June 22

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TODAY IS…………………

  • “Chocolate Eclair Day”, saluting the light, crisp pastry that’s filled with a pastry cream.


  • “Onion Rings Day”, for those of you who like your holidays deep-fried.



1847, donuts were invented


1940 [75] 1st Dairy Queen opens in Joliet, Illinois (an ice cream cone costs 5¢)


1955 [60] Classic Disney movie “Lady & The Tramp” is released


1984, The Karate Kid, starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, opened in theaters


2001 [14] Street-racing movie “The Fast & The Furious” opens (leads to 6 sequels)


2009, Kodak announced that it would discontinue sales of Kodachrome Color Film, ending its 74-year run as a photography giant



Erin Brockovich (55)


[66] Meryl Streep, actress with 19 Academy Award nominations & 3 Oscars (“The Iron Lady”, “Sophie’s Choice”, “Kramer vs Kramer”)/record 8 Golden Globe Awards


[51] Dan Brown, really rich author (“Angels & Demons”, “The Da Vinci Code”, which sold over 60 million copies worldwide)


Actor/Singer – Kris Kristofferson (79)



Stephen Colbert Inducted Toby Keith Into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

TOBY KEITH made several appearances on “The Colbert Report” through the years . . . so STEPHEN COLBERT returned the favor by helping induct him into the Songwriters Hall of Fame last week.


He honored Toby for rising from Oklahoma’s oil fields to “become one of the most consistent hit makers in country music.”  He also told this great story:  Quote, “[Toby] was walking out of the stage door and I was going to the rewrite room.


“This was very early on in my show and he didn’t know what he was in for, I guess.  He turned around and said, ‘Hey man, you do a great job . . . whatever the [eff] it is you do.'”


Toby put this award above all the others he’s received, saying quote, “I’m a songwriter, and if I never got an artist deal, I’d still be a songwriter.  This is the only one I wanted.  I don’t have to do anything else . . . I don’t care if they ever give me anything else.”


Almost A Perfect Game

Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer was an out away from a perfect game on Saturday.


Which is crazy, because he almost had a no-hitter the week before.  But he lost the perfect game with two outs in the ninth when Jose Tabata of the Pirates leaned into a pitch and let it HIT him.


Scherzer got the next guy out, so he still pitched a no-hitter.  But there have been 289 of them in Major League history, and only 21 perfect games.  That’s where no one on the other team gets on base for any reason, including being hit by a pitch.



Four Kids Mowed a 75-Year-Old Woman’s Lawn to Keep Her from Going to Jail

Some places have pretty serious rules for how long your grass can be.  Apparently the town of Riesel, Texas is one of them.


Last Tuesday, the local news there did a story about a 75-year-old woman named Gerry Suttle, because the grass in a field in front of her house was over 18 inches tall . . . and she was being threatened with JAIL TIME. Apparently she couldn’t afford to pay someone to mow it.  So she got cited, and was supposed to appear in court.


But she says she never got the notice, and the judge put a warrant out for her arrest when she didn’t show up. Anyway, a day or two after the story aired, Gerry didn’t have to worry about her lawn anymore . . . because four brothers who live nearby showed up with lawnmowers and weed whackers, and started mowing it for FREE in 95-degree heat. The four of them range in age from about 10 to 15.  And once they started mowing, OTHER people who saw them showed up with riding mowers to help out.


And the whole field was done in about two hours. Gerry still had to go to court to deal with the warrant but she got pretty emotional when she saw the four kids outside working.


And they say they’ll keep mowing the field for her as long as she needs them to.



– CNN claims American Pharoah’s owners will receive between $100,000 for every foal he fathers. He is the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years.

  • Brad Paisley – Thunder, lightning, and rain washed out his Saturday gig at the Windy City LakeShake country music festival in Chicago IL. He was rescheduled to appear Sunday instead.
  • Dixie Chicks – They’re reuniting for at least 6 dates on a European tour in 2016. The schedule begins April 20th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. No North American dates have been announced.

Guy at a Baseball Game Got Stuck in His Poncho

A guy at a Rays-Nationals game on Wednesday tried to put on a poncho when it started raining, but couldn’t find the holes for his arms and his head.  So the announcers made fun of him for a while.


Then it looked like he finally figured it out, so they cut away.  But when they cut back, he STILL couldn’t find the armholes.


Guy Got Dismissed From Jury Duty by Showing Up in a Prisoner Costume

A guy named James Lowe from Barnet, Vermont had jury duty on Tuesday, and showed up in a prisoner Halloween costume.  That included a black-and-white striped jumpsuit and matching beanie.


So deputies quickly pulled him aside and told him to meet with the judge privately. The judge told him he COULD’VE been found in contempt of court, and gotten a fine or jail time.  Instead, the judge just dismissed him, because there was nothing in the rules that prohibited him from wearing the costume.


In other words:  Mission accomplished for James.  He says he’s excited that he got out of jury duty because of his work and family obligations. So, should YOU try to pull this off?  It seems risky.


After all, your judge might not let you go, especially now that this story is circulating, and they might want to make an example out of someone.


• 66% of us say we won’t vote for a politician who doesn’t like pets.

  • 33% of married women worry about money, while only 17% of married men do.
  • 27% of us forget to use deodorant on any given day.
  • 25% of men wash their vehicles at least once a week.
  • 11% of us think the best smell in the world is ‘the ocean’.
  • 2% of us have spotted a man shaving … while driving.



  1. Haagen-Dazs was started by a Jewish couple in the Bronx . . . they made up the name using nonsense words that sounded foreign.  But they sued ANOTHER ice cream company called Frusen Gladje in 1980 for using a foreign-sounding name.


Except “frusen gladje” actually means “frozen delight” in Swedish.  So Haagen-Dazs lost.


  1. In 1983, NASA engineers askedSally Ride if 100 tampons would be enough for her one week in space.


  1. It’s illegal to pretend to practice witchcraft in Canada, but it’s legal to practice witchcraft if you’re doing it for real.


  1. Vanna White is half Puerto Rican.  Her father was a guy from Puerto Rico named Miguel Angel Rosich.  But he abandoned the family, so she took her last name from her stepfather, Herbert White.



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