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TODAY IS………………………..

  • “Doctors Day”, an observance dating back to 1933 that commemorates the 1st use of anaesthetic during surgery by one Dr Crawford W Long in 1842. He got the idea by observing party-goers out of their minds on nitrous oxide and sulfuric ether.


  • “Pencil Day”, observed on the anniversary of the ‘Pencil with Attached Eraser’ being patented 157 years ago (1858) by Hyman Lipman.



1853, the erasertop pencil was invented ..

1964, Jeopardy debuted on NBC ..
1990, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opened in movie theaters


1998, BMW bought Rolls-Royce for $570 million



Country star – Thomas Rhett (25)


NFL player- Richard Sherman (27) (Seattle Seahawks)


Country star – Justin Moore (31)


Actor – Ian Ziering (51) – (Beverly Hills 90210 / Shark-nado)


Actor – Paul Reiser (58) – (Mad About You)


Chef Serves Up Millionth Free Meal in California

A Southern California restaurateur is celebrating his millionth meal served — but he won’t take a dime from the customers.


Bruno Serato says serving free pasta to over a thousand hungry children a day in Orange County is its own reward. His Anaheim White House Restaurant has hosted free meals through a non-profit called Caterina’s Club,” named after his mother, for 10 years.


Serato’s mother was the inspiration for the program. In 2005, after Serato and his mother stopped by an Anaheim Boys & Girls Club, Caterina saw one boy eating nothing but potato chips for dinner, he said.


Serato’s restaurant serves around 1,200 free meals to children each day, a feast involving 90 pounds of pasta and 15 gallons of marinara sauce, he said. The program served its milestone millionth meal last Tuesday. It hasn’t always been easy. After the crash, more children than ever began showing up as his restaurant’s profits plummeted by 30 to 40 percent, he said. But Serato said the program was too important to abandon.


Serato’s mother, who made him cook for those 30 children that day in 2005, passed away a few months ago. But Serato isn’t content to simply cook pasta. He’s branching out to help families leave cramped motel rooms. His program gives families enough money to cover first and last month’s rent and a security deposit — an up-front payment required to lease an apartment, but which can be a challenge for some families to afford.


Lizz Figueroa, her husband, and their five children live in one of those tiny Anaheim motel rooms. Serato visited with the family recently and promised to help them find a better place. They will be the 80th family helped through his program.



– Ford is planning to produce a $400,000 GT supercar. Only 250 will be made
– AMC has ordered two seasons of The Walking Dead’s companion show. It will air in the summer and be set in L.A. and will be filmed there and in Vancouver.
– Nike has sold $340 million worth of LeBron James shoes in the past year. That’s up 13% from the prior year
– MTV quotes Jennifer Lawrence as saying “X-Men: Apocalypse” is her last X-Men movie


 TMZ claims Oprah’s online auction includes a nude painting by Aristide Maillol worth $8,000 to $12,000, a few nude statues worth around $10,000, and a painting of a nude woman by Richard Edward Miller worth $120,000
– The NY Post claims Floyd Mayweather Jr. will earn $180 million for fighting Manny Pacquiao


Police Catch a Fugitive After He Posts on Facebook About Softball Practice

22-year-old Joey Patterson of Boise, Idaho has been on the run for several months . . . he violated probation in a fraud case, and a federal arrest warrant was issued for him.


But you know 22-year-olds today . . . just because you’re a wanted fugitive doesn’t mean you’re going to stop using social media.


The police knew Joey never gave up his Facebook page, and they’ve been monitoring it . . . which paid off BIG TIME recently.


Joey posted that he had practice for his SOFTBALL TEAM . . . and even said which fields they were practicing on. And when he showed up . . . the cops were there waiting to arrest him.



• 95% of people who are eligible to donate blood … don’t.

  • 86% of dog owners tell their pooch “I love you” at least once a month.
  • 39% of us say that our last big money purchase was a mattress.
  • 34% of 18-49s have taken a nap in the last 24 hours (slightly more men than women).
  • 19% of kids make their beds before school … every day.
  • 6% of drivers regularly back into a space when parking the car (88% in China).


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says Blake Shelton is “Down to Earth”

DALE EARNHARDT JR. is considered NASCAR royalty, so it’s kind of a surprise to hear he was nervous before meeting BLAKE SHELTON last Saturday at the Phoenix International Raceway.


He tells CMT, quote, “He’s a superstar on ‘The Voice’ . . . big-time celebrity.  I was a little anxious, but I knew he was good buddies with ELLIOTT SADLER so he had to be a pretty good guy.”


He adds, quote, “He’s genuine.  It’s great when you meet celebrities and they’re just down-to-earth, normal people with common interests like yourself.  We talked a little hunting while we passed the time.  It was good.”


Blake was filming stuff for NBC’s NASCAR coverage.  Some of the other drivers there were Danica PatrickRyan Newman,Brad Keselowski, and Joey Logano.


• “Beauty & The Beast” – It was previously announced the upcoming live-action remake will star Emma Watson as ‘Belle’. Now we know it will also star Dan Stevens (‘Beast’), Emma Thompson (‘Mrs Potts’), Josh Gad (‘Lefou’), Kevin Kline (‘Maurice’), and Luke Evans (‘Gaston’). Shooting begins in London this May, with an eye to a March 17th, 2017 opening.

  • “A Star Is Born” – Actor Bradley Cooper is in negotiations with Warner Bros about directing a remake of this Hollywood classic. The hope is to have Cooper behind the camera and Beyoncé playing the lead role of a young woman whose dreams of stardom are helped by a self-destructive, washed-up icon.


  • “Star Wars: Rogue One” – The series’ first spin-off non-trilogy film will star Felicity Jones (“The Theory of Everything”). Director Gareth Edwards has recruited Oscar-winning composer Alexandre Desplat (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”) to pen the music, making it the 1st movie in the franchise without a John Williams soundtrack. The much-anticipated film’s due out in 2016.
  • “Zoolander 2″ – The sequel to the hit 2001 comedy was announced with a runway stunt at the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week, when Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson hit the catwalk as their “Zoolander” characters ‘Derek’ & ‘Hansel’. Also appearing in the followup film: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Penélope Cruz, and Will Ferrell. The sequel arrives February 12, 2016.



  1. At least one app on your phone tracks your location approximately every three minutes.


  1. Cookie Monster’s real first name is “Sid.”  It was revealed in an episode of“Sesame Street” in 2004.


  1. In Greece, Portugal, Spain, and most Latin American countries, kids are taught there are only six continents on Earth . . . North and South America are combined into one continent called “The Americas.”


  1. You’re legally allowed to mail a live pheasant through the U.S. mail . . . but only between April and August.


Adorable fist-bumping Bruins fan gets own hockey card

Liam Fitzgerald stole our hearts when video of him fist-bumping each Bruins player as they came off the ice after warm-ups went viral. Millions of views later, Liam’s moment with his hockey-playing heroes remains touching all these months later.


On Thursday night, before the Bruins took on the Ducks at TD Garden in Boston, Liam got a special surprise from the folks at Upper Deck: his very own hockey card. The card was unveiled with the help of the Bruins’ mascot as Liam is part of Upper Deck’s heroic inspiration series.


The 9-year-old has been through quite a journey over the years. Fitzgerald, who has Down syndrome, was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 4 and managed to beat the disease. He has been friendly with Bruins players since getting visits during some of his hospital stays.


On Liam’s hockey card, his position is listed as “#1 Fan.” His stats include “cancer survivor,” “International YouTube Sensation,” “fist-bumping fan,” “Best Fan 2014 USA Today,” “Top 15 Cutest Kids 2014.” That’s a pretty impressive stat line.


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