Pasta Dinner

Date: February 2nd, 5:00 pm - February 2nd, 7:00pm

Venue: Comber Community Center

Location: Comber

Mrs. Leblanc’s grade 7 class from Centennial Central will be hosting a pasta dinner Monday, February 2nd from 5 = 7 PM at the Comber Community Center. The pasta dinner is for the less fortunate. The grade 7’s are looking forward to making the world a better place.


How did this project originate?

I was accepted into a series of workshops offered by the GECDSB that would focus on helping students make the world a better place. My assignment was to discuss making the world a better place for one hour each week and see what happened. The grade 7’s brainstormed and collaborated as a team and eventually came up with the idea of hosting a pasta dinner for those less fortunate.


Why is this important?

“To give some people a reason to have a great big smile on their faces for the whole time” – Courtney Lewis

“Some people don’t get a lot of food or some parents don’t because their kids have to” – Abigail Olson

“Lots of people don’t get a warm meal so we are hosting a pasta dinner” – Sara-Mae

“I will actually fell like I have been helping with something worthwhile” – Jessica Unger

“We are trying to stop hunger one step at a time” – Kelly Brown


What is the goal for the evening?

Our goal is to give back to the community by thinking about others and showing empathy. We are trying to make the world a better place – even if it is just for one day.


Who is donating the food? Who is cooking? What’s on the menu?

Donating – Students, parents and teachers/staff of Centennial Central. Shoppers Drug Mart in Tilbury and Country Side Canners.

Cooking – Parent volunteers and staff of CCPS

Menu – Pasta (Penne with tomato sauce). Depending on donations, salad, buns and baked goods.


How many kids are in the grade 7 class? What roles/duties do they have for this event?

33 students.

The students have planned everything for this event. I have just helped facilitate their thinking and progress. Students have written letters to local businesses asking for donations, they have approached businesses for advertising (they made flyers), currently they are making up menus, place-mats, and centerpieces for this event. During the day of the event students will be setting up the venue, greeting guests, serving food, cleaning up, documenting the day by taking video and pictures and providing music for our guests to listen to.


Is there any way you could include a couple general comments from some students?

“We will be making people really happy and they will be glad that we are helping them out” – Courtney Lewis

“We are just trying to give to the people that need help” – Grace Gagnier

“We want the world to know we are making a difference” – Jessica Unger


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