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Published On May 24, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan | Carrie Buchanan

I know there are some of you that may not care about the royals.  You may not care about the royal wedding.  You may not have even watched. That’s ok.

I am a bit over the top obsessed with the royals.  I got up in the early morning hours as a young kid to watch Charles and Diana get married.  I followed along as Diana’s fairy tale ended.  She loved Charles.  He just didn’t really love her enough because his heart always belonged to someone else first. Sad but true.  There was a lot of hate for Charles but in reality – you realize now – it wasn’t his choice.  It was the rules of the royals.  He wasn’t “allowed” to marry a divorcee.

Imagine if those rules were allowed to be broken then.  It would be a different royal family, don’t you think?  If Charles had been allowed to marry Camilla we would never have known Diana.  We wouldn’t have William and Harry.

I’m not sure the Royal family would be moving forward like they are. I watch Prince William and Prince Harry and see Diana.   I see her in their happiness. I see her in their compassion. I see her and smile.  And I know that a lot of people are following William and Harry because they continue to love Diana.  It’s the reason this picture is getting a ton of attention. It’s called “Diana’s View” –

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to photos of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it is no different. But there is ONE picture that has captured the attention and imaginations of the world. A simple. Overhead shot of the newlyweds as they rode through the streets of London in a horse-drawn carriage.

What about this photo makes it so special, though? The angle. Capturing the two from up above. First, if you look at the picture, you might notice how their bodies create the shape of a heart. But what has people talking is the referral to it as “Diana’s View” — thinking of it as a subtle nod to Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, who tragically died in 1997. Some viewers saw the picture and imagined that this might be the view Diana would have of her son’s special day.

The photographer had less than a second to take the pic as the carriage passed underneath him. He managed to shoot five frames, one of which would end up as the most memorable photos of the whole wedding.

It just goes to show that Diana is still the People’s Princess. She is still Queen of Hearts. And more people watch the wedding because of her. AMAZING.

See the picture for yourself.  Click HERE.

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