April 16

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TODAY IS………………….

  • “Eggs Benedict Day”, a day to enjoy heart-attack-on-a-plate – poached eggs, topped with back bacon, served on toasted English muffins, and slathered in Hollandaise sauce … made of even more egg-yolks and butter.


  • “High Five Day”, an annual observance on the 3rd Thursday of April when we’re encouraged to freely exchange high fives without inhibition between all genders, social classes, and heights.
  • “Stress Awareness Day”, focusing on one of the world’s leading health problems. Stressed out? Research shows housecleaning for 20 minutes can help.


  • “Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day”, an annual event begun as a promotion for a pajama-maker that’s evolved into another fun excuse for office hijinks.


1947, the zoom lens was invented


1999, Wayne Gretzky announced his retirement


2003, Michael Jordan played his last NBA game as his Washington Wizards ended their season with a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.


2007, the Virginia Tech massacre occurred .. a gunman, shot 32 people to death and injured 23 others before committing suicide


2007 [08] Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” wins ‘Video Of the Year, ‘Best Female Video, and ‘Best Video Director’ at the fan-voted CMT Music Awards



Actor – John Cryer (50) – (Two and a Half Men)

Comedian – Martin Lawrence (50)
New England Patriots Coach – Bill Belichick (63)


Former NBA-LA Lakers Star – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (68)


Pope Benedict XVI (88)





Some idiot in Los Angeles carjacked a cab driver on Friday, and led cops on a low speed chase through L.A. . . . while handing out CASH to at least one person through his window.


Then people on the street were cheering as he went by.


Police eventually stopped him by crashing into his car and pinning his door shut, so he couldn’t run


5 Year Old Holds One Amazing Lemonade Stand

A Toronto girl’s lemonade-stand fundraiser to help find a cure for her brother’s neurological disability has inspired a U.S. family dealing with the same illness.


Na’ama Uzan, 5, has raised approximately $25,000 to support a cure for Angelman Syndrome, a rare development and neurological disability.


The girl’s older brother, Nadav Uzan, suffers from Angelman Syndrome. The disability makes it difficult for the seven-year-old to walk or speak, and he has frequent seizures.


Last spring, Na’ama Uzan opened up a lemonade stand to raise money for the Foundation and her efforts has inspired others to also raise money to find a cure for the disability. Thousands of kilometres away in California, David Low and his partner have raised more than $20,000 after their son was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome six months ago.


That $20,000 will be used to set up a research grant in Uzan’s name.




– CBS says espresso machines are being sent to the International Space Station this week. Italy’s astronauts requested the machines because they are tired of instant coffee
★ Fresh off their season premieres this week, HBO has announced that it’s renewing comedy shows “Veep” and “Silicon Valley”. “Veep”, which has garnered Julia Louis-Dreyfus 3 consecutive Emmys, is getting a 5th term in office. “Silicon Valley”, set among a group of misfits running a tech startup, is renewed for a 3rd season. The 2 half-hour comedies coupled with “Game of Thrones” and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” have given HBO a stellar Sunday night lineup. – Variety.com


– Mashable says Activision is bringing back Guitar Hero Live. The game’s animation is being replaced with live bands and live crowds that were shot in first-person mode


A woman in North Carolina named Cher Lair, has six sons, and she recently got pregnant again.  A video of her finding out the gender of her new baby is going viral, because her family found out first, and did the thing where you cut into a cake to reveal the sex:  If the inside is blue, it’s boy . . . if it’s pink, it’s a girl.  And when she cut into it and saw pink, she started SCREAMING.


Man rattled by python found coiled up and hiding in his box of cornflakes

An Austrailian man claims to have had a real-life kitchen nightmare after he saw a long coiled-up snake poke its head out of his box of cereal.


Jarred Smith, 22, was making lunch when he spotted the two-metre diamond python hiding inside the open cornflakes package he dropped the food and ran out the door.  He and his father called up a wildlife rescue service to come and help them deal with the slithery creature that had snuck in and taken up residence. They took the snake away and released it back in its natural bushland habitat. Diamond pythons are able to spend up to two weeks at a time waiting in the same spot for prey.


Chris McGreal, who rescued the python, said  “The python was over 2m long and I couldn’t believe it was jammed into this small cereal box. “When I got there I actually had to tear the box to get it out, that’s how tightly squeezed in it was. It’s likely it was hiding in there to feel secure.” Diamond pythons are non-venomous, tend to keep a low profile and are the most commonly found snakes in the New South Wales region. They kill their prey by constricting and suffocating them.


The black reptiles with yellow and cream markings only bite humans if they feel extremely threatened. The species is even welcomed in and around people’s gardens and rooftops in Australia as they pose minimal threat to humans while feeding on unwanted rodents and pests.



Parents in Garden City, Kansas are outraged that a review of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ appeared in a high school newspaper.


The student review says the movie is “exciting and adventurous and perfect for a typical date night or just a night with friends.”


Parent Tim Livermore tells CBS: “Well I think it’s sending the message that this is the kind of relationship you need to have and it’s an abusive relationship in the movie. It’s not a healthy relationship and I think its promoting that you got teenagers that are just trying to learn about relationships and here they’re getting promoted to see that move, and it’s not a health movie for them to see.”


The newspaper is protected by First Amendment speech rights.


Survey: “When you were a kid what movie were you forbidden from seeing?”



Man Was Arrested After He Asked For Permission to Rob a House

30-year-old Danny Acosta of San Antonio, Texas wanted to rob a house a few weeks ago . . . but in the most gentlemanly way possible.


He was driving around a neighborhood, picked the house he wanted to rob, and saw some contractors working on the place next door. So he walked up to one of them, lifted his shirt up to show a semiautomatic handgun in his pants, and ASKED, quote, “Can I rob the house?”  The contractor told him it wasn’t HIS house . . . and apparently, Danny took that as a “yes.”


So he broke into the place, stole a microwave, and left. The contractor took a photo of him putting the microwave into his car, and sent it to the cops.  They used the license plate to track him down, and he was arrested for aggravated robbery.











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