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  • “Dyngus Day”, a traditional Polish holiday designed as a day of fun on “Easter Monday” when guys chase after girls with squirt guns, buckets, and other containers of water. Tradition has it the females get revenge on Tuesday when they throw dishes or crockery back at the boys.


  • “Easter Egg Roll”, the 137th edition held on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington DC on “Easter Monday” for children & their parents. The ‘Egg Roll’ itself is a race, where kids push an egg through the grass with a long-handled club.



1896, the first modern Olympic Games opened in Athens, Greece.


1930, Twinkies were invented ..


1954, Swanson introduced frozen dinners ..


1992, Barney premiered on PBS ..



[78] Merle Haggard, country legend with 38 #1 hits /Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (2006)/Country Music Hall of Fame (1994)  BS FACTOID: He & Willie Nelson are teaming up again for a new album called “Django & Jimmie”.


Actress – Marilu Henner (63)    (Elaine on “Taxi”)


[46] Paul Rudd, actor (“Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”)


Royal Canadian Mint invites Canadians to design circulation coins for 2017

To celebrate Canada’s upcoming 150th anniversary, the Royal Canadian Mint is inviting Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast to design the 5-cent, 10-cent, 25-cent, one-dollar and two-dollar coins that will circulate in 2017.


As part of the contest, Canadian residents are being asked what Canada means to them by entering coin designs in the following theme categories until April 30, 2015:

Our Wonders (Canada’s beauty, from nature to monuments)

Our Character (Values or principles which define Canadian identity)

Our Achievements (Discoveries, exploration or victories)

Our Passions (From culture to sports, to pastimes)

Canada’s future (this category is reserved for Canadians 12-years of age and under for the 25-cent coin)

The finalists in each category will be determined by the Royal Canadian Mint and a panel of notable Canadians. The winning design per category will be selected by Canadians in an online vote which will take place inSeptember 2015. Each circulation coin denomination will feature one of the winning designs in 2017.


There are five grand prizes to be won (one per theme category). To enter a design and to obtain full contest rules and regulations, visit



Sailor lost at sea for more than 2 months has been found alive
A man missing at sea for 66 days has been rescued in a disabled boat off the North Carolina coast, the US Coast Guard said on Thursday.


A German-flagged vessel alerted the Coast Guard at about 1:30 p.m. that it had spotted the 37-year-old man and the vessel some 200 miles (320 kilometers) east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and took him aboard.


The man, identified as Louis Jordan of South Carolina, was then airlifted from the ship and was being sent to a hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, the Guard said.


The Coast Guard said Jordan was initially reported missing by his family on Jan. 29.


At some point during his ordeal, Jordan started catching and eating fish to stay alive.

Jordan’s mother and father said they grew worried when they hadn’t heard from their son after he went out on open water to do some fishing in January. The Associated Press reports Jordan’s family made several calls to the Coast Guard, which sent crews to search for him. But it would be the German-flagged vessel that finally spotted Jordan, who was hanging on to his capsized boat Thursday afternoon.


“I was just praying about you because I was afraid that you guys were crying and sad that, you know, I was dead,” Jordan said during the call. His father, Frank Jordan responded, “Yeah, well, we were. I thought I lost you.”



– Ford is planning to produce a $400,000 GT supercar. Only 250 will be made
– Nike has sold $340 million worth of LeBron James shoes in the past year. That’s up 13% from the prior year
 TMZ claims Oprah’s online auction includes a nude painting by Aristide Maillol worth $8,000 to $12,000, a few nude statues worth around $10,000, and a painting of a nude woman by Richard Edward Miller worth $120,000
– A Copenhagen, Denmark McDonald’s has installed a bike drive-thru called the McBike-Thru

– Ellen DeGeneres is going to produce a new NBC docu-series called “First Dates. Each episode will follow several first dates that are happening on the same night at the same restaurant.
– Mark Wahlberg is producing a new movie about the Boston Marathon bombing called ”Patriot’s Day”. The film will follow Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, who “played an integral role in working with the FBI, Watertown Police Department, Boston Police Department, Massachusetts State Police and local first responders to track, identify and apprehend the suspected bombers.”


– A Picasso painting, named “Les Femmes d’Alger”, is going to be auctioned off in May. The 1955 piece shows women in a harem and is expected to sell for $140 million.
Sacramento Tried to Set the Record For the World’s Biggest Easter Egg Hunt . . .

Sacramento, California tried to set a world record for the biggest Easter egg hunt ever on Saturday, but they FAILED . . . in more ways than one.


First off, they put down 500,000 eggs, which is a lot . . . but wasn’t enough to set a world record.


And second . . . the whole thing turned into utter CHAOS.


There was no organization, so the bigger kids started trampling the little kids for eggs.  Then the PARENTS got involved, and started trampling EVERYONE to get eggs for their own children.


Kids were crying, getting hurt . . . and parents were pushing and swearing at them and each other.


One mother who was there summed it up, quote, “It was horrible.”



Woman Tries to Pass Off Gatorade as Her Pee For a Drug Test

29-year-old Tabatha Coulombe of Charlotte County, Florida is on probation for being convicted of felony animal cruelty back in 2013.  And part of her probation agreement is taking regular drug tests.


She took one in early January and tested positive for amphetamines . . . so she HAD to be drug-free a few weeks later or she’d violate her probation.  But apparently she couldn’t trust her pee to come up clean.


So . . . instead of peeing into a cup, she smuggled a little bottle in her lady parts filled with warm water and yellow GATORADE, and poured it into the test cup.


As soon as it was tested, it obviously came back as Gatorade.


Tabatha was just arrested for violating her probation.


✓ Silence a creaky bed with WD-40 for a metal frame or baby powder for a wooden frame.
✓ Use a shelled walnut to gently buff out scratches in wood.
✓ Make a homemade drain snake by cutting notches in a zip tie, or several ties connected.
✓ Try vinegar and citrus for a stinky garbage disposal.
✓ Tighten a loose doorknob by removing it and wrapping the spindle with plumber’s tape.
✓ Spackle small holes and dents in your drywall using toothpaste or Silly Putty.
✓ Quiet squeaky floorboards by sprinkling talcum powder and sweeping it into the cracks.
✓ Fix a not-so-chilly fridge by vacuuming dust off the coils on the bottom or back of the unit.
✓ Soften slamming doors with peel-and-stick foam weather stripping.
✓ Spray pet stains with a mixture of half vinegar/half baking soda. Let it dry, then vacuum it up.  – Condensed from BuzzFeed.com


 “Furious 7” Had the Best April Opening Ever

A ton of people turned out to see PAUL WALKER in his last “Fast & Furious” movie.


“Furious 7”set a record for the best April opening weekend EVER, with $143.6 million.  The previous record was set last year by “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” with $95 million.


It’s also the best opening in the “Fast & Furious” series.  “Fast & Furious 6” is second . . . it came out in 2013 and made $97.4 million. In fact, “Furious 7” made almost as much in one weekend as the original “Fast and Furious” has made TOTAL.



  1. NEW: “Furious 7”, $143.6 million.


  1. “Home”, $27.4 million.  Up to $95.6 million in its 2nd week.


  1. “Get Hard”, $12.9 million.  Up to $57 million in its 2nd week.


  1. “Cinderella”, $10.3 million.  Up to $167 million in its 4th week.


  1. “The Divergent Series: Insurgent”, $10 million.  Up to $103 million in its 3rd week.




A reporter for CBS Sports named Allie LaForce was outside the Final Four talking to fans on Saturday, and a guy in a Michigan State jersey proposed to her.  Or at least he PRETENDED to.


He didn’t have a ring, and she’s already married to a Major League pitcher named Joe Smith.


The guy who fake-proposed was right next to the beer tent when it happened, which might explain it.







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