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TODAY IS………………..

  • “Canadian Music Week”. It’s the wrap-up weekend of the annual music festival, conference, and exhibition in Toronto ON with thousands of music industry participants from around-the-world.
  • “No Socks Day”, when we’re encouraged to avoid wearing socks to feel less encumbered and help the environment by creating less laundry.
  • “VE Day Celebration”, as Queen Elizabeth II begins 3 days of festivities on the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2 in Europe by lighting the 1st of 100 ceremonial beacons. On Saturday evening, a free concert in central London includes performances by pop star Pixie Lott, veteran rockers Status Quo, and classical singer Katherine Jenkins among others.
  • “World Red Cross Day”, celebrating the 1828 birth of Jean Henri Dunant in Geneva, Switzerland, founder of the International Red Cross/Red Crescent.



1886, Coca-Cola was first sold


1978, David Berkowitz, a.k.a. the “Son of Sam,” plead guilty to killing six people in New York City

1987 [28] Canada’s 1-dollar coin is introduced (quickly nicknamed the ‘loonie’, due to its reverse side depiction of the Common Loon, a bird that’s well-known throughout the country)

2010 [05] At age 88, Betty White becomes oldest-ever host of “Saturday Night Live” (NBC)



Actress – Melissa Gilbert (51) – (Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie)


Nascar Driver – Bobby Labonte (51)


Former NFL coach – Bill Cowher (58)



An 80-Year-Old Graduated from College in the Same Class as Her Grandkids

David and Mauricio Salgado are two brothers who graduated from Miami Dade College in Florida on Saturday.  But their grandmother completely stole their thunder . . . because SHE graduated in the same class.


80-year-old Rosa Salgado started taking a few classes in 1996 after she moved to the U.S. from Colombia.  At that point, she could barely even speak English, and was also working a full-time job.


Then she had to quit school in 2005 to take care of her daughter, who had an accident and fell into a coma.  But she started taking classes again as soon as she could.


And last weekend, she finally got her Associate of Arts degree, graduating with honors.  Somehow she maintained a 3.8 grade point average.


Rosa says her message to people of all ages is to never stop learning.  She’s planning to write children’s books now that she has some free time.  And obviously, she’s very proud of her grandkids for graduating too.



– The NY Daily News claims unopened boxes of Wheaties, with Bruce Jenner on the cover, are selling for $255 on eBay
– A pair of Bruce Jenner’s signed running shoes are selling on eBay for $7,900.Bruce Jenner action figures are going for $1,250


– U.S. President Barrack Obama ran into a group of young children while out for a publicity stroll with the Teacher of the Year.


– CBC claims this year’s Calgary Stampede is going to serve cockroach pizzas. A $100 hot dog with lobster, Cognac and Kobe beef will also be served


Just in time for Mothers Day this Sunday …
• 67% of mothers say they usually receive a purchased card for “Mothers Day” and 57% get a purchased gift, but 43% say spending time with their kids is what’s really at the top of their wish list. – “Hallmark Magazine”

  • A survey comparing Mothers Day to Fathers Day finds we spend 14% more on moms; moms get 37% more greeting cards; 39% more adults eat out on Mothers Day; and there are 13% more phone calls on Mothers Day. – “Menstuff


Two Idiots Break a Priceless Italian Statue When They Climb It For a Selfie

Two tourists were in Cremona, in northern Italy on Friday night, and wanted to take a selfie with a legendary, priceless statue of Hercules.


They climbed up onto the statue . . . but it was made in the early 1700s and wasn’t designed to hold the weight of today’s modern, enormous humans.


So . . . they BROKE the thing.  A stone crown on the top cracked off, crashed down, and shattered on the ground.


The city is trying to figure out if they can repair it . . . but from the photo, it SHATTERED.

They’ve identified the two guys who broke it . . . and they could be facing charges.


Calgary boy, 11, detained by security at Lego Store for being alone

A Calgary father says he is shocked his 11-year-old son was detained by a security guard at the Chinook Centre Lego Store because the boy was shopping alone.

Doug Dunlop’s son, Tadhg (pronounced Tige), had $200 of his own money on Sunday and was looking to add to his vast Lego collection.


Dunlop says he bicycled most of the way to the mall with Tadhg, leaving him to shop at the Lego store. The two planned to meet later at the mall for lunch.

In the store, Tadhg was asked his age. After he told the store manager he was 11½, a security guard was called and the boy was asked to stay in a certain area until his father arrived.


It turns out Lego has a rule that children under 12 should not be left unattended in its stores. The boy had shopped at the store alone many times without incident, said his father, and had spent thousands of dollars there — he earned the money shoveling snow and babysitting.


Tadhg had even been asked his age before on several occasions, and the store employees would joke that it wouldn’t be long before he could work there.

Dunlop was upset to discover his son had been detained in the store.

The store policy was not visible inside the store at the time. But Dunlop, who posted his letter to Lego in a blog about the incident, asked the store manager why the policy existed. The store manager cited safety concerns such as child predators or the possibility of an evacuation from the mall.


Doug Dunlop wants an apology from the Lego Store for detaining his son. (Doug Dunlop)

Dunlop said he was called a “bad parent” while questioning the store manager and the security guard about the policy. As of Wednesday, the store has posted a sign in the window that reads: “To ensure that your child has a safe and enjoyable experience in our store, please do not leave them unattended.”


Amanda Santoro, a Lego brand relations manager, said the company stands by the policy.



  1. All of the land in America is worth a total of approximately $23 trillion.


  1. The Green Bay Packers were named after the Indian Packing Company . . . which gave them $500 for uniforms and equipment when the franchise started in 1919.


  1. If you took all the pepperoni that Americans eat in a year and laid each piece side-by-side, it would wrap around the Earth FIFTY times.


  1. People drive on the right side of the road in about 75% of countries around the world.


  • Kenny Chesney – Saturday Eric Church joins his “Big Revival Tour” for a major stadium date at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis IN. Also on the bill: Brantley Gilbert, Chase Rice, and Old Dominion.
    • Luke Bryan – His “That’s My Kind Of Night” tour just ended last night in Winnipeg MB and his all new “Kick the Dust Up Tour” begins tonight in Grand Forks ND. Randy Houser & Dustin Lynch are the opening acts. The schedule includes 7 stadiums and several multiple dates.
    • Zac Brown Band – Their new album “Jekyll + Hyde” has debuted at #1 on the new ‘Billboard 200′ all-genre album chart. It’s their 3rd career chart-topper.


    • “Hot Pursuit” ( PG-13 Action Comedy ): Reese Witherspoon plays an uptight and by-the-book cop who’s trying to protect a deceased drug boss’s widow (Sofia Vergara) as they race through Texas pursued by crooked cops and murderous gunmen. Oddly, the film is being released 28 years to the day after a 1987 John Cusack film with the same title but totally different storyline.


    • “Fifty Shades of Grey” ( Erotic Thriller Unrated Edition ): The uber-hyped bigscreen version of EL James’ BDSM-filled novel. Sam Taylor-Johnson directs Dakota Johnson as ‘Anastasia Steele’ and Jamie Dornan as the sadomasochistic anti-hero ‘Christian Grey’. Two sequels are in the works. The DVD/Blu-ray has 2 hours of bonus features plus an alternative ending.

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