July 15

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TODAY IS…………………..

  • “Gummi Worm Day”, celebrating the ooey-gooey candies first created by German company in 1981. ‘Gummi’ means ‘rubber’ in German.


  • “St Swithun’s Day”, honoring the 7th-century Bishop of Winchester. According to legend, if it rains on St Swithun’s Day it will rain for the next 40 days. If it is clear, no rain will fall for 40 days.



1885, Niagara Falls opened


1968, One Life To Live premiered


2005 [10] The Johnny Depp movie “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” opens in theaters


2006, Twitter launched


2007 [08] 125-year-old Philadelphia Phillies become first Major League Baseball team to lose 10,000 games as St Louis Cardinals beat them 10-2 (Phillies established in 1883 as ‘Philadelphia Quakers’, later called the ‘Philadelphia Blue Jays’ in the mid-1940s)
2011 [04] “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2″ (last in the series) opens in movie theaters (grosses $1.3 billion in worldwide box office, #7 all-time)

Actor – Forest Whitaker (54)


Singer – Linda Ronstadt (69)


Woman Checked an Amber Alert on Her Smoke Break . . . Then Looked Up and Spotted the Kidnapper

26-year-old Courtney Best works at a pizza place in Corpus Christi, Texas, and was on a smoke break last Thursday when she saw an Amber Alert on her phone about a kidnapping.


She says she normally doesn’t pay attention to Amber Alerts, but this time she looked up from her phone and saw the EXACT same car mentioned in the alert . . . a white 2009 Dodge Charger.


Then she saw a kid inside, checked the license plate, and it MATCHED.  So she got in HER car, started FOLLOWING it, and called 911.


Police eventually pulled the car over and arrested 29-year-old Channing Galbraith on kidnapping charges.  The seven-year-old boy is back home with his family, and he’s okay.


Courtney says she’s not a hero for what she did, but that she’ll definitely pay attention to those Amber Alerts from now on.



★ Tonight actor Michael Fassbender takes on the iconic role of ‘The Dude’ in a live reading of the script from the 1998 cult classic movie “The Big Lebowski”. The “X-Men” star is assuming the part originally played by Jeff Bridges during another installment of director Jason Reitman’s ‘Live Read Series’ in Montréal QC. Reitman previously directed a live performance of the script in 2012, with Seth Rogen taking the role of a hapless slacker who gets involved in a criminal scheme due to a case of mistaken identity. Joining Fassbender at the read is stand-up comedian, writer, and voice actor Patton Oswalt, who frequents Reitman’s live script reads. – “Entertainment Weekly”

  • “Dating Naked” (VH1) – The nude matchmaking show is back for another season. This year there are 2 primary daters, and 4 contestants arrive each week to compete for their favor.
  • ESPYs (ABC) – Joel McHale, the 43-year-old actor best known for his role as ‘Jeff Winger’ in “Community”, hosts the 2015 awards for athletic achievement over the past year at LA’s Nokia Theater.


  • “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Alan Jackson (“Angels & Alcohol”, out Friday)

A Baby Gets Her First Pair of Glasses, and Loves Them

A couple posted a video of their baby trying on glasses for the first time, and LOVING them.


Apparently her vision is really bad, and she couldn’t stop smiling when she saw a non-blurry version of her mom for the first time.



Guy Steals a Sword From a Renaissance Fair and Gets Tackled by a Heroic Wench

22-year-old Connor Ward of Colorado Springs was at the Colorado Renaissance Festival on Saturday.  And as some knights were jousting, he jumped into the pit, grabbed one of their SWORDS, and tried to run off with it.


And he might have gotten away . . . if it wasn’t for a heroic WENCH.


A woman in a wench costume saw him, tackled him, and put him in a headlock.  Eventually the “brave” knights got there and helped her hold him down until the cops showed up.

Connor tried to fight off the cops . . . but since he couldn’t fight off the wench, it didn’t go particularly well.


He was arrested for attempted assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and theft.


Ate A Ball 

An 11-month-old puppy is recovering from swallowing a tennis ball.


”Zeus” was running on a Gateshead, England beach when he spotted another dog playing with the ball and ate it. Several days later, his owner took him to the vet after he got sick.


Surgery was performed on Zeus after X-rays revealed he swallowed the ball. He is now fine


Where Are the Pacifiers?

Lisa Cainas’ 6-year-old British bulldog is ok after swallowing three pacifiers.


She rushed Elvis to a Levittown, Pennsylvania vet after seeing him devour one. Vets X-rayed the dog and found two more pacifiers.


They removed the pacifiers by doing an endoscopy.



$200,000 Found Hidden in Treetop at German Campsite

What seemed to be a real-life money tree in northeastern Germany turned out to be an unfortunate hiding spot when 50 euro notes began falling from its branches.


Police have revealed that over $200,000 in cash was held in a plastic bag and suspended from a treetop. The bundle was found last Saturday after a significant heat wave.


Temperatures soared over the weekend in the Mirow area, causing a pipe from which the bag of money was hanging between two tree branches to bend. An elastic used to close the bag reportedly broke, allowing 50 euro notes to slip to the ground like dead leaves.


The owner of the campsite where the money was discovered has come forward to claim it, sources say. Authorities have yet to prove ownership of the money; there is suspicion it is connected to a cottage fire that took place earlier that week on the property.


Those who found the cash will be given over $6,000 as a reward for turning the money in to police. If the proper owner is not discovered and confirmed in 6 months, they may be entitled to the entire amount.



  1. J.D. Salinger had only written a little bit of “The Catcher in the Rye” when he went off to fight in World War Two.  And he loved what he’d written so much that he carried the pages with him when he stormed the beach at Normandy.


  1. Fried chicken was introduced to America by immigrants from Scotland who settled in the south.


  1. Only one Secret Service member has ever been killed defending the president.  Leslie Coffelt took three bullets forPresident Truman during an assassination attempt in 1950, and died four hours later.


  1. The smell from Crayola crayons comes from beef fat.



Piglet Survived a Crash on Its Way to a Slaughterhouse, and an Animal Sanctuary Adopted It

A tractor-trailer carrying more than 2,000 piglets overturned on a highway near Dayton, Ohio two weeks ago.  And unfortunately about half of the piglets died in the wreck.


But once they were big enough, they were all headed to a slaughterhouse anyway . . . and we all love bacon.  So DEAL with it.


Luckily someone at the crash spotted one of the piglets trapped in the wreckage.  And instead of handing it over to the people catching the pigs that escaped, they took it to Animal Control.


So now the piglet they found WON’T end up in a slaughterhouse, because a non-profit near Columbus called the Sunshine Sanctuary adopted him, and named him Nathan.


He’s still recovering from a respiratory infection, but they’re building him a new pen and a barn to sleep in.  And he’ll get to live out the rest of his life there.


They’re also raising money to pay for his food and vet bills.  If you want to donate, there’s a link to their GoFundMe campaign on their website



Luke Bryan Has Apologized to the Families of Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard for Disrespecting Outlaw Country

LUKE BRYAN called the families of Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard to apologize for comparing outlaw country to “laying in the gutter, strung out on drugs.”  SHOOTER JENNINGS talked about it the  LA Times.


He said, quote, “Luke called my mom to clarify that he would never disrespect my dad or me or any of us.  That takes a lot of guts.  I misfired and said some things in the past about people, namely JOHN MAYER.  And I didn’t have the guts to apologize.


“So, that being said, that kinda won me over.  [He] went above and beyond and manned up and apologized.  In the long run I believe his image has improved.”  Shooter’s mom is ’70s country minx JESSI COLTER.


Luke also called Merle’s son Ben Haggard who hit up Instagram with details of their conversation.  He said he could hear the “sincerity” in Luke’s voice . . . and added that we’re all humans who “make mistakes and say things we wished we hadn’t.”


As of last night, there was no word from Waylon’s daughter-in-law Kathy Jennings.  She’s the one who was over-the-top furious with Luke’s comments.  I’d love to know if her called her too .




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