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Published On September 1, 2017 | By Carrie Buchanan | Carrie Buchanan

It was a vacation for the record books and I barely left the house.  Seriously.

Close to two full weeks off, and it was the best.  I got so much done!  All those things we never seem to be able to accomplish in a 9-5 workday world. My house got incredibly organized.  Junk drawers, bills, recipes, closets, clothes, pantry, cupboards and fridge. Super productive.

I dug up my gardens and re-arranged and added to it.  Beautiful fall mums and a new layer of mulch.

I visited with family – watched ball games, ate hot dogs and lemon meringue pie.

I got the chance to taste one of those cotton candy ice cream burritos from Sugar Sugar in Sarnia.  Blue cotton candy (you have a choice of colours/flavours of cotton candy and ice cream) and mint chocolate chip, cookie dough, and birthday cake ice cream.  Some very pretty and very expensive sprinkles thrown in.  The cotton candy is made fresh when you order.  It’s light and fluffy, and not as sweet as I expected.  So good, but only for a treat.  My waistline wouldn’t like it if it became an everyday indulgence. The owner told me they are adding to the store – watch for deep fried Oreos, Mars Bars, funnel cakes etc in the near future.  Can’t wait! I need to try new flavours of ice cream.

We decided to paint the living room which was a boring beige.  Going off some of the accent colours in the room I decided we’d go for a “warm” colour.  Leaning toward red/ oranges and ended up with a salmon colour.  I’ve already picked grey which was a disaster.  I am TERRIBLE at picking paint colours. I can spend hours looking over paint chips and still end up with a disasterous result.

Maybe someone could tell me what curtains to chose now. The previous ones were a greeny colour and look horrible against the new walls.

The best part of our vacation was our trip to the African Lion Safari.  We spend a day in a hotel room first, swimming and hitting the sauna – going out to eat.  Then to spend the entire day at the ALS.

We got there first thing in the morning and took our own vehicle in.  The gates remind me of Jurassic Park. Giant and scary.  Designed to keep people safe and animals from venturing out.

The animals were absolutely magnificent.  The lions, lazing around, being their majestic selves.  The white lions, taking their time roaming around the cars.

There were elks I believe wandering the roadway.  A baby that stayed put in the road watching the cars go by around him.

The giraffes – up close so beautiful.  Such an interesting animal. Mingling with the zebras, that seemed to stay in pairs.

There were birds of all kinds.  Flamingos to beautiful parrots.  Eagles.  Hawks.  Owls.  Bats.  Oh yes, they had the cutest bats I’ve ever seen.  Huge, but cute.  Some call them furry foxes.

They have a train, the African Queen (a boat that takes you around the island to see monkees, lemurs and more).

A water park for the kids, lots to eat, and overall a really fun day away from home.

What does your perfect vacation look like?



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