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TODAY IS………………

  • “Be A Millionaire Day”, a celebration of the joys of achieving millionaire status. Here’s how you go about it – first, get a whole bunch of money …


  • “Employee Health & Fitness Day”, observed on the 3rd Wednesday of May each year to encourage employers to promote healthy habits & physical activity for employees.



1874, Levis Jeans were first sold for $13.50 a dozen


1892, the clothes dryer was invented


1940, the helicopter was invented


1993, 93 million people watched the final episode of Cheers


2006, San Francisco Giants star Barry Bonds tied Babe Ruth for second place on the home run career list with his 714th homer.


2009, Suspended NFL star Michael Vick was released after 19 months in prison for running a dogfighting ring



Race car driver – Tony Stewart (44)


“Facts of Life’s” Mindy Cohn (49)


Five-Year-Old Made Bought a Homeless Guy Food at a Waffle House

A five-year-old named Josiah Duncan was at a Waffle House outside Montgomery, Alabama a few weeks ago, and saw a homeless guy sit down at a table.


Apparently he’d never seen a homeless person before, because he asked his mom why the guy was so dirty.  And he got upset when she told him he was probably hungry, and no one had waited on him yet.


So he told her THEY needed to make sure he got something to eat.  And once she agreed, he walked up to the guy’s table all by himself . . . brought him a menu . . . and said his lunch was covered.


At that point, the guy thanked Josiah’s mom, and said just a plain hamburger would be fine.  But she insisted he could get more than that.  So he asked if he could get bacon on it too, and she told him to order as much bacon as he wanted.


Then right before he took a bite, Josiah asked if he could sing a BLESSING for him.  The homeless guy started crying . . . Josiah’s mom started crying . . . and so did a bunch of other customers.


She told the local news it’ll always be one of her proudest moments as a parent.



  • “500 Questions” (ABC) – Debut of new game show in which some of the world’s smartest people are asked extremely difficult general knowledge questions. If they get 3 wrong in-a-row, they’re gone. The show airs 9 consecutive nights, finishing May 28th.
  • “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Tim McGraw (“Sundown Heaven Town”). Kimmel says he’s airing a rerun as ‘a mark of respect’ to Letterman’s final show tonight.
  • “MasterChef” (FOX) – 40 home cooks present their signature dishes to the judges in the Season 6 debut.


    • “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/Omni1) – The series’ final episode promises surprises, memorable highlights, and the final Top Ten List. Letterman began hosting “Late Show” on August 30, 1993.
  • “Survivor” (CBS) – 2-hour Season 30 finalé, as usual followed by a reunion special. Next season’s contestants, determined by fan voting, are revealed.


Guy Blows Off Steam by Crashing His Truck Through His Own House

A guy named John Jones Jr. was at his house outside Atlanta on Thursday, arguing with his wife on the phone.


It’s not clear what the fight was about.  But when they hung up, he needed to blow off some steam.  So he got in his truck . . . and plowed it through their HOUSE.


He started in their backyard . . . crashed through one wall . . . drove through their living room . . . crashed through another wall . . . and ended up in their front yard.


No one else was home, so no one got hurt.  And he told the local news he doesn’t regret it, because he’s a contractor who’s been out of work for a year-and-a-half.  So at least he has a project to work on now.


No word on how his wife reacted.  Apparently they’ve been trying to sell the house for a while, but haven’t been able to.  And now it needs a whole new living room, so she probably wasn’t thrilled.


But the good news is police aren’t charging John with a crime, because technically it’s not illegal to drive a truck through your own house.



Man Attacks a Guy’s Car With a Baseball Bat . . . Only It Turns Out to be the Wrong Car

There’s a famous scene in “The Big Lebowski” where John Goodman attacks a guy’s car with a bat . . . but it turns out the car actually belongs to the guy’s neighbor.


As a rule of thumb, you don’t want your life to be like “The Big Lebowski” in ANY way . . . but that’s EXACTLY what happened in Florida this week.


22-year-old Ryan Smith of Bradenton, Florida was FURIOUS with a friend of his, we’re not sure why.  But around 12:30 P.M. on Tuesday, he went to his friend’s house, saw his car parked on the street, and started smashing it with a baseball bat.


The only problem was . . . it wasn’t his friend’s car.  It turns out one of the neighbors drives a car that’s the same make, model, and color, and THAT was the one Ryan smashed up.  He did about $1,600 in damage.


He was arrested and is facing a felony criminal mischief charge.


Five Foods You Might Be Eating Wrong

  1. Strawberries.  Don’t buy the ones that are already cut up, because nutrients like vitamin C get destroyed once they’re exposed to light and oxygen for too long.


  1. Garlic.  Let it sit for ten minutes after you cut it up.  There’s a cancer-fighting enzyme in it called allicin that benefits from being exposed to air.


  1. Black tea.  Americans drink 20% more tea than they did 15 years ago.  But you don’t get the full benefits of it if you add milk.


You still get the antioxidants, but it’s not as good for your heart, because proteins in the milk link up with something in the tea called “catechins”, and make them harder to absorb.  (It’s pronounced “kat-uh-kins.)


  1. Broccoli.  You should be steaming it . . . boiling it or cooking it in the microwave kills a lot of the nutrients.  The same goes for asparagus.


  1. Tomatoes.  They’re better for you if they’re cooked, because it’s easier for your body to absorb the lycopene, which is good for your heart.  And heating them to at least 190 degrees also ups the number of antioxidants.  (


KFC Is Bringing Back Colonel Sanders

People made fun of McDonald’s for bringing back the Hamburglar as a middle-aged Dad with skinny jeans.  So how will they react to THIS?


KFC just announced they’re bringing back Colonel Sanders.  He’ll be in their new TV commercials starting Monday, in honor of KFC’s 75th anniversary.


The original Colonel Sanders wasn’t a character . . . he was a real businessman named Harland Sanders, and he started Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Unfortunately he died in 1980.


So for the new ad campaign, he’ll be played by . . . Darrell Hammond from “Saturday Night Live”.  He’s the guy who does Bill Clinton, and Sean Conneryin the ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ skits with Will Ferrell.


He’s not a member of the cast anymore, but he became their announcer last year after Don Pardo died.


And in the new commercials, they’re going for more of a SPOOF of Colonel Sanders than a recreation of the real thing.


But KFC is clearly going for a nostalgia angle here, because they’re also going to release an 8-bit, Atari-style online game called “ColonelQuest”.


Luke Bryan Debuted His New Single on “Ellen”

LUKE BRYAN debuted his new song “Kick The Dust Up” on yesterday’s  “Ellen”.  It’s the first single from his album “Kill The Lights”, which will be out August 7th.


He also competed in a “Know Your Country” trivia contest against a five-year-old presidential expert named Macey Hensley.  The questions were supposed to be split between country music and the history of our country, but they weren’t.


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