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TODAY IS……………………

  • “Intergalactic Star Wars Day”, an unofficial holiday which celebrates the “Star Wars” franchise created by George Lucas. Why today? The date was chosen for the pun: “May the 4th be with you”


  • “International Firefighters’ Day”, to recognize the efforts of those brave hearts who risk their lives to keep us safe. (And what women consistently pick in polls as ‘Sexiest Profession’.)


1715, A French manufacturer debuted the first folding umbrella.


1960, birth control pills were approved by the FDA


1968, McDonald’s debuted the Big Mac


1970, the Ohio National Guard shot four Kent State University students for protesting the United States’ invasion of Cambodia
2012 [03] “Marvel’s The Avengers” opens in movie theaters (worldwide box office eventually totals over $1.5 billion)



ESPN sideliner reporter Erin Andrews (37)


Country Singer – Randy Travis (56)



An 80-year-old man named James Drain never went to his high school prom.  So last Saturday, his 17-year-old granddaughter, Joy Webb, took him as a date to her prom at Albertville High School in Albertville, Alabama.


They rode a carriage and it was the first time James had ever worn a tux.  (Here’s a clip of Joy and James talking about going to prom.  She said her family is everything to her and James has been with her since she was a baby.)


People Are Sending Hundreds of Hot Wheels to a Sick Kid in Utah

A three-year-old named Ethan Carnesecca has been in a hospital in Salt Lake City for almost a month with pneumonia.  And his parents recently noticed the only thing that cheered him up was playing with his Hot Wheels. He always holds one in his hand when he has a procedure, and keeps them lined up next to him on his bed.  He’s so protective, his nurses won’t even touch them.


Earlier this month, a friend of Ethan’s dad who happens to run a blog about COLLECTING Hot Wheels heard about it, and asked if he could post something. And since then, Ethan has been up to his ears in toy cars . . . because collectors from all over the WORLD have been mailing them in.


He’s gotten about 200 cars so far, including more than a hundred this week alone.  And more cars keep showing up every day. His parents say he still has a ways to go, but he’s doing a lot better.  And he’s been smiling a lot more than he was.



– Digital Spy claims Denzel Washington is doing a sequel to ”The Equalizer”. The film earned $192 million at the box office last year
– CBS is sending David Letterman off with a primetime special called ‘David Letterman: A Life on Television’. Ray Romano will host the show on May 4th. It will include Dave’s


– The TV network FYI is producing a new series called ”The Seven Year Switch”. Couples will place their marriage on hold while they separate and shack up with other partners for several weeks


– The NY Daily News claims unopened boxes of Wheaties, with Bruce Jenner on the cover, are selling for $255 on eBay

– A pair of Bruce Jenner’s signed running shoes are selling on eBay for $7,900.
Bruce Jenner action figures are going for $1,250



Guy Got Busted in the Carpool Lane With a Cardboard Cutout

If you’re going to put something in your passenger seat to get away with driving in the carpool lane, might as well go with something interesting.  This guy definitely did . . . in the most literal way possible.


A Washington state trooper posted a photo on Twitter . . . he caught a guy driving in the carpool lane with a cardboard cutout in the passenger seat. And the cutout was . . . The Most Interesting Man in the World, from those Dos Equis commercials.


It seems like they both got a laugh out of it . . . because of the Twitter post, and because it looks like the driver is LAUGHING in the photo . . . but he still got a $124 ticket.


Cops Stop a Man After He Jumps Into the Street to Avoid Dog Poop . . .

45-year-old Maurice Franklin of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania was drunk and walking down the street on Monday night, when he saw a big pile of DOG POOP on the sidewalk in front of him.


So he jumped into the street to avoid it . . . right in front of a bunch of moving cars.  He didn’t get hit, but he DID get the attention of some cops. They could tell he was drunk, but he said he wasn’t . . . and he told them he’d just jumped in the street to avoid the poop.


But then his opinion on making contact with dog feces did a 180 . . . and he suddenly jumped on the ground and started ROLLING AROUND in it because he thought that would keep the cops from arresting him.


It didn’t work . . . because they arrested him for public drunkenness.



  1. Of the 50 biggest countries in the world, only two have a legislature made up of just two political parties:  Nigeria and the United States.


  1. Even though“Full House” was set in San Francisco, only one of its 192 episodes was actually filmed there.  Almost all of the rest were recorded on a sound stage in Los Angeles.


  1. Elton John had at least one top 40 single every year from 1970 to 1996.


  1. The average car spends approximately 95% of its life parked.



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