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TODAY IS……………………

  • “Cellophane Tape Day”, marking the 85th anniversary of the date in 1930 that a patent for the product was granted to one Richard Drew. His invention was later marketed by 3M as ‘Scotch’ tape.


  • “Senior Health & Fitness Day”, the 22nd annual on the last Wednesday of May to promote wellness for the elderly. 2015 theme: ‘If You Keep Moving, You’ll Keep Improving’.


1647, The first recorded American execution of a “witch” took place in Massachusetts ..


1818, Amelia Bloomer created the first athletic pants for women called “Bloomers”


1919, the pop-up toaster was invented ..


1937, The Golden Gate Bridge opened ..


1995, Christopher Reeve was paralyzed when he was thrown from his horse during a jumping event in Charlottesville, VA.



Actor – Glee’s Chris Colfer, (Kurt) –  (25)


“The Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver (40)




Emotional photo of Marine and bride praying goes viral

The simple act of bowing in prayer has captured the hearts of millions of Facebook users who made a North Carolina wedding couple into an Internet sensation.


U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Caleb Earwood, 21, wanted to ask God’s blessing with his intended before their vows, but didn’t want to risk bad luck by seeing his lovely bride before the ceremony.


So Caleb and Maggie hatched a plan with their photographer, Dwayne Schmidt, to stand with their backs against adjoining walls and hold hands without looking at each other.


“They put their hands around the wall and then he started crying,” Schmidt said. “And when he started crying, she started crying. And then everybody in the room started crying. And then I almost started crying,” he said.


Maggie, 22, is seen in the photo with her free hand over her face, weeping. Caleb, 21, has his head bent, speaking to God in his dress uniform.


“When I first grabbed his hand, he was shaking really bad, so I knew he was really nervous,” Maggie said. “It relieved me to know the person I was getting ready to marry felt the same way about God.”


The wedding took place Saturday. Schmidt, as he always does, posted a wedding photo to Facebook so the couple could see an image during their honeymoon. “I put them up on Facebook because couples always want to see photographs as soon as they can,” he said.

But this one created a whirlwind after local media sites saw it and wrote about it. Then national outlets started calling, including the “Today” show. And before he realized it, Schimidt had more than two million Facebook likes.


“I’m wore out,” he told The News. “I just can’t keep up.” The reaction has been stunning, he said. He credits it to Memorial Day weekend, a young man in uniform, and the everyday religious act of seeking the Lord’s blessing. “This is a young military couple saying a prayer before their marriage,” Schmidt said. “That touches people.”




– The NY Daily News claims unopened boxes of Wheaties, with Bruce Jenner on the cover, are selling for $255 on eBay
– A pair of Bruce Jenner’s signed running shoes are selling on eBay for $7,900.Bruce Jenner action figures are going for $1,250


– Contact Music claims Brad Pitt is doing a sequel to ‘World War Z’. It will be released in 2017. The original made $540 million
– Contact Music claims Australian officials may fine Johnny Depp $265,000 for bringing his dogs into the country illegally. He failed to declare the Yorkshire terriers and also failed to follow proper quarantine procedures
– Mashable claims David Letterman’s desk has been sent to the Smithsonian Institute. A ticket to Dave’s last show is selling on eBay for $4,999.
★ Showtime network has doubled its order for David Lynch’s upcoming TV series “Twin Peaks”. Now 18 episodes are being lined up for the much-anticipated revival next year. The mystery drama reboot comes 25 years after the original. Cast members Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, and Sherilyn Fenn are returning; as well as Angelo Badalamenti, who created the original ABC-TV series’ memorable theme song and soundtrack.

  • “The Briefcase” (CBS) – In this new reality competition, families facing financial setbacks are given a briefcase full of money, and then the choice to keep it all for themselves or give some to another family in need.
  • “Bullseye” (FOX) – Another new reality competition in which contestants tackle 3 levels of extraordinary challenges in hope of winning $50,000.
  • “iHeartRadio Country Festival” (NBC) – A 2-hour pre-recorded special hosted by Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland) and Darius Rucker, featuring a star-studded lineup that includes The Band Perry, Brad Paisley, Brantley Gilbert, Dierks Bentley, Little Big Town, Rascal Flatts, Sam Hunt, Tim McGraw, and Tyler Farr.

Woman Embezzled $10,000 to Spend on Calls to a Psychic Hotline

Jamie Hart of Steamboat Springs, Colorado worked as a bookkeeper at a company called Johnson Excavation for the past few years and it turns out she was cooking the books for her own gain.


She embezzled more than $23,000 from the company.  And she used at least $10,000 of that to pay for calls to PSYCHIC HOTLINES.


She also used the money to pay for her cell phone bill and gas.


The company caught onto her last year and the police started investigating in October.  They started following the paper trail on all of her spending and last week, once they had enough for a case, they arrested her.


She’s facing two counts of felony theft and two counts of unauthorized use of a financial device.


Man proposes at Rays game to domestic violence survivor he helped

On January 24th, 2012, EMTs in Clearwater, Florida responded to the scene of a brutal attack. Melissa Dohme’s ex-boyfriend had convinced her to meet him that night. When she arrived, he pulled out a pocket knife and proceeded to stab her 32 times in the face, back, arms, hands, and shoulders.


Cameron Hill, a firefighters and one of the first responders on the scene, told the Tampa Bay Times that there was so much blood, “you couldn’t tell she was blond.” But when Melissa was flown to the hospital, Cameron knew he would somehow see her again.


Melissa flat lined at the hospital four times, but miraculously survived the attack.

That fall, Dohme and Hill reconnected and a romance slowly blossomed. Hill stood by Melissa’s side a year later as she faced her ex-boyfriend in court when he pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder and domestic abuse.


Since the attack, Melissa has become a domestic violence advocate for a local non-profit, Hands Across the Bay, and spends her free time raising awareness about the issue. Her work led her to be asked to throw the ceremonial first pitch recently at the Tampa Bay Ray’s baseball game


After Melissa took to the mound on the field, Cameron stepped out to bring her the baseball. Melissa quickly realized there was a special message written on it, the words “Will you marry me?” in red ink.


Hill then dropped down to one knee and proposed. Dohme said yes.

“I have never been so happy in my life! Just completely blown away at the love I have for this man and also learning about ALL he went through to make this surprise “first pitch” engagement possible,”


Sunscreen Protection Day

Today is Sunscreen Protection Day to create awareness of the importance of using protection against harmful UV rays from the sun. A few tips on using solar protection products …
– ‘Sunscreen’ filters sunlight so less of it reaches the deeper layers of your skin. ‘Sunblock’, on the other hand, reflects or scatters the sunlight away so that it doesn’t reach the skin at all.
– ‘SPF’ is a multiplication number that stands for ‘Sun Protection Factor’. If you can normally stay out in the sun 15 minutes before burning, an SPF 10 sunscreen would allow you to resist the burn for 10x longer or 150 minutes. But the numbers can be deceiving: SPF 50 is only a 1% improvement over SPF 30 in terms of blocking harmful rays.
– UV-A penetrates deeply into the skin and can lead to cancer and premature skin aging. UV-B is involved in tanning and burning of your skin. You need a sunscreen that blocks both.
– You should slather on the goo even on overcast days as UV rays can penetrate clouds.
– Sunscreen is rarely applied in real-life as it is in lab-testing conditions. It sweats and rubs off, so your best bet is to re-apply a high-factor sunscreen every 2 hours.
– In general, follow the ‘Spoon Rule’: A teaspoon-full of sunscreen for your face, neck and ears; a teaspoon for each limb; and a teaspoon each for the front and back of the body.


Jake Owen Made a Brilliant PR Move . . . By Cutting His Hair

“Entertainment Weekly”askedJAKE OWEN if he finds it hard tobelieve how strongly people reacted after he got his haircut.  He said, quote, “No, I couldn’t believe it at all.


“I still think it’s weird . . . people asking me questions about it.  I cut it over a month and a half ago and everybody still asks me about it, it cracks me up.  My brother said, ‘You don’t need a publicist, you just needed a haircut.'”


They also asked for his take on all the different styles of country music coming out of Nashville.  If they were trolling for some negativity, they didn’t get it.


He said, quote, “I’m loving it because I think it’s opening up the door for a lot of people.  “[There’s] CHRIS STAPLETON and STURGILL SIMPSON.  I love those guys, and they have so many fans that love what they do.


“And on the polar opposite, you have TAYLOR SWIFT or SAM HUNT . . . something that sounds completely different.  They’ve got millions of fans as well.  It’s a great time for country music in the variety that people have to choose from.”


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