Jake Owen Touring With A ‘Legend’

Published On July 8, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

Jake Owen is enjoying his time on the road with superstar Kenny Chesney. He’s been opening shows on The Big Revival tour since it kicked off in March, but Jake has been a special guest on a few of Kenny’s previous tours.

Jake tells us it doesn’t get any bigger or better than touring with a “legend.”

“(The) tour’s going great. It’s a lot of fun being out with Kenny. He’s always a lot of fun. I’ve been out with him many times before. I’m in a little different place in my life now than I was the previous times I was out on tour with him living a single bachelor lifestyle, which, you know, it tends to lend itself toward different scenarios (laughs) then it does now, but anytime you can have the opportunity to go out on the road with somebody that literally will go down in Country music history as like a legend and someone that has built a career so large that it’s only something you can dream of attaining is an amazing opportunity.”

Jake is heading up the charts with “Real Life,” the debut single from his upcoming album.

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