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• “Earth Hour”, a global effort to raise awareness of the need to reduce energy consumption, initiated in 2007 when some 2.2 million Australians in Sydney participated. It has since spread to over 4,000 cities worldwide, where millions are expected to show support by turning off their lights for 1 hour at 8.30 pm local time.

1866, the urinal was invented

1884, the first long distance phone call was made between Boston and New York

1973, The Godfather won the Academy Award for ‘Best Picture’

1998, The FDA approved the sale of Viagra ..

2007, NFL owners voted to make instant replay a permanent officiating tool.



Director – Quentin Tarantino (52)


Country singer Reba McEntire (“Turn On the Radio”) is 60;

Country singer Rodney Atkins (“Take a Back Road”) is 46;


A Fan Tried to Catch a Home Run Ball with His Visor

I know we only care about college basketball right now, but the baseball teams for LSU and the University of Arkansas faced off last Thursday, and a video from the game went viral over the weekend.


LSU hit a home run, and a fan held out his hat to catch the ball.  But it wasn’t a baseball hat . . . it was a VISOR.  Unfortunately the ball didn’t go THROUGH the visor . . . the guy missed it.


Guy Donated a Kidney, and It Saved His Life Too

There’s a pastor in Kannapolis, North Carolina named Tim Jones.


And last fall, he met a guy named Don Herbert who had stage-five kidney disease, and needed a transplant.  Three days later, Tim decided to donate one of HIS kidneys . . . he says he just felt a calling to do it.


And it’s a good thing he did, because it ended up saving HIS life too.


The surgery happened last Monday.  And while doctors were removing his kidney . . . they found an ANEURYSM in one of his arteries that was close to bursting.


His surgery took twice as long because of it, but he pulled through.  And his doctors say that if he hadn’t donated the kidney, they wouldn’t have found the aneurysm . . . and it could have killed him.


Don’s surgery went well too, and they’ll both need about six to eight weeks to recover.



– Ford is planning to produce a $400,000 GT supercar. Only 250 will be made
– AMC has ordered two seasons of The Walking Dead’s companion show. It will air in the summer and be set in L.A. and will be filmed there and in Vancouver.
– Nike has sold $340 million worth of LeBron James shoes in the past year. That’s up 13% from the prior year
– MTV quotes Jennifer Lawrence as saying “X-Men: Apocalypse” is her last X-Men movie


 TMZ claims Oprah’s online auction includes a nude painting by Aristide Maillol worth $8,000 to $12,000, a few nude statues worth around $10,000, and a painting of a nude woman by Richard Edward Miller worth $120,000
– The NY Post claims Floyd Mayweather Jr. will earn $180 million for fighting Manny Pacquiao
• “Get Hard” ( R-Rated Comedy ): When millionaire ‘James King’ (Will Ferrell) is nailed for fraud and bound for California’s San Quentin State Prison, he turns to ‘Darnell Lewis’ (Kevin Hart) to prep him to go behind bars. Directed by Etan Cohen (not of the Coen Bros). Co-stars Alison Brie, Craig T Nelson, TI. John Mayer appears as himself.

• “Home” ( PG Animated Adventure ): In this Dreamworks production an alien named ‘Oh’ (voiced by “Big Bang Theory’s” Jim Parsons) is on the run from his own people. When he lands on Earth he makes friends with the adventurous ‘Tip’ (voiced by Rihanna), who is on a quest of her own. Voice cast also includes Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin.

Did a Woman Fake Her Kidnapping Because She Was Stressed Over Planning Party?

36-year-old Jennifer Alvarez of Casa Grande, Arizona was in charge of planning her boyfriend’s birthday party recently . . . but it never happened.  Because she DISAPPEARED.


Her boyfriend came home, found BLOOD on the floor, and reported her missing.


The cops started looking for her, and found her at a friend’s house the next day.


She gave them two excuses for why she’d staged her own disappearance.


  1. Some guys had come over, stolen her boyfriend’s guns, and she thought he’d be mad . . . so she faked her kidnapping to distract him.  To really sell it, she scraped her gums and let them bleed on the floor.


  1. She was so STRESSED over planning his birthday party that she couldn’t handle it and had a breakdown.


Either way, the police say she’ll be facing charges.


Letting Your Dog Lick Your Face Might Help Your Allergies

Researchers at the University of Arizona are conducting a study to see if a dog’s saliva can help with ALLERGY symptoms.


Allergies and immune diseases like asthma are more common now, and it actually might be because we’re so SANITARY . . . we’re not being exposed to as much GOOD bacteria as we used to be.  But dogs are still disgusting, so they ARE.


And other studies have found that kids who grow up with dogs tend to have fewer allergies.  The theory is that dogs pick up bacteria by licking things and rolling around in stuff . . . and being exposed to that bacteria helps kids build resistance.


Now, if you’re ALLERGIC to dogs, then letting one lick your face probably isn’t a good idea.



• “It takes twice as many muscles to frown as it does to smile.” – False. It takes 11 muscles to frown and 12 to smile, but the muscles used in smiling might actually be more toned because we use them more often.

  • “All that sugar is bad for your skin.” True. Sugar causes your body to produce more insulin, which can inflame your skin, resulting in acne and/or other skin weirdness.
  • “If you crack your knuckles, you’ll get arthritis.” False. It’s actually only the sound of bubbles bursting in your synovial fluid, the liquid that lubricates your joints.
  • “Feed a cold, starve a fever.” False. An old wive’s tale since at least 1574. We now know that starving yourself is never the way to heal an illness. Your body needs energy to fight it.
  • “Don’t eat too quickly! It’s unhealthy.” True. Eating quickly has now been linked to indigestion, overeating, and acid reflux.
  • “Coffee stunts your growth.” False. A myth propagated by an ad campaign for the early 20th Century breakfast drink ‘Postum’. The idea was to deter young people from swilling java. – Condensed from



  1. Budapest, Hungary used to be two separate cities . . . Buda and Pest.  They were unified in 1873.


  1. Cheerleading was an all-male sport when it started in the mid-1800s . . . and stayed that way until World War One, when men went off to battle and women filled in.


  1. There’s a type of school called a ‘Sudbury school’ that’s a complete democracy . . . the students and the staff are equal and vote on things like curriculum, budget, hiring, and firing.  About 40 schools in America still use the Sudbury method.


  1. Stop signs were originally yellow . . . red didn’t become the standard color until 1954.



Karen Fairchild Says People Have the Wrong Idea About “Girl Crush”

You may have heard the controversy around LITTLE BIG TOWN’S song “Girl Crush”.  Some people are upset because they think it’s about a girl crushing on another girl.


It’s not, so KAREN FAIRCHILD decided to clear things up.  She said, quote, “The lyric of ‘Girl Crush’ is written in a kind of sexy way, so some people might want to turn it off when they get to the ‘I wanna taste your lips’, and all that.


“But once they get to the hook then they go, ‘Oh, it turns.’  It’s about a girl saying ‘Why do you love her and not me?’  And that’s what makes it.  You gotta lean in a little bit.”


One more thing:  The “Washington Post” asked Karen for her take on the controversy surrounding the song.  She’s surprised, and disappointed.  She said, quote, “That’s just shocking to me, the close-mindedness of that, when that’s just not what the song was about . . . but what if it were?


Basketball Player Called a Reporter “Beautiful,” Didn’t Realize His Micr was live

A basketball player for the University of Wisconsin named Nigel Hayes was part of a team press conference on Wednesday, and whispered to one of his teammates about how BEAUTIFUL one of the stenographers was.


But he didn’t realize his microphone could pick him up.  Or maybe he DID realize, because he also joked around with a different stenographer last weekend, and tried to mess her with her by using big words.




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