Blake-Miranda Divorce Gets Ugly

Published On July 23, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

The aftermath of the Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce is getting ugly. Blake’s camp seems to have fired the first shot when a source told TMZ that Miranda was to blame because she cheated. Now a source close to Miranda has told the outlet that she was completely faithful throughout their four-year marriage, and that Blake was the one who was unfaithful with a “famous country singer.” Miranda is reportedly furious that Blake accused her of stepping out, especially with their mutual friend, Chris Young.

E! News is reporting that while the split was a shock to fans, it wasn’t to those close to the couple. A source said, “Miranda and Blake have known this divorce been coming for some time now. They had not been together for a while and were living separate lives. They were just trying to find the right time to break the news to the public.” They have “been having issues on both sides for years now, but in the past few months it had come to a head. Blake and Miranda just grew apart and really started not seeing eye-to-eye on some real life future plans with each other.”

In addition to the cheating rumors, one of the couple’s main issues was starting a family. Blake reportedly was ready and Miranda wasn’t.

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