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TODAY IS………………..

  • “One Day Without Shoes”, the annual day when we’re encouraged to take off our shoes to raise global awareness of children’s health & education. The idea is to start a conversation for change by going without shoes and sharing what you’re doing.
  • “Wait Staff Day”, set aside for restaurant managers and patrons to show appreciation for the efforts of servers.



1881, The Red Cross was founded


1914, The Greyhound Bus Company began operations


1999, Susan Lucci finally won a Daytime Emmy on her 19th nomination


2012 [03] Final episode of “House” starring Hugh Laurie airs on FOX-TV, after 8 seasons and numerous awards



Actor – Judge Reinhold (58)- (Beverly Hills Cop)


Mr. T (63)



81-Year-Old Cancer Patient Called 911 Because He Didn’t Have Food

81-year-old Clarence Blackmon got out of the hospital this week, after months of cancer treatment.  But when he got back to his place in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Tuesday, he realized he didn’t have any FOOD.


Not only that, but he was too weak to get out of his chair.  So he called 911, because he doesn’t have any family in the area.


The operator was a woman named Marilyn Hinson, and she could have just sent a few cops to his house.  That would have been the EASIEST way to handle it.  Instead, Clarence got a knock on his door shortly after he got off the phone . . . it was Marilyn, with two bags of GROCERIES for him.


She and two police officers brought the food, and made sure he was okay.  Then she made him a few ham sandwiches before they left.

After the local news heard about it, food donations started pouring in.  Now Clarence says his fridge and cupboards are so full, he’s donating the overflow to a food bank. He’s not on his own anymore either.  A nurse will be going to his house twice a week to help him out.



– The NY Post claims Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are quietly negotiating a rematch because their first fight made $600 million


  • “Beauty & The Beast” (CW) – Season 3 debut. Yes, this romantic thriller series used to air in the regular season. The CW is betting its established fans will also watch in the Summer.
  • “Red Nose Day” (NBC) – Wearing a red nose for a day may seem like a strange way to raise money for charity but it seems to work in Britain, where it’s raised more than $1 billion over 30 years. This initial US version of the fundraiser for children in need is a 3-hour special featuring comedy and musical performances, with over 70 celebrities participating.


  • Last night was the finale of “Survivor”.  This season, there were three tribes of six players divided by social class:  White collar, blue collar, and “no collar.”   And in the end . . . Mike Holloway won.  He was part of the blue collar tribe.  (The five remaining contestants at the start of the finale were Mike, RodneyLavoie, Carolyn Rivera, Sierra Dawn Thomas, and Will Sims


Gynecologist Left His Cell Phone Inside a Patient . . .

36-year-old Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim gave birth last month in Amman, Jordan.  It was a C-section.


And while her gynecologist was performing the procedure . . . he somehow left his CELL PHONE inside her.


He sewed her up, and she and the baby were discharged.  She only realized something was wrong when someone called the doctor, and she felt the phone VIBRATING inside her.


She went back to the hospital, and other, better surgeons successfully removed it.  She was in a lot of pain before they took it out, but fortunately she’s okay.


And now the government is investigating.



Chris Hemsworth tells that his worst job before becoming an actor was cleaning breast pumps.


”I worked for a pharmacy that would rent out milk extractors, you know breast pumps, for pregnant women.


I swear to God I had a toothbrush and a spray, and I would scrub off dried milk off the machines.”


Today a stunning record collection from a fan who bought every UK chart single in history goes under the hammer at a sale by Ewbanks Auctioneers of Woking, Surrey. Keith Sivyer purchased every new release from 1952 until February of this year when he died at age 75.


The collection, which entails some 27,000 7-inch singles; 8,000 12-inch albums; and 10,000 CDs and cassettes, has been divided into 3 lots for the sale. Sivyer safely stored the covers for most of the singles and replaced them with white sleeves on which he wrote the date the song was released and the chart position it achieved.


The massive collection was discovered crammed into his Twickenham home, neatly filed in alphabetical order on purpose-built floor-to-ceiling shelves surrounding rooms on 2 stories.


There are so many records, the floor of the house had to be reinforced.


He Really Really Really Loves “Friends”

A man in Beijing, China, is so obsessed with Friends that he’s transformed his entire life to mirror the iconic ’90s sitcom. He legally changed his name to Gunther, married a woman named Rachel, and named his son Joey. His apartment is decorated just like Joey and Chandler’s, he owns a real-life Central Perk cafe and even has a pet named Smelly Cat!


Beijing-based Gunther said that he first discovered Friends while going through a rough break-up. “My first love had left me,” he said. “Every day I was almost crying. One of my friends told me, ‘You have to watch Friends.’” So he ended up binge-watching the episodes, and it helped him get past the difficult time.


Gunther now uses the American sitcom as a guide for almost every aspect of his life. His apartment is an exact replica of the one that Chandler and Joey shared, down to the smallest of details. Gunther also has a foosball table, a Baywatch collection, and the ridiculous entertainment center that Joey built in season three. He couldn’t find a frame like the one behind Monica and Rachel’s door, so he made one for himself.


Of all the lovable characters in Friends, Gunther seems most influenced by Chandler. He says that his marital relationship is a lot like Chandler and Monica’s. “I try to treat my wife like Chandler treats Monica,” he said. “I learn a lot from Chandler.” However, he seems keen on modelling his toddler son after goofball Joey and he has started by teaching the kid to say ‘How you doin’?’


But there’s obviously a bit of Gunther in the man formerly known as Du Xin, which prompted him to quit his full-time job and open a real life version of the Central Perk restaurant coffee shop. “It’s easy to act like Gunther,” he said. “Just keep quiet and provide good service. Also he’s a little bit cool, right?”


Gunther recommends the show to everyone he knows, strongly believing that watching it is a therapeutic experience.


A Kitten Cartwheels Off a News Desk During a “Pet of the Day” Segment

A local news channel in Atlanta recently did a “Pet of the Day” segment, where they feature a dog or cat that’s up for adoption.  And the kitten they had on flipped out while it was playing with a toy . . . then basically cartwheeled off the news desk.


The anchor couldn’t stop laughing about it, because the kitten’s name also happened to be “Mr. Meow-gi” . . . like Mr. Miyagi from “The Karate Kid”.  Apparently it happened back in October, but just started making the rounds.



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