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TODAY IS………………….

  • “Fresh Spinach Day”, an occasion to make use of some healthful leafy greens


  • “World Snake Day”, an annual celebration by wildlife enthusiasts of the age-old fascination with these beautiful but misunderstood creatures.

    ON THIS DATE………….

11935 [80] World’s 1st parking meter, the ‘Park-O-Meter #1′, is installed in Oklahoma City OK


1951, The Catcher and The Rye was first published


1981, Datsun changed their name to Nissan


1986, After 28 years with Columbia Records, it was announced that Johnny Cash’s contract was not being be renewed

2001 [14] “Jurassic Park III” has its world premiere (last in the series until this year’s “Jurassic World”)


2004, Martha Stewart was sentenced to five months in prison and five months of home confinement for lying about a stock sale


Actor – Corey Feldman (44)


Former Detroit Lions Star – Barry Sanders (47)


Actor – Will Ferrell (48)


Actress – Phoebe Cates (52) – (Fast Times at Ridgemont High / Gremlins)





A guy named Mike Boyd and his wife Joanie went to the Kenny Chesney concert in Philadelphia on Saturday, and he lost his wallet.  He didn’t care about his credit cards or the $40 in cash in there.  But he was sad that he lost a note his son wrote two years ago, when he was learning how to write.

It read “I lave my dad” with love spelled L-A-V-E.  Well, the wallet was mailed to them two days later with everything still inside, including the note.  But there was no return address on the package.  So Joanie posted about it on the Facebook page of a local news channel.  And yesterday a guy posted that his girlfriend was the one who found the wallet, and gave it to a cop who mailed it to them.  Here are Mike, his son Daniel, and his wife Joanie talking about what happened.


Homeless Piano Player Gets College Scholarship

Donald Gould, a 51-year-old homeless man was recently videotaped playing Styx’s “Come Sail Away” on one of Sarasota, Florida’s street pianos, as part of their free public piano program.


Gould, a former Marine, studied music theory in college and had to learn everything “from the piccolo all the way down to the tuba,” but dropped out due to high costs before completing his degree.


After his wife’s death in 1998, Gould fell on hard times and has been homeless for about “six or seven years”


But after the video of him masterfully playing “Come Sail Away” was picked up by a local news station, which dug into his backstory, Gould received a scholarship worth more than $30 thousand from his former college: Spring Arbor University.


To help Gould stay on the right path and off the streets, Spring Arbor University, which is a Christian institution, will also be providing Gould a Christian Life coach, in addition to the scholarship. And to top things off, Gould was given a complete makeover, including his first shave and haircut in 18 months.




– Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka has created the world’s most expensive toilet.It is encrusted with 72,000 Swarovski crystals and costs $128,000.
– MasterCard is testing a new smartphone app that allows people to pay for online purchases with a Selfie or their fingerprints. Users who choose facial recognition will have to stare at their phone and blink once while taking a Selfie. MasterCard is also experimenting with voice recognition


★ Khloé Kardashian has reportedly been offered $10 million to star on “The Bachelorette”. The 30-year-old reality TV star, who split from estranged husband Lamar Odom in December 2013, is said to be seriously considering the idea because she’s eager to find a new man and also sees the opportunity as a good career (?!?) move. An insider says ABC-TV has been throwing out a lot of big numbers because they think the idea has ‘sure-fire hit’ written all over it. Khloé previously hosted “The X Factor USA” alongside Mario Lopez.
– A Good Samaritan in San Francisco has been using a drone to drop Burger King Whoppers to homeless people. The man is known as The Whopper Dropper


– Match.com has purchased Plenty of Fish for $575 million in cash. Match also owns OkCupid and Tinder
– A new Gallup poll reveals that 74% of Americans don’t think Donald Trump is a “serious” candidate for President.
– The Hollywood Reporter claims Dan Aykroyd might make a cameo in the new Ghostbusters film. He most likely will play a cab driver and share a scene with Kristen Wiig.


A small Italian town is transforming its main square into a giant version of the boardgame “Risk” (‘Risiko’ in Italian) for a 2-day tournament.


The piazza in Sant’Eufemia a Maiella will be covered with a 650-square-meter (7,000-square-foot) board as part of the event later this month. It’s billed as the world’s biggest game of “Risk” by the event’s organizers.


Artist Liberio Furlini spent 15 days painting the huge political map of the world used in the game.


Super-sized playing pieces designed to fit the gigantic board will be used by those taking part.– “Il Centro”


Cop Caught a Woman Shoplifting Diapers and Shoes for Her Kids He Paid for the Stuff

A woman got busted trying to shoplift $300 worth of stuff from a Walmart in Kansas City, Kansas last Monday.  And a cop named Mark Engravalle responded to the call.  But when he got there, there were a few unexpected wrinkles.


The woman’s name was Sarah Robinson, and she’s been homeless since her husband died in 2011.  She also has six kids, and the stuff she was trying to steal was for them . . . clothes, diapers, and baby wipes.


So Mark gave her a citation for shoplifting . . . then took out his wallet and paid for the stuff HIMSELF.


Mark is a father, and says when he realized what the situation was, he didn’t hesitate.  He won’t say how much he spent, but apparently Sarah’s kids were walking around barefoot, so he bought them all shoes.


Sarah told the news she’ll never forget how he helped her when it seemed like no one else would.  And a local radio station raised more than $6,000 for her, which should cover the fine and then some.  And another radio station is doing a clothing drive.



Car Thief Steals a Family’s Broken Down SUV . . . and Repairs It?

Shane and Chelsea Peters of Livingston, Texas drive a 2004 Dodge Durango SUV . . . and it’s in bad shape.  It has a ton of dents, a window’s missing, and you needed to start it with a TOOL instead of a key.


And as Shane was driving to work early last month, it broke down on the side of the highway.  He couldn’t afford to have it towed, so he just left it there until he could figure out how to move it.


But when he went back to check on it later that week . . . someone had STOLEN it.


It was missing for about a month, then Chelsea randomly spotted it in a gas station on Sunday.  So she called the cops, and they got it back . . . but there was a twist.


The thief had fixed the drive shaft, installed three new wheels, and had it running well again.  He also left a bunch of meth in the center console, but hey, if that meth fueled an auto repair binge, it went to a good cause.


The cops arrested the guy for car theft and drug possession.  And the Peters say they’re happy to get their SUV back . . . especially now that they won’t have to spend as much to repair it.



ONLY IN FLORIDA……………………An Arsonist Tries to Burn Down a Building . . . But Accidentally Sets Himself on Fire and Leaves His Wallet Behind

31-year-old Arthur Avery of South Daytona, Florida is bad at arson.


Arthur went to an apartment complex and started banging on doors, looking for a guy named Ted.  A woman told him no one named Ted lived there.


So Arthur started splashing gasoline on the building to set it on fire.  But, in the process . . . he accidentally set HIMSELF on fire.


When Arthur bent down to light up the building, he caught himself on fire.  He stopped, dropped, and rolled . . . and in the process, his wallet fell out.


Some friend took him to the hospital to be treated for his burns.


The cops took his driver’s license out of his wallet, showed it to witnesses, they identified him as the guy trying to burn down the building, and the cops arrested him.


He did a little damage to the building but firefighters were able to put it out quickly.


Brown Eyes More Trustworthy Than Blue

When it comes to deciding who to trust, a study reveals the eyes have it.

Researchers in the Czech Republic asked study participants to rate male and female faces based on eye color and face shape. A majority found brown eyed faces more trustworthy than blue-eyed faces, whether male or female.


Males with rounded faces, bigger mouths and larger chins were perceived as more trustworthy than narrow faces. The shape of a female face had little effect on trustworthiness.


Researchers say it isn’t the brown eye color that caused the stronger perception but the facial features associated with the color.




  1. Irish is only the third most spoken language in Ireland.  English is number one, and Polish is number two.


  1. The Dakota territory split into North Dakota and South Dakota when it became a state, because people disagreed on which city should be the capital . . . the northerners wanted Bismarck, the southerners wanted Pierre.


  1. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” has been in theaters longer than any other movie.  It’s been playing nonstop since it was released in 1975 . . . that’s forty straight years.


  1. Only one woman has ever been picked in the NBA draft.  Her name was Lusia Harris and the New Orleans Jazz took her in the seventh round in 1977.  But it turned out she was pregnant and she never played in a game.


Two picks later, the Kansas City Kings drafted Bruce Jenner, hoping he’d give up track for basketball.  Obviously he didn’t.


One in Three Companies Won’t Interview You Unless You’re on Social Media . . .

Here’s a catch-22.  A new survey found 35% of companies say they probably won’t hire you unless you have a social media presence.


Obviously they want to use it to vet you.


But 48% say they’ve seen something on a person’s social media account that kept them from being hired.  In other words, you’d better be on Facebook . . . but don’t post anything cool.


Here are the top five things you can post on social media that’ll hurt your shot at getting a job . . .

  1. Provocative or inappropriate photos.


  1. Anything about alcohol or drugs.


  1. Talking bad about your previous company or coworkers.


  1. Poor writing skills.


  1. Racist, sexist, or other discriminatory comments.



• “Catherine the Great” – 40-year-old actress/director Angelina Jolie (“Unbroken”) is set to make a bio-pic about the 18th-century Empress of Russia who led a war against the Ottoman Empire. Her production company, Jolie Pas, has purchased screen rights to Simon Sebag Montefiore’s book “Catherine the Great & Potemkin: The Imperial Love Affair”.

  • “Grand Theft Auto” – Actor Daniel Radcliffe is in talks to star in a new drama about the creator of the popular videogame. The former ‘Harry Potter’ star would play Sam Houser, the Brit-born co-founder of software developer Rockstar Games. The screenplay is based on the book “Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto”, which was published in 2012.
  • ‘Han Solo Movie’ – Disney has announced a “Star Wars” spin-off, with “Lego Movie” directors Christopher Miller & Phil Lord behind the cameras. The untitled prequel follows the pre-’Princess Leia’ days of heroic character ‘Han Solo’ and how he became the smuggler, thief, and scoundrel played by Harrison Ford in the original film. The movie’s due out in May 2018.


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