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TODAY IS……………….

  • “Hot Air Balloon Day”, commemorating the 1st hot air balloon flight, by the Montgolfier Brothers in Annonay, France in 1783.
  • “Moonshine Day”, celebrating the history of ‘white lightning’, ‘mountain dew’, ‘hooch’, or ‘Tennessee white whiskey’, the high-proof distilled spirit generally produced illicitly.

• “Belmont Stakes”, the 147th running of the 3rd and final jewel in horseracing’s Triple Crown at NYC’s Belmont Park.
• “Chocolate Ice Cream Day”, honoring the popular – but not the most popular – flavor. Perhaps surprisingly, vanilla is still tops.


1977, the Apple II, the first personal computer, went on sale


1981, the first case of AIDS was reported


1993 Conway Twitty died suddenly from an abdominal aneurysm. He was 59


1993 [22] Julie Krone rides 13-to-1 longshot Colonial Affair to victory in the Belmont Stakes, to become the 1st female jockey ever to win a Triple Crown horse race

2003 [12] 37-year-old Indiana native Brad Hauter arrives in NYC after riding his Yard-Man lawnmower 5,600 miles across the USA from San Francisco CA … at 10 mph


Carrie Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, (35)
Actor – Mark Wahlberg (44)



Dierks Bentley is “People’s” Hottest Guy, and He’s a Member of the Mile-High Club

“People” chose DIERKS BENTLEY as country music’s Hottest Guy.  BRETT ELDREDGE and TIM MCGRAWalso made the cut.  Details are in the issue that hits newsstands today.


It also includes an interview with Dierks, and they went out of their way to get the sexy out of him.  Asked if he’s a member of the mile-high club, he said, quote, “Yes.”


As for what he wears in the sack, he answered quote, “Honestly, I sleep best wearing nothing.  But with kids, I’ve learned to sleep with underwear very close by, if not wrapped around one of my feet, so I’m ready to go if something happens.”


He added that his dad started wearing an “old-school grandpa nightgown” when he rolled into his 70s . . . so he’ll probably do the same.  Also, his idea of a perfect date is totally related to him being happily married.


Quote, “A Sunday morning reading the paper together, maybe drinking mimosas, alone and talking until noon.  Married couples with kids will understand.”


Guy Impersonates a Saxophone, and It’s Spot On

A video of a guy impersonating a saxophone is getting a bunch of hits right now.


He does “The Pink Panther” theme, and it actually sounds pretty close to the real thing.



CEO Is Paying for All His Employees’ Kids to Go to College

Chieh Huang is the CEO of Boxed.com . . . they sell stuff like toilet paper and laundry detergent in bulk, and mail it to you.  And he recently decided to add a new perk for his employees . . . he’s going to pay for ALL of their kids to go to college.


He says he’ll cover four years of tuition for each kid, and it doesn’t matter what college they choose.  There’s no cap on it, so even if they need 60 grand a year to go to Harvard, he’ll pay.


The money is coming out of his own pocket, and a few investors are pitching in.  He says he doesn’t actually think of it as a perk, he just wants his employees to know he’s committed to making sure their families are taken care of.


Right now, the company has about 100 employees.  And apparently most of them are pretty young, because they only have 12 kids total. But obviously that’ll change . . . especially now that they know they can pop out as many kids as they want, and not worry about paying for their education.




  • Dierks Bentley – Tonight he’s launching his 40-city “Sounds of Summer Tour” in Raleigh NC. Kip Moore is the special guest.


  • Garth Brooks – He’s been forced to cancel his weekend concerts in Tampa FL’s Amalie Arena to make way for the NHL Stanley Cup Final between Tampa Bay Lightning & Chicago Blackhawks. Game 2 is being played on Saturday.
  • Shania Twain – Her 1st North American tour in 11 years begins tonight in Seattle WA. She turns 50 in August but doesn’t seem ready to retire anytime soon, telling “Billboard”: “I’ve got a bunch of albums I want to make … and that could take a while.”
  • Tim McGraw – Tonight he embarks on his “Shotgun Rider Tour ’15″ in Little Rock AR. Also on the bill: Billy Currington and newcomer Chase Bryant. McGraw is bringing his show to a combo of amphitheaters, arenas, and festivals in support of his “Sundown Heaven Town” album.


    • “Insidious: Chapter 3″ ( PG-13 Horror ): This follow-up to “Insidious” (2010) and “Insidious: Chapter 2″ (2013) is a prequel set before the haunting of the ‘Lambert’ family. Gifted psychic ‘Elise Rainier’ (Lin Shaye) agrees to use her ability to contact the dead in order to help a teenage girl targeted by a supernatural entity. Stars Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott.

    • “Spy” ( R-Rated Action Comedy ): Melissa McCarthy is back on the bigscreen, this time playing a desk-bound CIA analyst. When her partner (Jude Law) goes missing, she volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer and thereby prevent a global disaster. Co-stars Rose Byrne, Jason Statham.

  • “Love and Mercy” opens this weekend.  It’s about Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson, and features PaulDanoas Brian at the height of his creativity in the ’60s, and John Cusack as him in the ’80swhen he was an overmedicated recluse under the control of a therapist played by Paul Giamatti.  Elizabeth Banks is also in it as the woman who later becomes Brian’s second wife.  (Here’s John Cusack talking about Brian’s work on “Pet Sounds” . . . and how he got into the character.)


– ESPN claims Rob Gronkowski and his family are taping an episode of Family Feud this weekend




Police Pull Over a Man Who’s Swerving Turns Out He Has Thousands of Bees in His Car

The highway patrol in Montana got a call last week about a guy swerving all over the road.  So they figured he was drunk and headed out to stop him.


But when they finally caught up to him and pulled him over, it turns out there was a MUCH stranger reason why he was driving like a lunatic.


His car was filled with BEES . . . thousands and thousands of bees.


Apparently this guy was transporting five hives of honey bees . . . but was just letting them fly free inside his car.  There’s no word on how many bee stings this guy got in the process.


He got a ticket for careless driving.



Oskar Jonsson was recently reunited with his wedding ring after losing it 64 years ago.


The 90 year-old Iceland native tells the Daily Mail that he thought the ring fell off while he was shoveling snow. It turns out he took it off while working in his garage.


The new owner of the garage, Brynjar Aeoalsteinsson, found the ring on the floor and returned it. He says: “It was only when I looked at it more closely did I see there was a ring and realized it was probably a wedding ring because of the inscription “Your Elin.”


Oskar, who lost his ring finger in an accident, says: ”The ring is as good as new, although I will have to wear it on a different finger. Still, better late than never.”


“In what strange or funny places have you lost or found your wedding ring?”



  1. There are four countries in the world where the national anthem doesn’t have lyrics:  Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and San Marino.


  1. One of your nostrils is always breathing in more air than the other one.  But they trade off every 15 minutes or so, to make sure there’s always one that’s clear to handle intricate smells.


  1. People first started saying “God bless you” after someone sneezed back in the 14th century, as a prayer to protect them from the plague.


  1. The Washington Redskins tried to getAndre the Giant to tryout to be a defensive lineman in 1975 . . . but he turned them down.



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