An Evening Of Awesome With Neil Pasricha

Date: May 25th, 8:00 pm - May 25th, 11:55pm

Venue: Chatham Capitol Theatre

Location: Chatham

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Sometimes the simplest things in life can bring us the most happiness. Neil Pasricha wants to share all of them with the world. What started as a hobby to try and help Pasricha feel better about life is now an internet phenomenon and has gathered over 45 million views. Pasricha’s goal was to post one awesome thing every weekday for 1000 consecutive weekdays over four years. He posted his final Awesome Thing on April 19, 2012. His book, The Book of Awesome is a #1 international bestseller currently being released in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, India, Korea, New Zealand, the UK, and United States. Pasricha has followed up on that success with another international bestseller, The Book of (Even More) Awesome, and national bestseller The Book of (Holiday) Awesome.

1000 Awesome Things and The Book of Awesome point out universal feel good signposts that help us stay afloat in troubling times. Pasricha’s uplifting lists serve not as fluffy distractions or placating gimmicks, but as reminders of why “life really is awesome after all” (The Guardian) and how we can enjoy it to its fullest by focusing on the things that fill us with joy. As a speaker, Pasricha brims with passion and charisma and tells audiences how focusing on awesome has helped him through tough times and can help change your perspective on life. Pasricha conducts seminars to teach groups how to bring awesome principles to life in their organization.

Pasricha’s TED Talk, “The 3 A’s of Awesome”, has over 1.2 million views. He has been featured by CNN, BBC, CBS, MSNBC, CBC, NPR, The Guardian, The New Yorker, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Sydney Herald, China Daily, The Jakarta Post, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Slate, The Gayle King Show, Martha Stewart Living, The Huffington Post, and WIRED.

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