


2000 [15] Tiger Woods wins the “British Open” to become the youngest golfer (24) to win a career ‘Grand Slam’ (The Masters, PGA Championship, US Open, and British Open)
2007 [08] Comedian Drew Carey is signed to replace retiring game show legend Bob Barker on CBS-TV’s “The Price is Right”

The Band Perry’s – Neil Perry (25)


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe (26)


Actor – Woody Harrelson (54)







  1. Marlboro cigarettes were initially targeted at women.  So Philip Morris created the Marlboro Man to let men know it was okay to smoke them too.


  1. One billion seconds ago, it was 1984 . . . and one trillion seconds ago it was 30,000 B.C.


  1. Daniel Day-Lewis is the only person who’s ever won the Oscar for Best Actor three times . . . for “My Left Foot”“There Will Be Blood”, and “Lincoln”.


  1. The Ford Model T could run on gasoline OR fuel made out of hemp.  But when oil prices started dropping, Ford phased out the hemp option.



Guy Who Survived a Lightning Strike Won a Million Dollar Lottery Jackpot

You always hear that you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery.  Check this out . . .


There’s a guy in Nova Scotia named Peter McCathie who survived getting hit by lightning when he was 14.  It happened during a boat trip in Nova Scotia, while he was wading in a lake on a sunny day.


And now that he’s in his forties, he just won a million dollar LOTTERY jackpot.  The odds of getting struck by lightning in Canada are about one in a million.  And the odds of winning the Lotto game he hit are one in 13,983,816.


Even weirder, Peter’s daughter was ALSO struck by lightning a few years ago, while she was working as a wilderness guide.  So the odds of all three things happening to the same guy are . . . one in 2.6 trillion.


Oh, Peter also owns the store where he bought the ticket.  So he gets another $10,000 from the lottery commission.


He bought the $3 ticket with a co-worker, so they’re splitting the million.  She’s going to Cancun . . . he’s planning a second honeymoon.  (CTV News)



Thief Is Facing a Felony Charge For Stealing Ramen

Ramen noodles might be the cheapest food you can buy, at any store, anywhere in the country.  If you pay more than like 79 cents for them, you’ve been ripped off.  In other words . . . they’re really not worth stealing.


A guy named Gabriel Janis bought a cup of Ramen noodles from a convenience store in Rapid City, South Dakota around 2:30 A.M. on Monday.  Then he heated them up in the microwave, and went outside to eat them.


But while he was enjoying his noodles, a 27-year-old guy named Lariat Sonny Comes walked up . . . DEMANDED them . . . and threatened to hit Gabriel with a CHAIN if he didn’t give up the Ramen.  So Gabriel handed them over.


The cops arrested Lariat about a block away . . . he was eating the noodles and still had the chain on him.


And now he’s facing a FELONY charge of second-degree robbery. (The Smoking Gun




– CNN claims Frito-Lay is asking people to vote to determine their new flavor.Flavors include: Biscuits and gravy, gyros, truffle fries and New York Reuben. Frito-Lay will pay $1 million to the inventor of the winning flavor. The winning flavor will hit shelves soon.


★ Cuban-American actor and former model William Levy is fronting “Cuban Chrome”, a new docu-series about classic cars abandoned in Havana before the 1959 revolution. Many of the vintage autos have been maintained ever since via makeshift repairs using parts from other models. Producers were granted permission to shoot the series as ‘professional research for an educational documentary’ while the US embargo on Cuba was still in place. “Cuban Chrome” is airing Monday nights on Discovery Channel and Discovery en Espanol.– WENN.com
– TMZ claims Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have finally signed their divorce documents. She is dating NBA star James Harden
– The Indiana Pacers plan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie “Hoosiers” by wearing jerseys from the film. They will don Hickory High School uniforms during select games. Pacers President Larry Bird says: “‘Hoosiers’ takes us all back to a special place and time.”
★ The home of late Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall has been sold for $23 million. Her apartment in NYC’s famous Dakota building went on the market for approximately $26 million in November and now a mystery buyer has snapped up the pad for $3 million less than the asking price. Bacall purchased the sprawling suite for $28,000 in 1961, 4 years after her partner Humphrey Bogart died. She lived at the property with her children and 2nd husband, actor Jason Robards, and remained there until her death last August at age 89. – “New York Daily News”
Company That Makes Flatulence-Blocking Underwear Created Jeans and Pajama Pants

There’s a company in England called Shreddies that makes underwear that absorbs your FLATULENCE.  We’re not sure how effective they are, but the company’s sold tens of thousands of pairs, so they must be decent.


But what if you don’t want to wear their underwear . . . or any underwear at all . . . and you still want gas blocking power?


Good news . . . they just launched two new product lines.  Now they make flatulence-absorbing JEANS and PAJAMAS, for both men and women.


The jeans look decently stylish, but they’ll set you back $156, plus another $23 for shipping.  The pajama pants are $117, plus the $23 shipping.



Guy Claims His Drug Stash Is Yard Clippings

Millions of kids throughout history have had their parents find their weed.  And millions have claimed it was just grass from the lawn, or oregano or, you know, anything BUT weed.


38-year-old Jayson Curtiss of Clearwater, Florida got pulled over back in April and the cops found a bag with about a pound of a leafy green substance in his SUV.


He told them, quote, “I’m a licensed dealer of that.”


When they didn’t buy that, he said, quote, “It’s for aromatherapy.”


When they didn’t buy THAT either, he said, quote, “It’s my yard clippings.”


So they took it to a lab for testing, and the results just came in.  Turns out it was a synthetic marijuana called “spice,” which has been illegal in Florida for over two years.


So Jayson was arrested and hit with a bunch of felony narcotics charges.


Four Best Pets for Your Health

Allergies are one of the BAD side effects of having pets.  But there are also some good ones.  Here are the four healthiest pets you can own . . .


  1. Dogs.  They’re number one, because people with dogs are 34% more likely to reach the recommended guidelines for exercise.  And studies have found that just petting a dog relieves stress.


  1. Cats.  Petting them relieves stress, just like dogs.  And a recent study at the University of Minnesota found that people who’d never owned cats had a 40% higher chance of dying from a heart attack.


  1. Fish.  Just watching them swim around for a few minutes can relieve stress.  One study had people stare at a fish tank for 20 minutes before they went to the dentist, and it relieved stress just as well as hypnotherapy.  Apparently birds have a similar effect.


  1. Horses.  A study last year found that just being around horses made kids less stressed out.  You also use a lot of different muscles when you ride, including your quads, hamstrings, and core.  (Health.com)



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