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TODAY IS…………………..

  • “International Dance Day”, introduced in 1982 by UNESCO to increase awareness of the importance of dance in societies, as well as to persuade governments worldwide to provide a proper place for dance in all systems of education, from primary to higher.


  • “Zipper Day” celebrating the 1913 date when Swedish-American inventor Gideon Sundback patented the ‘Separable Fastener’, the 1st all-purpose zipper.



1990, The destruction of the Berlin Wall began.


1992, A jury acquitted four Los Angeles, California police officers of beating Rodney King. The verdict sparked rioting and looting.


1995, The longest sausage ever was created in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. It was 28.77 miles


1996, The musical “Rent” opened on Broadway


2004, Oldsmobile built its final car and ended 107 years of production


2011, Prince William married Kate Middleton



Chicago Bears QB – Jay Cutler (32)


Former Tennis star – Andre Agassi (45)


Actress – Michelle Pfeiffer (57)


Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis (58)


Comedian – Jerry Seinfeld (61)


Country Legend – Willie Nelson (82)



89-year-old football player scores touchdown in Kansas alumni game

LAWRENCE, Kan. — An 89-year-old former University of Kansas football player has gained fresh fame after making a touchdown run during an alumni scrimmage.


Bryan Sperry was all grins Saturday as he jogged toward the Memorial Stadium end zone during the scrimmage before Kansas’ annual spring football game, The Kansas City Star reported His decades-younger opponents intentionally missed repeated tackles before showering him with congratulatory hugs and pats on the back.


Sperry was 17 years old when he first left home to play football at Kansas State, but World War II interrupted his schooling. The process of returning soldiers home by boat after the war took months, so the military sent Sperry to a university in England to wait. While there, he says, he played 13 games on a team that was a mix of professionals, college players and high school graduates with limited football experience.


Upon returning home in February 1946, he headed for a tryout, mostly for veterans, He played “end” while at Kansas — offence and defence, Sperry said: “Well, we played both ways in those days.” The Jayhawks finished 7-2-1 in 1946 and in 1947, the Jayhawks went 8-1-2, their only loss coming to Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl.  “There aren’t many people that are lettermen of both KU and K-State,” Sperry said. With his playing days behind him, he spent decades as a high school football coach and math


A Bunch of Volunteers Have Been Cleaning Up After the Riots in Baltimore

Rioters in Baltimore have done a ton of damage this week.  It all started after an African-American guy named Freddie Gray got arrested earlier this month, and then died from a spinal cord injury while he was in police custody.


Yesterday, President Obama said the ones who’ve been looting and starting fires are “criminals” not protesters, and that it’s a, quote, “handful of people taking advantage of a situation.”  One good story has come out of it though.


At least 15 buildings and 144 cars were set on fire Monday, and 235 people were arrested.  One good story has come out of it though.  Yesterday morning, a different handful of people helped prove his point when they showed up on the streets of Baltimore . . . to help clean up the mess.   The Department of Public Works says they’ve been getting phone calls from even more people wanting to help.


There are a bunch of photos on Twitter of people sweeping up broken glass and other debris.



– A Picasso painting, named “Les Femmes d’Alger”, is going to be auctioned off in May. The 1955 piece shows women in a harem and is expected to sell for $140 million.


– Fox Sports has hired banned baseball legend Pete Rose as a studio analyst


– Digital Spy claims Denzel Washington is doing a sequel to ”The Equalizer”. The film earned $192 million at the box office last year
– CBS is sending David Letterman off with a primetime special called ‘David Letterman: A Life on Television’. Ray Romano will host the show on May 4th. It will include Dave’s


– The TV network FYI is producing a new series called ”The Seven Year Switch”. Couples will place their marriage on hold while they separate and shack up with other partners for several weeks


– The NY Daily News claims unopened boxes of Wheaties, with Bruce Jenner on the cover, are selling for $255 on eBay


Baltimore Riots: A Woman Smacked Her Son When She Saw Him Rioting on the News . . . a Guy Protested by Dancing Like Michael Jackson . . . and Someone Mooned the Cops on National TV


A video of a woman smacking her son for rioting in Baltimore went viral yesterday.  Her name is Toya Graham, and she tracked him down on Monday after she saw him on the news throwing rocks


Two Guys Steal 80 Frozen Pizzas . . . Then Get Caught Trying to Sell Them to Cops

Two guys in Alaska committed one hell of a PIZZA HEIST this weekend . . . but they learned the hard way that’s a harder road to profit than they realized.


29-year-old John Koozaata and 21-year-old Lewis Oozeva of Gambell, Alaska took a break from having awesome last names on Sunday to break into a warehouse where they stole 80 frozen pizzas, worth about $1,100 total.


They gorged on them . . . but once they were full, they still had 75 of the 80 left over.


So they decided to sell them, and for some inexplicable reason . . . they called the POLICE DEPARTMENT and offered to sell them to the cops on duty.


But unfortunately for Koozaata and Oozeva, the cops knew about the missing pizzas . . . so both guys were arrested for burglary.


• 60% of us say we’ve had to clean the toilet in a hotel room at least once.

  • 50% of us make our coffee on workdays instead of buying takeout in order to save money.
  • 22% of us would not be willing to change the side of bed we sleep on.
  • 20% of women say the thing they’d most like to change about their man is … his hairstyle.
  • 19% of office workers go out for lunch; the rest eat in.
  • 16% of us admit we keep books around the house just for show.

A new editorial in the “British Journal of Sports Medicine” by 3 international experts say it’s time to bust the myth about exercise … physical activity, they say, has little role in tackling obesity.


Instead public health messages should focus squarely on unhealthy eating. While activity has a role in staving off diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and dementia, its impact on obesity is minimal. Excess sugar and carbohydrates are the key. Bottom line:


An obese person does not need to do one iota of exercise to lose weight; they just need to eat less. Critics say the article appears to undermine evidence-based government public health advice, and it’s “idiotic” to rule out the importance of physical activity. – BBC Health

102-Year-Old and 91-Year-Old Girlfriend Will Become the World’s Oldest Newlyweds

A guy in England named George Kirby proposed to his girlfriend Doreen back in February, and they’re getting married in June.  Which is a pretty short engagement, but it kind of has to be.


That’s because Doreen is currently 91 years old, and George is 102.  And when they get married on June 13th, they’ll set a new world record for oldest newlyweds.


George says he popped the question over dinner on Valentine’s Day, and decided not to get down on one knee, because he didn’t know if he’d be able to get back up again.  So yeah, he’s got a pretty good sense of humor about it.


On their wedding day, they’ll have a combined age of 194 years and 281 days.  Which will smash the current record of 188 years that was set in 2013.


By the way, the two of them didn’t just meet.  They’ve been together 27 years, and didn’t think they’d ever get married.  But George finally proposed after his kids kept pressuring him to. His 63-year-old son from a previous marriage will be his best man.


“Grey’s Anatomy” Fans Started a Petition to Bring McDreamy Back

A lot of “Grey’s Anatomy” fanatics were NOT happy with the demise of Patrick Dempsey’s character, Dr. McDreamy, last week.


An online petition has popped up . . . asking the show to bring him back.  It begins:  Quote, “This is important because you cannot have people invest a DECADE into a character and then you just terminate them like that!


“You have people out here donating blood and organs trying to save lives . . . wanting to become doctors and all from committing to this television show . . . just to let us down like this.  You’ve destroyed us.  COMPLETELY!”


It adds, quote, “People are not sleeping nor eating because of this tragic turn of events and you are not there to help them in any way shape or form!”  Last we checked, over 13,000 people had “signed” this madness.


So how do you bring back a DEAD character?  The petition suggests that they pull a “Dallas” and make that episode a DREAM.


For what it’s worth, ABC has not cleared “Grey’s Anatomy” for a 12th season yet.  So, this could end up becoming a moot point.





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