Surprise Guest Star in Brad Paisley Video

Published On April 20, 2017 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

The video for Brad Paisley’s new single, “Last Time For Everything,” features a cameo by David Hasselhoff. The Baywatch and Knight Rider star’s guest appearance was kind of unexpected.

“What happened was I was filming using the Knight Rider car. We had rented that. We are driving it up and down the coast and he got wind that we were out there doing that and he lived near there and he said, you know, ‘I’m a fan I’d like to come out and say hi.’ I said, ‘While you’re at it bring your leather jacket,’ and the next thing you know he did. He came and we did some stuff with it and you will see how it pays off in the end. He is everything that I hoped he would be. He’s a blast. I told him for several years as a kid I wore a leather jacket and cowboy boots and jeans everyday no matter how hot it was because that’s what Michael Knight wore.”

“Last Time For Everything” is featured on Brad’s new album, Love And War, which is out on Friday April 21st.

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