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1630, the fork was invented


1951, CBS broadcast the first color TV program


1993 [22] Kim Campbell becomes Canada’s 1st female Prime Minister (for 4 brief months)
2006, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman got married


2009 [06] Michael Jackson dies of acute Propofol intoxication at age 50 (Internet traffic subsequently reaches unprecedented levels)

Actress – Angela Kinsey, The Office, (44)


Retired NBA Star – Dikembe Mutombo (49)


Actor – Ricky Gervais (54)


Jimmie Walker (68) (J.J. on the show “Good Times”



Guy’s St. Bernard Saved His Life When His House Filled With Gas

Jack Damrill of Oklahoma City recently woke up around 2:00 A.M. because his 160-pound Saint Bernard Doree was whining and pacing around his bed.


He tried to calm her down and go back to sleep, but Doree wouldn’t stop.  Then his CATS started joining in, and meowing really loudly.  And that’s when Jack finally smelled something.


It turns out someone in his family had left a burner on the stove on low . . . and their house was FILLED with gas.


So Jack called 911, got his family outside, and firefighters aired the whole place out.  Luckily everyone’s okay.  But if his pets hadn’t woken him up, firefighters say the entire house could have exploded.


Guy Is Busted For Stealing a Car Because He Can’t Drive Stick

It’s got to be tough when your first attempt to learn stick shift happens as you’re fleeing the scene of a crime.


19-year-old Alexander Katz of Logan, Utah stole a car last week, but didn’t realize it had a manual transmission . . . and he didn’t know how to drive stick.


He still decided to give it a shot, though . . . and basically started jerking and sputtering down the street.


Meanwhile, the guy he stole the car from realized it was missing and went out hunting for it.  And as he and his girlfriend were driving around searching, they saw Alexander slowly and awkwardly driving it a few blocks away.


They called 911, and when the cops showed up, Alexander got out and took off on foot . . . which was probably a faster option.


They quickly caught up with him and arrested him for felony car theft.


Utah man returns 75-pound bag of cash found on highway

A Utah man got a surprise when he stopped to pull a large orange bag off the highway, fearing that it would become a traffic hazard. The sack was filled with smaller bags packed with currency including $50 and $100 bills. Kennedy estimated each of the small bags contained $22,000


It was unclear Thursday how much money the entire bag contained. Kennedy tried but failed to chase down the Brink’s armored truck that had lost the bag. He then drove the money to his work parking lot and called the police.


The three Utah Highway Patrol troopers were “stunned” at the bag of money, Kennedy said. “Never in all my years have I heard of a bag of money bouncing out of the back of an armored truck,” said trooper Brady Zaugg.


“That’s something that happens in the spy movies.”

Kennedy said it never occurred to him to do anything other than turn in the money.

“He hadn’t disturbed it at all, so he obviously did the right thing for the right reason,” said Zaugg, who said Kennedy reported his find to the police immediately.


Brink’s employees told police they drove over a bad bump on a highway off-ramp but didn’t notice the back latch opening or the bag falling out. Kennedy said he hasn’t heard anything about a reward for his good deed, but he was still excited by the unusual discovery. “I was just jazzed all day long,” he said.


✓ Helps you live longer. Virginia Tech researchers have found that moderate beer drinkers are 19% less likely to die during any given time period than those who never touch a drop.
✓ Good for your gut. A new book, “The Diet Myth”, claims that drinking Belgian beer is actually beneficial to development of gut bacteria, which can aid efficient digestion.
✓ Keeps brain sharp. A study in the “New England Journal of Medicine” finds that women who have 1 alcoholic drink a day are less likely to experience declining mental faculties as they age.
✓ Prevents kidney stones. A recently published study finds that people who drink a moderate amount of beer are up to 41% less likely to develop kidney stones.
✓ Some beer is actually lo-cal. Guinness has released statistics showing that its heavy, dark brew is lower in calories than either orange juice or skimmed milk.
✓ Makes bones stronger. Beer is rich in dietary silicon, a key to building bone mineral density, according to a study in the “Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture”.


  • “Boom!” (FOX) – Comedian Tom Papa hosts this new game show that challenges teams of players to defuse ticking slime bombs by cutting wires related to correct answers.
  • Kicker Country Stampede 2015 (Manhattan KS) – This annual 4-day country music event at Tuttle Creek State Park is headlined this year by Blake Shelton and Florida Georgia Line.
  • “Under the Dome” (CBS/Global) – Residents of small town Chester’s Mill remain stuck under a mysterious dome in the 3rd season debut of Stephen King’s sci-fi drama. Former “CSI” star Marg Helgenberger joins the cast to start the new season.

★ Former Hollywood couple Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith have reportedly sold their Los Angeles property for a whopping $15.94 million, $10 million+ over what they paid for it. The 54-year-old actor and his 57-year-old estranged wife, who tied the knot in 1996, opted to sell the Hancock Park enclave after announcing their decision to divorce ‘in a loving and friendly manner’ a year ago. The property – which dates back to the 1920s – has reportedly been sold to Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix.
– Variety.com

★ Love her or hate her, the girl’s got the power! Taylor Swift wrote a blog post aimed at Apple Music on Sunday to explain that she is withholding her latest album “1989″ from the new service. She’s unhappy with plans to give customers a 90-day free trial … during which artists and songwriters would receive nothing for streams of their music. Her letter, which garnered online support from the likes of Christina Perri, Elvis Costello, and Jack Antonoff, has apparently caught the attention of Apple Music and it’s now changing their payment plan so that artists will be compensated during the upcoming trial.
– Billboard.com.

– A new Republican Presidential poll shows Jeb Bush in the lead (14%) followed by Donald Trump (11%), Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (8%) and Marco Rubio (7%)



  1. Unfrosted Pop-Tarts have more calories than frosted ones . . . because they have a slightly thicker crust, which is just DENSE with calories.


  1. The temperature in Miami has never gone over 100.  In fact, it’s only ever hit 100 once, on July 21st, 1942.


  1. Alaska has more coastline than the rest of the U.S. combined.


  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer was the default web browser on Mac computers until Apple created Safari in 2003.


✓ Drink water. Dehydration is often among the main causes of drowsiness.
✓ Go outside and expose yourself to sunlight. Vitamin D from the Sun increases energy.
✓ Physical activity helps. If you can’t take an exercise break, simply wiggle your feet, bounce your knees, stretch your legs, etc.
✓ Stimulating your sense of smell by sniffing citrus or peppermint scent can help wake you up.
✓ ‘Acupressure’ helps. Pull down on your earlobes or rub the back of your hand between thumb and index finger.
✓ Turn the AC on. Hot and stuffy air contributes to both physical and mental fatigue.
✓ Do something simple differently. Even writing with a new pen can stimulate your mind.
✓ Have a good laugh. Laughing at a joke or a funny video will serve to wake you up.
✓ Choose snacks that are high in protein and low in sugar for a quick and healthy energy boost.
✓ To keep your mind active, try to switch tasks as often as possible.
✓ Listen to music. If you can, sing or hum along to the songs.
– Adapted from List25.com


“Family Feud” Has Overtaken “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” in the Ratings for the First Time

If you’ve been watching “Family Feud”, you know that it isn’t CRAZY to suggest that STEVE HARVEY may be the show’s BEST host.  And now, it’s starting to show in the ratings.


Nielsen’s numbers for syndicated shows for the week of June 8th have just been released, and for the first time ever, “Family Feud” is #1, surpassing both “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy”.


It also beat out “Judge Judy”, which is regularly the top syndicated show.


“Family Feud” is up 33% from where it was last year at this time . . . and Steve’s daytime talk show is also a hit, with one of the biggest year-over-year gains among talk shows over the same period.


Steve has been hosting the show since 2010, after taking over for John O’Hurley.  Other previous hosts were:  Richard Karn, Louie AndersonRay Combs, and of course Richard Dawson.



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