March 25

Published On March 25, 2015 | By Dave Palmer | On The Show Today

TODAY IS……………………..

  • “Manatee Appreciation Day”, devoted to raising awareness of these quirky creatures native to Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Unfortunately, these aquatic mammals known for their immense size and jowly appearance are now an endangered species.

    • “Pecan Day”, an annual salute to the only nut tree native to North America. The word comes from Algonquian language, meaning a nut requiring a stone to crack. The proper pronunciation is ‘peh-CAHN’ not ‘PEE-can’.


ON THIS DATE………………….

1934 [81] 1st ‘Masters’ golf tournament wraps up in Augusta GA (Horton Smith wins $1,500)


1954, RCA introduced the color TV


1965, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. led 25,000 marchers to the state capitol in Montgomery, Alabama, to protest the denial of voting rights to blacks


2002 [13] “The Bachelor” premieres on ABC-TV (paving the way for “The Bachelorette”, “Joe Millionaire”, “Average Joe”, “My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé”, etc)


Race Car Driver – Danica Patrick (33) (Fast Fact: Named her dog Ricky Bobby after Will Ferrell’s character in Talladega Nights) 1st woman to win an Indy car race (2008 Indy Japan 300)


Actress – Sarah Jessica Parker (50) (Sex and the City)



New Sports Phrase

A runner at a high school track meet in New York collided with an official on the track last weekend.


And a video of it is going viral, because the announcer may have coined a new phrase . . . by saying she got wham sauced.



Little Girl Finds Out She’s Getting a Sister, and Responds with, “I Farted”

A video of a three-year-old girl finding out she’ll be a big sister is going viral, because her response isn’t what you’re expecting.


Then the dad can’t stop laughing about it.



Guy On a First Date Saved a Man From a Burning Car

A 21-year-old guy in Winnipeg named Tristan Gareau was driving a girl home from a first date earlier this month, when they saw a car that had just crashed into the side of a HOUSE.


They stopped to see if everyone was okay, and realized the 65-year-old driver was still inside, unconscious.  Then the front of the car caught FIRE.


Tristan’s only about 135 pounds, and the driver was more like 220.  But he says his adrenaline was going, and he somehow managed to pull the guy out and drag him to safety.


Then a few seconds later, the whole CAR was engulfed in flames.


The driver’s name is Steve Guy, and he’s already out of the hospital.  He got to meet Tristan last week to say thank you, and told him he’s sorry if he ruined his date.


But Tristan said it actually did the OPPOSITE.


He and his date are together now . . . he referred to her as his “girlfriend” when he talked to the local news.


He also said she’s REALLY into him, and joked that if you want to impress someone on a first date, saving someone’s life isn’t a bad way to go.




– Ford is planning to produce a $400,000 GT supercar. Only 250 will be made
– Apple has now sold over 700 million iPhones

– AMC has ordered two seasons of The Walking Dead’s companion show.
 It will air in the summer and be set in L.A. and will be filmed there and in Vancouver.
– Fox News claims Microsoft is ditching Internet Explorer for a new browser called Project Spartan


– ESPN says only 14 of their 11.57 million March Madness brackets correctly predicted this Sweet 16



Guy Steals a Woman’s Smart TV, But Gets Caught When He Uses Her Netflix Account

A 20-year-old named Bobby Alexander broke into a woman’s house in Mariposa, California earlier this month, and stole a bunch of electronics . . . including her 65-inch smart TV.


At first the cops didn’t have any leads.  But three days later, the woman realized someone was watching movies on her NETFLIX account.


So she gave her account information to the police . . . they called Netflix . . . and Netflix tracked the guy’s I.P. address to a house nearby.


When cops searched the house, they didn’t find the stolen electronics . . . but the people who lived there said they let one of their NEIGHBORS use their Wi-Fi.


So cops got a warrant, searched Bobby’s place, and found the stolen stuff.  He wasn’t there at the time, but he turned himself in a few hours later.


He’s facing burglary charges, and being held on $75,000 bail.



Mother forces daughter to get ear pierced in outrageous video

Should it be a girl’s choice to get her ear’s pierced?


A Mom at a Chicago ear piercing establishment is going viral after a video hit Facebook.  She was caught on camera putting the little girl in a choke-hold.  The little girl screams for her to stop.  Now, some are wondering if the mother went too far.


The piercer, Pretty Ricky, posted the video with this description, “This lil girl nearly lost her mind when I was trying to Pierce her ears yall gotta watch this till the end.”


The mother was filmed threatening to hit the child as she had her ears pierced “You just stay like that,” she’s heard saying to the horrified child. “You put your hand up there and I’m going to punch you,” she adds.


The girl is seen desperately begging the worker not to go ahead. But the mom insists he continue – and tells her offspring that the piercer is a pro and she can file a lawsuit if he hurts her. She then warns that a punch to the girl’s backside would hurt even more. The girl continues to scream out in terror, so her mom puts her in a chokehold. “Ricky, go ahead and do it while she got her,” a man is heard saying off-camera.


The girl gets one ear pierced and, after realizing that it doesn’t hurt as much as feared, quickly goes on to have her other one done too. The video then cuts out.


Pretty Ricky appears to have now deleted the footage from his Facebook account, but the clip has been copied multiple times and is now trending on YouTube.



Four Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

  1. You’re moody.  It’s harder to deal with stress when you don’t get enough sleep.  And it can turn into a vicious cycle, because anxiety makes it harder to FALL asleep.


  1. You’re not doing well at work.  Obviously, your brain doesn’t work as well when you’re under slept.  And a study at Harvard found that tired workers cost the economy about $63 BILLION a year.


  1. You’ve gained weight.  You might just be getting older.  But when you don’t sleep enough, you produce less leptin, which is a hormone that suppresses your appetite.  And you’re more likely to be overweight if you get less than six hours of sleep a night.


  1. You’re making bad decisions.  Your prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that helps with decision-making.  And it doesn’t work as well when you’re tired.  People also tend to cut more corners and be dishonest when it’s not working right.  And you’re more likely to struggle in social situations.


Tips & tricks guaranteed to make household tasks easier …
✓ Broken Glass – All you need to do to pick up the shards is press a piece of bread over the area. That’s about as hassle-free as it gets.
✓ Repel Dust With Dryer Sheets – It’s true, cleaning your dusty surfaces with these bad boys will actually protect the surface from dust in the future. Static electricity rocks!
✓ Clean Your Shower Head With Vinegar – Put distilled white vinegar in a plastic bag and cover your shower head with it. Leave it overnight and wipe away the grime in the morning.
✓ Un-Burn Your Pans – Fill your blackened pan with a shallow layer of water and add 1 cup of white vinegar. Let it warm up on the stove for a few minutes, then add 2 tablespoons of baking soda once you take it off. Try scrubbing it now.
✓ The Ultimate Ceiling Fan Cleaner – By throwing a pillowcase over each individual fan blade and then pulling it off, the dust will actually get trapped inside the pillowcase rather than falling on the floor.
✓ Quick Silver – To polish silverware, line a large pan with aluminum foil. Fill it with hot water, ½ cup of salt, and ½ cup of baking soda. Soak the silver 30 minutes and then wipe dry.
✓ Sanitize Your Sponge – Toss your used kitchen sponge in the microwave for a couple of minutes. When it comes out, 99% of the germs collected on it will be dead.
✓ Get Rid Of Stains On Glass Bakeware – All it takes is a little scrubbing using a ball of aluminum foil that’s been covered with a bit of dish soap.
✓ Dry Shoes Fast – After a rainstorm just stuff your shoes with newspapers and a small bag of uncooked rice. They’ll be dry in no time!
✓ Ultimate Mattress Cleaner – Fill a spray bottle with vodka and spray it lightly across the sleeping surface. After it air dries it will have removed odors and killed most of the bacteria


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