A Thousand Horses Release Debut Album

Published On June 9, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

A Thousand Horses’ debut album, Southernality, is out. It features their chart-topping debut single, “Smoke,” as well as it’s soon-to-be-released follow up, “This Ain’t No (Drunk Dial).”

A Thousand Horses members Michael Hobby, Zach Brown, Bill Satcher and Graham Leloach created their very own word to describe their album, and that word was “Southernality.” Michael and Bill say it was the perfect title for the project.

“You know, we thought it was a great title to call the record because ‘Southernality’ is us. We are laid back kind of guys, and we just kind of thought that like the feel of the record and how it sounds and that title kind of makes it . . . it feels like that to me. (Bill) It kind of draws a . . . When you listen to the song and what it’s about, that song helps us kind of draw a straight line through the album in one way or another, so it kind of was all-encompassing of a lot of the vibe going on.”

A Thousand Horses will perform at the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday, June 10th, where they’re nominated for Group Video of the Year. They will also perform at CMA Music Festival in downtown Nashville on June 11th as well as the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN on June 14th.

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