March 16

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TODAY IS…………………….

  • “Act Happy Day”, observed annually on the 3rd Monday of March, a creation of the optimistic Secret Society of Happy People.
  • “No Selfies Day”, celebrated ironically on the birthday of Philippe Kahn, inventor of the cellphone camera and 1st person to snap a pic with his phone … although it wasn’t a selfie.



1881, The Barnum & Bailey Circus was formed. It joined with the Ringling Brothers Circus in 1907.


1932, vitamin C was discovered ..


1963, Peter, Paul, & Mary released “Puff, the Magic Dragon.” Some radio stations banned it because they thought it was about smoking marijuana.


1994, Tonya Harding plead guilty to conspiracy for covering up the attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan. She was fined $100,000 ..



Lauren Graham of The Gilmore Girls (48)


Actor – Erik Estrada (66) (Poncherelli on “CHIPS”)



Middle School Basketball Players Stopped a Game Because Fans Were Picking on a Cheerleader with Down Syndrome

There’s an eighth grader in Kenosha, Wisconsin named Desiree Andrews who has Down syndrome.


But that hasn’t stopped her from joining her school’s cheerleading squad.


And she was cheering at a middle school basketball game recently, when some students in the stands started making fun of her.


Luckily three players from her school saw what was happening . . . Miles Rodriguez, Scooter Terrien, and Chase Vazquez.


So they stopped playing . . . walked off the court . . . confronted the bullies . . . and told them to stop.


Desiree described what they did as, quote, “sweet, kind, awesome, and amazing.”  And since then, they’ve become friends.


Now the school is officially renaming their gymnasium “D’s House” . . . because Desiree goes by the nickname “D”.



  • “Dancing With the Stars” (ABC/CTV2) – In the 2-hour 20th season debut, the new celeb cast includes 14-year-old “Hunger Games” actress Willow Shields (youngest-ever contestant); 70-year-old singing legend Patti LaBelle; Michael Sam, the first-ever openly gay NFL draftee; 26-year-old actress Rumer Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis & Demi Moore); 68-year-old former TV star Suzanne Somers (“Three’s Company”); and pop musician Redfoo (LMFAO).
  • “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – He’s taking his show to Austin TX this week during the SXSW festival after doing the same last year; tonight Brad Paisley (“Moonshine In the Trunk”).

– The Guardian newspaper is producing a new reality series about blind dates called ”Watch Me Date”. Each dater has a video camera attached to either their body or their glasses.


– Ford is planning to produce a $400,000 GT supercar. Only 250 will be made
– Apple has now sold over 700 million iPhones

– AMC has ordered two seasons of The Walking Dead’s companion show.
 It will air in the summer and be set in L.A.
– Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak and Vanna White have signed contract extensions and will continue doing ‘Jeopardy!’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ through 2018


Woman Called in a Bomb Threat Because Her Cable Guy Didn’t Show Up

When you book an appointment for someone to show up at your house it can be a little aggravating and you can get a little angry…..then there’s this woman.


23-year-old Mikka Phillips of Lincoln, Nebraska took time off work to get her cable set up, but no one showed.  So she called Time Warner Cable to complain, and things got pretty heated.


First she started swearing . . . then she threatened to BLOW UP THE BUILDING, and hung up on them.


But Time Warner had to take the threat seriously, and evacuated the local office.  Police searched the building for a bomb, but didn’t find anything . . . so now Mikka is facing charges for calling in a fake bomb threat.


And it turns out Time Warner DID try to get in touch with her that morning to let her know the cable guy couldn’t make it.  But she had recently changed her number, so they had no way to contact her.


• 88% of us, when asked to describe ourselves in 1 word, say ‘shy’.

  • 43% of us eat ice cream straight out of the container because we don’t want to dirty a dish.
  • 35% of us admit we just can’t seem to find a soul-mate.
  • 25% of us wipe down the silverware when dining out in a restaurant.
  • 13% of employees got a gift card from their employer for Christmas and the majority have yet to use it.


What’s likely the world’s most expensive ice cream is now on sale at Scoopi Café in Dubai UAE. A single scoop of ‘Black Diamond’ ice cream costs Dhs3,000 (United Arab Emirates Dirham), or circa $820.


‘Black Diamond’ is more than just your traditional raspberry ripple. It’s made with Madagascar vanilla, Iranian saffron, and slices of black Italian truffles. And it wouldn’t be Dubai without a few sprinkles of 23-carat edible gold sprinkled on top.


The delectable dessert is served with a Versace bowl & spoon, both of which can be kept by the customer.
Watch Robert Downey Jr. Present a Bionic Iron Man Arm to a Disabled Boy

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. personally delivered a legit, bionic arm . . . styled to look like one of Iron Man’s . . . to a 7-year-old boy named Alex who was born with a partially-developed right arm.


Downey brought an Iron Man gauntlet for himself and the bionic one for Alex, in containers marked “Stark Industries”.


Guy Kicks a Stray Dog . . . So the Dog and Its Pack Attack His Car

A guy was getting out of his Volkswagen Jetta in Chongqing, China last week when a stray dog wandered up to him.  So he KICKED the dog, then went inside.


But the dog was NOT about to take that like a punk.  He walked away . . . got some of his dog buddies . . . and they all came back together to get their revenge on the guy’s CAR.


They chewed off the windshield wipers, “keyed” his car with their claws, and left big dents by biting the fenders and wheel wells.  Then they took off . . . and haven’t been back since.


One of the guy’s neighbors saw what was happening, and took a bunch of photos of the dogs as they vandalized the car.


John Madden Isn’t Cool With Will Ferrell’s Baseball Stunt

Not everyone loved WILL FERRELL’s Minor League Baseball stunt last week.  Legendary NFL coach and commentator JOHN MADDEN HATED the idea.


Madden then told a story about something that happened when he was coaching the Oakland Raiders. NBA star RICK BARRY came out during training camp and said he wanted to suit up and take the field, just to mess with Raiders owner AL DAVIS, who was a friend of his.


Madden says, quote, “I said, ‘Go ahead and dress, but we’re going to treat you like a football player and not like an NBA player.'”  After hearing that, Barry decided NOT to go through with it.


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