June 9

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TODAY IS………………

  • “Donald Duck Day”, marking the cartoon character’s debut on this day 81 years ago (1934) as a bit player in the Walt Disney cartoon “The Little Wise Hen”.


  • “Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day”, honoring the popular pie that mixes the sweet and the tart. Rhubarb is a very old plant. Earliest records date back to 2700 BC in China where it was cultivated for medicinal purposes.


1869, Root Beer was first sold


1915, Les Paul was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He invented the electric guitar and in 2005, was inducted into the Inventor Hall of Fame.


1973, Secretariat became horse racing’s first Triple Crown winner in 25 years by winning the Belmont Stakes


2006 [09] Animated movie blockbuster “Cars” debuts in theaters



[54] Michael J Fox, Edmonton AB, TV actor (“Michael J Fox Show” 2013-14, “Spin City” 1996-2000)/movie actor (“Back To the Future” films)/founder of Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research


[52] Johnny Depp, star (“Alice in Wonderland”, “Pirates Of the Caribbean” films)


[34] Natalie Portman, actress (Oscar-”Black Swan”, “Thor” films)



  • “America’s Got Talent” (NBC/CityTV) – More hopefuls audition for the judges.
  • “Hell’s Kitchen” (FOX) – Season 14 finalé.
  • “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Kacey Musgraves (“Pageant Material”, out June 23rd.)
  • Laura Bell Bundy – Her 2nd album, “Another Piece of Me”, is out today. Bundy co-wrote or co-produced more than half of the 15 songs, while collaborating with producers Nathan Chapman, Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts, and Tyler Cain.

• “Kingsman: The Secret Service” ( R-Rated Action Adventure ): In this espionage thriller, a spy organization recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius. Stars Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Caine.

• “Project Almanac” ( PG-13 Sci-Fi Thriller ): A group of teens discovers secret plans for a time machine and manage to construct one. However, things rapidly get out of control and they’re ultimately faced with the responsibility of trying to stitch history back together properly. Stars Amy Landecker, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Virginia Gardner, Jonny Weston.

• “Serena” ( R-Rated Drama ): After 2 previous films together, Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence’s latest pairing is a period drama set in Depression-era North Carolina, where the future of a lumber king’s timber empire becomes complicated after he marries a young woman named ‘Serena’. Co-stars Rhys Ifans, Toby Jones.

• Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots and David Ortiz from the Boston Red Sox did a music video for Dunkin’ Donuts called “Sippin'”.  It’s weird, but catchy.  (Rob and David go by Gronk and BigPapi for the video . . . and they hang out in a mansion doing weird stuff, like riding a tandem bike.  Dunkin’ Donuts was actually founded in Boston, and obviously Gronk and Ortiz play for Boston teams.)

  • CNN claims American Pharoah’s ownerswill receive between $100,000 for every foal he fathers. He is the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years.


Group of Fifth Graders Stuck Up for a Special Needs Student, and Changed His Life

Last fall, five fifth-graders at a school in Mankato, Minnesota noticed a kid with special needs getting picked on at recess.  His name is James Willmert.  And they did more than stick up for him.  They went WAY above and beyond.


Their names are Gus Gartzke, Tyler Jones, Jake Burgess, Landon Kopischke, and Jack Pemble.  We wanted to say their names on the air, because they deserve it.


First, they made sure the bullying stopped, and they have his back at recess every day now.  And when they realized he didn’t really have any friends, they told him to start sitting with THEM at lunch, and made him part of their group.


Now they all play football and basketball together at recess.  His mom says he used to HATE recess, but now he can’t wait for it.  And she recently put up a basketball hoop in their driveway, because he’s gotten really into sports.


The guys also started helping him with little things he has trouble with, like opening a bag of chips or tying his shoes.


And finally, one of them recently asked what video games he has.  James said he didn’t have any, so they pooled their money . . . got their parents to chip in a little more . . . and bought him a PlayStation.


James’s mom says they’ve changed her son’s life.


Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Got Hustled Out of $700 in a Bathroom

You may have heard about the bowling game that went down on Super Bowl weekend.  That’s when TYLER HUBBARD of FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE won $500 from Dierks BentleyNellyKevin Hart . . . and his FGL bandmate Brian Kelley.


Well, Tyler revealed the second part of the story, and this time he was the loser.  It happened when they all went to a club that same night to watch Hart do standup.


He says, quote, “I got hustled.  I got distracted by these dudes in the bathroom.  This guy had a flat board with three caps and a piece of paper under one of them.  Everybody’s betting on where the piece of paper was.


“I had these hundreds in my pocket from bowling, and was like ‘This looks like fun.  I could easily win this game.’  Next thing you know, that guy took me for . . . I’m getting nauseous just talking about it . . . I think he might have took me for $700 or $800 in the bathroom.”


He adds, quote, “It’s so embarrassing.  It ruined my night, to be honest, it was a tough night for me.  After that, I decided no more gambling for this guy.”


• 68% of men have kept their baseball glove as a memento of their childhood.

  • 66% of women say going to work without makeup would be more stressful than a job interview or a first date.
  • 40% of females take a friend along when they’re getting a tattoo.
  • 25% of men admit they have stolen lip balm from their partner.
  • 20% of parents privately regret what they named their kids.
  • 10% of women blow-dry their hair before jumping on the scales, to feel like they weigh less.



  1. In 1992, the average person got 2.5% of their calories from alcohol . . . now it’s up to 10%.


  1. There’s one ATM in Antarctica . . . and it’s run by Wells Fargo.  So if you have a Wells Fargo account, there’s no ATM fee.


  1. Charlie Chaplin’s original career plan was to be a hog farmer in Arkansas . . . but when he found out he’d have to castrate his hogs, he decided to go with show business.


  1. A man has a 50% chance of having male pattern baldness by the time he’s 50.


Happily Ever After: 

A Staten Island plumber, named Anthony Perosi, collected a $136 million Powerball check Friday. He won the lottery on March 14th, but had no idea until April 27th.


He tells ABC: “I was running some errands that day and stopped to buy my Powerball ticket, I picked my numbers a couple of months ago and have played them a few times before. They don’t represent birthdays or anything. I just picked them randomly. A few days after the drawing, I was talking with a friend of mine, and she told me the winning ticket was purchased at the 7-Eleven on Page Avenue.


I said that’s where I bought my ticket, and she told me she heard that a school teacher won it. I was having some car trouble and had some free time that morning so I thought I would check my tickets to see if any had won anything, When I saw all the numbers matched up, I panicked. I immediately called my son and asked him to come over right away. I honestly don’t know what my plans are right now. I want to continue to work, but will be able to relax a little more and not have any worries financially.”


Perosi will receive a lump sum payment of $61,973,637. His net check will total $38,612,055. He plans to split the money 70/30 with his son.


There’s a Cell Phone the Size of a Credit Card, and It Only Makes Calls

There’s a product up on Kickstarter right now called the Light Phone, and it’s the exact OPPOSITE of your current smart phone.

It’s the size of a credit card, it fits in your wallet, and it only has ONE function:  Phone calls.  It won’t text, email, tweet, play games, or stream movies.  It just lets you make and receive phone calls.


It works like a prepaid cell phone, so you pay to load up the SIM card with minutes.  You can also leave your regular phone at home and have it forward calls to your Light Phone, so you never miss an important call.


You can get it for $100 by going to kickstarter dot comand searching for “light phone.”


Unfortunately they won’t be ready to ship until a year from now


Cops in Idaho Had Trouble with Their New Segway

A video went viral over the weekend of some cops in Idaho trying out their department’s new Segway.


And they have NO idea how to use it.  It starts with one cop crashing into a table.  Then another cop gets on and immediately beefs it too.


But the best part is the person laughing in the background.


One of the cops in the video told the local news they’ve finally figured out how to ride it.  And when they realized how funny it was, they had to post it online.



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