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TODAY IS………………

  • “Freedom Day”, a South African public holiday celebrating the country’s first post-apartheid elections held on this day in 1994.


  • “Prime Rib Day”, a food holiday honoring what may be the best cut of beef you can get. Only one way to celebrate … with a big, thick, juicy cut of prime rib, cooked perfectly to your liking. Don’t forget the au jus and the fully-loaded baked potato!



1880, the electrical hearing aid was patented by Francis Clarke and M.G. Foster


1956, heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano retired with a perfect record of 49-0


1961, ABC’s Wide World of Sports premiered


1965, R.C. Duncan patented “Pampers”


1981, Xerox introduced the computer mouse.


1983, Houston Astro Nolan Ryan broke Walter Johnson’s strikeout record when he struck out his 3,509th batter


2005 [10] The ‘superjumbo’ aircraft Airbus A380 makes its debut flight from Toulouse, France


2006 [09] 63-year-old Keith Richards falls from a palm tree while vacationing in Fiji, landing on his head and causing a hemorrhage that requires doctors to drain his skull



Kansas City Chiefs help grant dying Chiefs superfan’s final wish

Betty Johnson loved the Kansas City Chiefs, and it turns out the Kansas City Chiefs loved her too. Johnson died last week at age 86, but not before some final memories from her favorite team. She was a season-ticket holder since 1986, and showing how much of an impact Johnson had on the Chiefs players who knew her, receiver Dwayne Bowe flew in for her funeral even though he isn’t with the Chiefs anymore.


Johnson’s great granddaughter shared a photo on social of Bowe giving Betty Johnson a kiss at a recent Chiefs game, something Bowe did before every game at Johnson’s seat at the 45-yard line. Bowe said a few words at the memorial about Johnson, who he called his biggest fan. He also sent a wreath of white flowers. “You might have thought you were the Chiefs No. 1 fan, but in so many ways, we were yours,” Bowe wrote on the flowers. “Thanks for making Arrowhead feel like home to me. I will continue to play my heart out for you. Kisses to you my special angel.”


The Chiefs organization also reached out in Johnson’s final days. With Johnson’s health declining, her last wish was to see the Chiefs one last time. Last Thursday the team sent former kicker Nick Lowery, a Chiefs Hall of Famer. During Lowery’s visit, Johnson died.

“We sang a prayer, and he was going to leave, and we noticed that she was no longer breathing,” Johnson’s granddaughter Autumn Barricks told KSHB. “We believe that she was just waiting to say goodbye to her Chiefs.”


Woman Had a Weird Feeling Her Husband Needed Help . . .

A woman in Saratoga Springs, Utah named Nicole Mayhew was at work on Monday when she got a funny feeling that her husband needed help.


So she rushed home from work, and found her 43-year-old husband Scott in their garage . . . pinned under an SUV.


It turned out he’d been working on their Ford Explorer when it slipped off the jack and landed on his chest.  And he’d been lying there for an hour-and-a-half waiting for someone to find him.


Nicole called 911, and she and a neighbor used the jack to lift up the SUV.  Scott was airlifted to a nearby hospital with six broken ribs.  But his doctors say she got to him just in time, and he should make a full recovery.



– RADAR Online claims Julia Roberts is selling her Hawaii home for $30 million
– Nike has sold $340 million worth of LeBron James shoes in the past year. That’s up 13% from the prior year
– A Picasso painting, named “Les Femmes d’Alger”, is going to be auctioned off in May. The 1955 piece shows women in a harem and is expected to sell for $140 million.


– Fox Sports has hired banned baseball legend Pete Rose as a studio analyst


– Digital Spy claims Denzel Washington is doing a sequel to ”The Equalizer”. The film earmed $192 million at the box office last year
– Tickets for the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight May 2nd are averaging $11,000. The most expensive seat costs $70,000. Some Vegas bars are charging $300 for the fight. Tickets sold out in 60 seconds according to TMZ
– CBS is sending David Letterman off with a primetime special called ‘David Letterman: A Life on Television’. Ray Romano will host the show on May 4th. It will include Dave’s best interviews as well as Top Ten Lists and Stupid Pet and Human Tricks



Man Hides From the Cops Inside His Walls . . . But Winds Up Stuck There

44-year-old Steven Shuler of Monrovia, Indiana was at home on Monday when the cops showed up to arrest him for a probation violation.


He managed to climb through a 16-inch hole to hide inside his walls . . . and it WORKED.  The cops thought he was out and they left.


Unfortunately for Steven, that’s where his good luck ended.  He didn’t have any way to get OUT of the walls . . . and he wound up stuck there for more than 24 HOURS.


His ex-wife came by the next day and found him . . . so she decided to call for help.  The fire department came and got him out of the wall . . . and he was arrested.



Happiest cities in Canada

They say Disneyland is the ‘happiest place on earth’ – but what is the happiest place in Canada?


It’s Kingston, Ontario, according to a new study by Jetpac City Guides.

The travel app processed over 100 million Instagram photos to count the smiles on people’s faces in different photos from all across the country.


After their calculations were completed, they compiled a ‘smile score’ for each city in Canada, based on which city had the most smiles.


And not all smiles are created equal – officials say they measure the size of each smile, because a grin doesn’t score as highly as a broad smile.


Kingston captured the highest smile score of 40.2, while Regina, Saskatchewan placed in second spot with a rating of 36.2.


Quebec City, Gatineau and Saskatoon rounded out the top five.


Happiest Canadian cities, according to Jetpac City Guides:



Quebec City










  1. Coffee beans aren’t actually beans . . . they’re a seed that people just call “beans.”


  1. HBO passed on “The Walking Dead” because they thought it was too violent.


  1. Chameleons don’t change colors so they can blend into their surroundings and hide from predators.  They change colors based on their moods to send signals to other chameleons.


  1. Lyman Ward and Cindy Pickett played Ferris Bueller’s parents in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.  They met on the set . . . and wound up getting married for real.  They got divorced six years later.


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